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  1. sunday- no games monday- two games tuesday- two games wednesday- 11 games thursday- two games seriously, wtf is up with this schedule? it’s going to make fantasy matchups particularly frustrating this year.
  2. sunday- no games monday- two games tuesday- two games wednesday- 11 games thursday- two games seriously, wtf is up with this schedule?
  3. today i went to Yvonne Adams’ (former all conference hooper at A&M, Aggie Athlete of the Year, and mother of KJ Adams) funeral today and coach self and his entire staff were there. as i was leaving, coach self happened to walk around the corner to where it was just us two so i extended my hand and said, “i really appreciate you guys (the KU coaching staff) coming here today, it means a lot.” long story short, he stopped walking, asked me my name, and chatted me up for more than a minute. we talked about everything from his time at oral roberts to how special kj’s performance was vs uconn considering he was about to jump on a red eye to head to his wonderful, special mother’s funeral and burial. i can’t lie, it has been wildly strange to be such a huge ku fan these last couple of years with KJ there, but everything i’ve seen from KU, their program, and staff makes me feel like KU is a place where i would want to send my son. i’ll continue to root for ku as long as kj is there, after which it’s all the way back to fuck them. still, from my trip to lawrence to my experience today, i’ll always have a soft spot for KU and Coach Self with the way they’ve truly taken care of KJ and fostered his growth as a young man. i can’t help it anymore- im a fan.
  4. if steph curry was 7 feet tall he’d almost be as scary as KD.
  5. tell me you’ve never been to a black funeral without telling me you’ve never been to a black funeral. 😂
  6. first game of his career i’ve missed. been at a funeral all day. not gonna lie, when i stepped out and checked and QE had 4 TDs in like the first 20 minutes i said, “shit. does this mean i’m not allowed to watch the playoffs?” cuz i will do that shit. whatever it takes! and yeah, it sounds like it was an unbelievable day for QE and the whole team really. can’t wait to get home and catch the highlights. 🤘🏼
  7. @ClubWhatever your post in the Texas State thread is what got me to look this up.
  8. calm down lowell, some directional school will be going on a 8-0 run vs Texas soon enough.
  9. kenpom predictions and results this year: UIW- kp: 86-54, final: 88-56 Delaware State: kp: 86-57, final: 86-59 Rice: kp: 86-68, final: 80-64 Louisville: kp: 80-65, final: 81-80 UCONN: kp: 75-68, final: 81-71 Wyoming: kp: 79-63, final: 86-63 Texas State: kp: 76-59, final: 77-58 Accuracy: Texas +2, UIW +2 Texas dead on, DSU +2 Texas +6, Rice +4 Texas +1, Louisville +15 Texas +3, UCONN +6 Texas + 7, Wyoming dead on Texas +1, Texas State -1
  10. 1)yes 2)correct 3)yes 4)first two rounds cannot be kept 5)no limit 6)never happened before, we’ve always just done one keeper per round 7)iirc UDFA go in round 10 or 11 all if these topics are up for debate each year as well. this league did not used to be a keeper league, but we changed it maybe 4-5 years ago. i preferred when it wasn’t a keeper league and still do. and that’s coming from a guy who has chet holmgren in round 15. so if there’s any changes you think should be made, please voice them. i’m definitely down to tweak some things, if not get rid of keepers altogether at some point.
  11. didn’t know where to post this but holy shit what an assist:
  12. for real. so much talent from the lhn has gone in to have much higher profile jons for the flagship, while lowell has remained marooned on the lhn, mercifully hidden away from most of the public. i can’t imagine espn will be jumping to promote him anywhere, he’s too milquetoast for fox, he’s too unprofessional for cbs; gonna be interesting to see what becomes of his employment once they shut down the lhn.
  13. i’m watching on the dvr right now, and i’m in disbelief at how we’ve played considering what the score was when the game came on.
  14. for the love of god, someone tell lowell galindo that a live broadcast of a basketball game is not a studio show. he thinks he gets paid by the word. every game, every year he asks his color guy 100 questions while the game is happening. it’s torture. it’s so beneath UT.
  15. i honestly went to your team page to send you an offer, saw giddey, got excited for half a second, and then remembered that he went all 7th heaven on that sophomore. such is life.
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