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  1. this is a problem that is driven by the way we chose to build cities in the US after WW2. pretty much everywhere the replacement cost of public infrastructure is greater than the value of the private property it supports. its inherently unsustainable. interview on texas standard https://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2024/4/1/heres-the-real-reason-houston-is-going-broke
  2. luna is at the top of my hate fuck and then give her @tx 3 putt's number
  3. Alonso has a great record of predicting how good a team will be in the future
  4. Angela is now working with Marcus Armstrong at Ganassi
  5. how many laps until max is in the lead? 2?
  6. it's like you don't even know the rules around here
  7. and it made people in austin think they invented green sauce
  8. your vote is bought, fatty. it's just bought with the blood of children in uvalde and sandy hook rather than a few measly dollars.
  9. “Only the way I take advantage of the government’s largesse is valid!”
  10. *Lives in a burb so he can mooch off the economic dynamism of the city without paying the taxes necessary for its upkeep* “everyone can do this!”
  11. can schedule a rain storm before Q3 for each race please?
  12. Lauren had noted telecom expert Josh “always smelling a nasty fart” Hawley on to talk about the 911 outage
  13. 2024 edition of the second biggest race on the schedule as indycar goes to long beach this sunday
  14. more nico less karun kthxbai
  15. big sportscar weekend with 2 major races. first, IMSA is paired up with Indycar at Long Beach for a sprint (still longer than an F1 race), then WEC is at the autodromo enzo e dino ferrari for the 6 hours imola and the debut of the winged 9X8 evo.
  16. there’s various plans in the competitive areas with “free” nights/weekends. Back when Griddy was around I’d watch the electric rate fall to 0 (or negative) late at night. consumers probably should be less insulated from the cost-at-the-moment without going full Griddy. Getting charged the same rate all day doesn’t do much to discourage waste or encourage efficiency
  17. must have missed the thing about lawn grass being the largest irrigated crop in the US which i posted above.
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