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  1. THE ELK needs a role in this commercial:
  2. THE ELK is gonna replace the 5* players with 6* players, ya stoopid sip!
  3. The team that took them out is pretty good: https://northcentralcardinals.com/sports/football/schedule
  4. Holy shit, they could be really good next year.
  5. When is Greg going to tell us that it could have been worse?
  6. https://cbsaustin.com/news/nation-world/beer-blood-argument-spilled-hatchet-attack-handle-acquaintance-forehead-bleeding-danny-tharp-eye-mouth-tent-florida-escambia-county-sheriffs-office-deputies-silver-blue
  7. Is this the new "thoughts and prayers" that always accompanies shootings?
  8. They're not the most stable bunch at the end of the semester.
  9. What's his name? An OT for Mines just won the Gene Upshaw Award for best lineman in D2.
  10. "Limpid jets of love." Does that mean what I think it means?
  11. One game this weekend? Army-Navy? ONE???! Nope, the lower divisions are all several weeks into their playoffs (they start with a lot more than 4 teams). Most of the FCS quarters are on ESPN Networks: The D2 & D3 divisions are down to the semis, and their games are on ESPN+:
  12. Splitting the NIL money across only 40 players = more money per player
  13. Bjork is Deloss's illegitimate son? Hey crazier shit has happened lately...
  14. I for one am shocked that the kid from Philly PA is portaling out of The Station!
  15. You know that's not Gary Coleman, right?
  16. Man, Kimbrel looked thoroughly broken against the DBacks. Good luck!
  17. Just found out that face value for the Houston nosebleed seats is $450. Don't know what the others levels are... Also found out that Sugar Bowl cheap seats are $200 face. My buddy upgraded us to $315 face, but I have no idea where they are.
  18. I can't believe the Yankees are moving on from Higgy. 15 years with the franchise, and the heartless fucking Yankees are just tossing him and his 0.9 career WAR aside? What a sad day!
  19. Well, I'm #1278 and I told them that I'd buy all available tickets.
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