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  1. Well thank you. Unfortunately, I'm 57 and can't skate.
  2. Jesus, the texags bonfire thread is amazing:
  3. Without Boone, someone forgot to tell the Yankees to hit the ball? Also, JP Sears has probably locked up the A's All-Star rep spot already. He's pretty good. Maybe the Yankees can trade for him at the deadline.
  4. Colorado is just paper-thin again. If they get anybody hurt (and I don't just mean 29 and 8), they're screwed.
  5. Shit, I was incredibly fucking dumb as a teenager, but I wasn't dumb enough to perm my hair.
  6. This is peak Rockies. 0-0 going to the 10th.
  7. I honestly think I could get a couple of outs throwing to this lineup:
  8. Claiming to love Reno should be a disqualifying event for any job application.
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