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  1. I don't know any of the facts in the case, but I am on the side of the helpful hooker vs. the mac-n-cheese slags who don't like her.
  2. "But PAAAAAAAUUUULLL all them Greek Hotdog vendors in Birminham are Bammer fans how we sposed to get a hotdog and not get POISONED?"
  3. If you go around with the assumption that dark hidden forces are malevolently controlling everything, Waco can be pretty interesting.
  4. I notice you never answered Dad's question.
  5. I'd do it for free just to fuck with them.
  6. I had a surprisingly politics-free Thanksgiving in rural Alabama with family. Imagine a peaceful 1850 with family phone plans. In the past there had been occasional guests who couldn't handle their light beer and would start spouting Hannity by memory. They were guests, so rather than engage with them I would just look at them, sort of like you do when you walk too close to one of those joke "talking mounted trout" things. Another year, two elders started discussing conversion therapy next to my cousin and his friend, who both zipped on over to our table for the meal. The two older folks probably had no idea anybody in the building was gay. Nothing much this year, unless I can count an incident at a wedding with a somewhat jackassian fellow who was all jollied up from day drinking. He had brought up an old little car I still have, in the vein of why wouldn't everybody drive a Big Trook. I told him I had rammed it into a politician's truck in Mexico, but he wasn't a popular politician so the onlookers were sticking up for me. Dude says "He Musta Been Dimmacrat If Nobody Liked Him Hyuh Huh," so you see, it wasn't really any kind of argument, just a gentleman showing his brilliance. This same dude, years earlier, had saved my sister's dog from being torn to shreds by some Squidbilly's Pit Bull, by beating the offending beast on the head with a plank while it was going T-Rex. So, a valued Ally, but maybe not the one to pick on Mexican Political Trivia Night.
  7. It's not just a Ron thing. Fake Navy SEAL is the MOS of choice of otherwise honorable mechanics, supply clerks, and, I suppose, JAG lawyers. Woe betide our foes when next we unleash the Fake Navy SEALS.
  8. Then top that off with the fact that no matter how shitty your US job may be, it pays more than a good job in her country. Worth about a 2-point (ten scale) upgrade before you even open your damn mouth.
  9. Se acabó la joda. Some good turns of phrase. None quite so good as Wallace's "pointy-headed pseudo-intellectuals who don't have sense enough to park their bicycles," but not boring. Apparently Spanish has no word for "outsider."
  10. He served with Navy Seals, in Afghanistan. By the definition of A. being in the service, and B. being in the same country, I bet many of this board have some gung-ho warfighting qualifications. Hell, I served with several US Presidents right here in the homeland.
  11. Worth its weight in silver, unless it's not silver. Back in the 70s/80s every libertarian and his crusty father-in-law bought silver ingots and had them minted into pseudo-silver-dollars because it always goes up Up UP, or at least it does when you mark it up for your marks. Years back, by completely legal means, I got hold of a variety of them [not including Republic of Minerva, sadly] for under spot price and was flogging them for double spot price on eBay back when it sucked less. I would dig up the back story of each "coin," and it generally resembled some scheme from Fargo with less murder, but usually a good bit of familial fallings-out and the occasional Federal crack-down when they looked a little too much like actual US money. Some were quite beautiful. I doubt the speculators got rich, but at least they (maybe) paid the artists for the designs. That's how you know you've got the right reef.
  12. In the benighted provinces you can be forgiven for using archaic words like "children." Here at Harvard the preferred term is "Fun-Sized Oppressors." Do please take note, hmm.
  13. I was 3, playing with my toys in front of the fireplace. My Mom started crying, and said a bunch of vocabulary that I didn't understand, ending with one word I knew: "present." I couldn't understand what was wrong. A "present" meant happy times, toys, games. How could a present make you cry? Of course, that was the day I learned the word for "President," which is what she was talking about.
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