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  1. Mosquitoes checking that forecast like:
  2. When I was a kid I got to go to Hawaii because my mom and grandma were on a mission to find Tom Selleck. I remember watching all the shows back then, and I enjoyed rewatching them years later. TC was a good man.
  3. I wish I could revise my prediction halfway through the Kentucky Derby.
  4. By my calculations, the Yankees are 0-2 since trading Joey Gallo.
  5. Are you inside or outside those walls?
  6. Cool, I guess. Let me just check the score of tonight's game and OH FUCK.
  7. They were trying to protect the Queen by preventing the 3rd out.
  8. I saw a Willie picnic at the gorge, and also Tom Petty. Got second-hand high at both.
  9. Next week Gene chases a fly around the Cinnabon kitchen for an hour.
  10. "Texas wasn't even ranked!"
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