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  1. Damn right. Or at least haggle so we get something for doing it. Next thing they'll force us to use the French spelling of France.
  2. Scene: Prison Cafeteria, Fresh Fish huddle at table. Inmate 1: What you in for? Inmate 2: Arson. Inmate 3: Aggravated Assault. Inmate 4: I just had to get a peak at flabby rectangular-body pale sodbuster North Central Iowa's Finest! CAN I GET A WITNESS.
  3. I use the Homer Drool rep because there's not a Laughing Chucky Doll rep.
  4. Anybody who's never banged a foreign spy needs to turn in their 007 badge. I personally appreciate Swalwell taking the time to hound vicious snow monkey Mo Brooks with a vengeful tenacity that as an Alabamian I admire. Hope he keeps it up as a hobby until Mo is stomped into a mudhole and maybe does a little time. Too much to hope, but I'll hope it, and in any case it's fun to watch. Thanks, Eric.
  5. Last night's Montgomery show was a blast, I was impressed by everything-- the promotion, the venue, the bands and the crowd. Like 40% of the people walked up and insisted on paying retail. Lots of modern-day Zelda Fitzgerald types there. @MaybeACoordinator would have lost his damn mind. This house was right next door:
  6. Didn't do fence posts but I did do a bunch on found fence planks cut into smaller sections. Every single one [eventually*] sold so I guess the idea doesn't suck. One great thing about paintings on wood is that you can spread a few of them around the table at an outside show and it'll keep your lighter stuff from blowing away. Probably need a cart to haul them if you had a lot. Saw one up and make a dozen! *at the time it seemed like I'd never sell them all, but after several years, they gone.
  7. True Story Brewing is where a couple of my friends organize music/art shows several times a month. Small shows, frequent. https://www.facebook.com/truestorybrewing/ Cahaba Brewing, a much larger venue, has Cahabazaar art shows several times a year, like 80 vendors. Their web site mysteriously requires an age confirmation even though they're kid-friendly. https://cahababrewing.com/ Give a DM holler here whenever you might be around.
  8. I was an adventurous ten-year-old but not that adventurous.
  9. Sorry for partying at the reunion. Hot cousins are still hot cousins.
  10. Be cooler if you spelled it "anaemia," and also if you started hanging out with people strung out on absinthe.
  11. So you take her out to eat at one of those steak chains with rounded-tip non-stabby knives. Sure she could slice you, but if you huddle up in the booth covering your neck, you'll most likely survive to go on a second date.
  12. Got a busy 4 days lined up. Tonight is my first art+music show in Montgomery, which is to Birmingham kinda like driving from Austin to a somewhat more varied Waco. Inside a decommissioned church that is now an arts space. Hopefully I will not be struck dead. Saturday is a show at my usual tavern in Birmingham. Same organizer and maybe same bands as Montgomery. I do a few of these bar/bands/artists gigs each month, they are good for picking up basic utilities money between big shows. Sunday: break a hip climbing up to count the pile of money from Friday and Saturday. Monday is Demo Day at my art club. No way I could show the 7 steps I go through with my painting style that resembles screen-printing steps, so I have prepared 7 versions of the same painting. My plan is to Jedi Mind Trick the group into remembering they saw me painting as I give them verbal descriptions interspersed with revealing the next canvas in the series.
  13. Looks like a younger version of an old girlfriend I lost track of about 22 years ago. Hmmm.
  14. Old Mexican movies are great for picking up on regional flavor in accents and music. I think most of them were government subsidized, with an educational and nation-building bent, even in the comedies. Pedro Infante playing 3 parts in this one, village hootenanny in Los Tres Huastecos. Wait for the La Bamba-esque hoedown: Then you've got Tin Tan (German Valdes) whose father was a customs agent, his son picked up accents from all over. In this movie he courts women from all over Mexico as well as fakes a Cuban accent at one point.
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