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  1. UA 777 declared engine failure and diverted to Lincoln, NE
  2. It did not stop spinning. Its spin rate varies a bit relative to the mantle/surface and if it transitions from faster to slower or vice versa it would spin at 0 relative to the mantle/surface.
  3. 2000 km record reached! 1.4 seconds separates the top 3 after 12 hours
  4. Gonna try to dance with her later
  5. not bullets. maybe rockets without the warheads to punch a big hole but not damage the payload? https://www.military.com/daily-news/2023/02/03/when-weather-balloon-went-rogue-two-decades-ago-fighter-jets-fired-it-couldnt-bring-it-down.html
  6. none of whom actually know because the settlements are confidential.
  7. elfenix


    do you understand at all that any idiot can post something on the internet and google is going to index it?
  8. there was another KC-135 earlier, this one may have spelled it. wondering if the balloon is starting to lose altitude and they'll demolish it once it's over the sea. edi: i see this all been covered in the 15 minutes i've been making lunch
  9. at 65,000 feet the only aircraft are military and they know exactly where this thing is and have for days.
  10. Intercontinental GT Challenge Schedule: Bathurst 12 Hour Feb 4-5 Kyalami 9 Hour Feb 24-35 24 Hours of Spa July 1-2 Indianapolis 8 Hour Oct 7 Gulf 12 Hours December 9-10 SRO also organizes a lot of regional GT3 (and GT4 and TC) series. the events making up the IGTC feature not just big international teams that often appear in WEC and IMSA but also serve as the biggest rounds of a lot of the regional GT3 series. the full GT World Challenge calendar has 29 events on it for this year (COTA stop May 19-21).
  11. AMG on the front row at bathurst. race time tomorrow is 12:45 pm in god's own time zone, can watch on https://motorsport.tv or on youtube
  12. a chinese spy balloon wouldn't be broadcasting ADS-B, so would not show up on flightradar24 or other trackers. that balloon is from this company: https://aerostar.com/products/balloons-airships/thunderhead-balloons a search for that registration finds a reddit thread from before the chinese balloon news popped
  13. that fat LMP they keep rolling out there on promo laps the last 5 years after everyone spent a decade talking about switchgrass alcohol as the way doesn't leave me convinced.
  14. Bykolles loses the trademark fight, might not be able to race https://www.dailysportscar.com/2023/02/03/bykolles-lose-euipo-case-over-vanwall-trademark.html
  15. This dude got tired of waiting for a Ranger Raptor. Paint matching was absolutely hideous
  16. GQP logic: we were trying to steal the election so obviously the dems must have stolen it!
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