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  1. I was curious. Watched it long enough to ID the teacher. Whoa. If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding. HOWWWW can you have any pudding, if you don't eat your meat.
  2. Georgia Repubs still sore that a rank amateur like Trump tried to butt into their vote-cookin kitchen.
  3. Usha, with family roots in thousands-of-years-old caste-based civilization, deeply concerned about fairness.
  4. Say you really need some change, and there sits JD Vance's unsearched couch, do you or don't you?
  5. All ye who touch yourselves stand tall in your false pride as ye condemn another man. Yet JD did not touch himself. The couch did.
  6. Now do DJT's early American roots. I bet he goes way back.
  7. It'd make me throw my Franklin Mint Civil War chess set at the liquor cabinet.
  8. He was just there to drink all their booze. fif coonass
  9. I always tried to make the ball go in the hole, like a damn rookie.
  10. So Trump is gonna argue that felons shouldn't be allowed to wander around in public.
  11. Those among us who are not Hapsburgs probably have 32 great-great-great-great grandfathers. Likely a few stinkers in everybody's tree. But I suppose there is always the chance that his angry spirit will come back, possess her, then she can be the Anti-Abe-Lincoln.
  12. Poke around Malaprop's Bookstore while you're downtown.
  13. I stand well and truly chastised, Sir. Let us at least agree that Chuy's sucks.
  14. That's quite the range of choices. But for your viewing pleasure I ate store-brand (Piggly-Wiggly) bran flakes along with a shit-load of golden raisins stirred in. Plus milk, as you no doubt surmised. I would have gone with bananas, but the store is a 5 minute walk away and I felt lethargic.
  15. If he really wanted to Hillbilly his Elegy, he'd be sippin a mason jar of actual mountain dew made in a still.
  16. Fast like maybe there was a plan in place. And that's a good thing.
  17. This is how you grift. Striking image that cult members want. About 12-13 distinct colors so you can easily do color separations by hand, knock out a few hundred prints in a few days, enough to fill the pre-orders at say $300 apiece, say gross about 60K in a week or so, knock off 2 thou for racker monkeys (tops), 4 thou for postage, and a few hundred for inks and archival paper. Call it 50K profit even if you only sell 200. Easier than printing money.
  18. I turned on Local Right-Wing Talk Radio long enough to eat a bowl of cereal. The host was deeply concerned about the Democrats' treatment of Biden, and also my (Democrat Primary Voter) rights. I have friends everywhere, friends I don't even know, Republican friends, who care about me.
  19. I knowed you wuz. I tolt em so, but they's all uppity.
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