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  1. Great. Now Oregon can sign even more of our recruits..
  2. I will always donate tree fiddy (or more) to Surly for the privilege of dropping unlimited negs on cunts who occasionally post here. So much satisfaction for the price. Which reminds me of girl I once knew….
  3. And they’re watching us. In black helicopters….
  4. Maybe he’s just lonely and trying to make a friend. Maybe he just wants someone to say “hi” back…
  5. Wtf are you thread Nazis on about? If you don’t like the thread don’t fucking read it. If you want a thread with analysis on the commit, start one and name it something different. And stop gumming up this thread with your whiny ass complaints. Jesus fucking Christ…
  6. So, Townsend is too small for TE but too big for LB? This board…
  7. What’s the announcement time for Cunningham? TIA.
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