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  1. How did we do this? Jam it like in Spaceballs?
  2. How did you get one of those? Did you steal an acorn? Can I get one of your tree's acorns?
  3. I'm in Boerne - lots of thick ice everywhere, but probably not as bad as some of y'all further north. Yesterday some of the overpasses were starting to get ice, and I'm sure it's worse today. According to the radar, yesterday the freezing line was somewhere around 1604. This morning it's closer to 410. (North side of both loops, that is).
  4. Have you ever heard of Cowboy Coffee? If you can heat water, you can make coffee.
  5. I often record myself doing chores around the house. edit to add: In case you were wondering:
  6. If you go anywhere today, remember that the precip is supposed to get heavier this afternoon and evening. Don't get stranded somewhere you don't want to be.
  7. What's Trump's all-time lawsuit success record? Is he even above the Mendoza line?
  8. Ice is already accumulating on trees and my deck in Boerne. I'll have to be careful walking out to the hot tub.
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