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  1. I need to practice that eyebrow thing he does at 0:49
  2. Well, Omsk is about 2,000 miles from Ukraine. Better they dick around in Omsk, than shoot somebody's grammaw in Ukraine.
  3. So the Twitters tell me DeSantis turned down the NJ National Guard, sent the Indiana NG home early, and something similar with Tennessee. Guess they got it all taken care of?
  4. csb: back in the 80s/90s there was a Russian Army film they'd show US recruits in basic, they dwelt on these foot-rags as well as showed them going about training in a non-hazing way. They'd sing this cool little song while they marched, Sami verni, sami verni, sami verni chelovik soldat! (don't grade my Russian.) I saw in in the 80s as a PFC and again later as an Officer Candidate. The second time around our group included a former Russian translator who'd been in Berlin as liaison, so he translated the song for us, then taught us to sing it in Russian. Totally mystified the Tac Officers, but they'd shown us the fuckin film so whatchagonnadoo. Like 1991, Ft. Bragg, dudes marching along yelling and singing in Russian. Ras Dva Tri Chetyre /csb
  5. Bet the bag of food is still out there in the truck in a jumble of other random shit.
  6. It'll run off the normal families. The rabid travel-sport Karens will approve of the diminished competition as they frog-march their kids through resume-padding joyless activities.
  7. But what if, in fact, they do? Think about what we're working with here.
  8. Somebody's gramama dodged a bombing run and will never know it.
  9. Gotdamn this. Got a bag of pretzels the other day that were nothing but unambitious breadsticks. Makes me wanna eat them all, go back to the grocery store, jump up and down then puke them into the yogurt case because you know it's these yogurt-eatin motherfuckers behind all this non-salted salty product bullshit. Hold up-- dude forgot to lock his truck. Some cold-ass burger. Hey, it's free.
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