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  1. rick barnes's biggest career issue: this: plus this looks like: "bona fide 1 or 2 seed". this: does not. this looks like a 5 seed. when barnes has real deal alpha players (2003, 2006, 2008, not to mention 2011 who got screwed) he goes to the second weekend, and sometimes beyond. when he doesn't, he doesn't. he's a master at overachieving in the regular season by making a team be greater than the sum of its parts, and then underachieving in the postseason with no alpha players to lean on, and a roster composition that's devoid of real shooters, favoring athletes and defenders. the tourney is a totally different beast from the regular season, and it's just not his forte. i guess i just wish more people could appreciate the job he's done overachieving during the 30 game regular seasons instead of solely focusing on how he (ostensibly/sometimes legitimately) fails in the postseason. he's a really, really good coach who's just not suited to win the sport's postseason tournament. marty schottenheiner.
  2. how do you imagining this "one year" situation working?
  3. you keep bitching about everyone else's ideas. do you have any ideas of your own? because he's a hostile, angry, inexplicably pro-Terry idiot.
  4. lebron continues to be terrible from the like in crunch time. i will never ever wrap my head around how anyone can say he's the GOAT, when he still can't shoot FTs, particularly clutch FTs. it's insane.
  5. ^^^ me, watching this pelicans comeback against the lakers. yeah, it's the lakers, but it's the way the pelicans are playing and how badass they look when they're scoring in high gear like this. it'd be really interesting to see how good they would be if they could ever get and stay healthy.
  6. it's amazing to me that he was primarily a football player who didn't take basketball seriously until his sophomore year. the words i most often use to describe him are savvy, languid, and smooth. he looks like he was born to hoop. he's as smooth a player as we've had since DJ Augustin, or maybe J'Covan at his best. guys that smooth and effortless are few and far between.
  7. it definitely counts for something. i don't want to come off as hating on RT, because i love the guy, and i wish him all of the success in the future, no matter where that is. i'm just trying myself not to get so caught up in how much i love this team (and how they've played under RT) that i lose sight of what i believe about the level of the Texas job (i think it's a top 5 job in the country), and what our standard should be when making our next hire. as for RT, i actually think he should be in co side ration for national coach of the year at this point, and if Texas were to win the Big XII then, with all due respect to matt painter, shaka smart, mick cronin, etc, i don't see how you could vote for anyone else. RT has exceeded expectations given how shitty a shit jar ion he stepped into.
  8. bishop went bucket >> block >> steal in about 25 seconds. i really really like that guy. he reminds me of guys like brad buckman and gary johnson- he's not the absolute best player, but he plays very hard, and he's capable of stepping up in a variety of ways, including/especially in big moments. i'm glad we've got him. and i'm thrilled that all of our guys came back for a second year here. they're real deal Longhorns for Life now, regardless of where they played before UT.
  9. it's like a cow's opinion- it doesn't matter.
  10. which is not the point. i ask the question, because i want to see if your prognostication of Terry at UTEP going forward results in him looking like a bona fide candidate for a job like this one. because i don't think it does. i don't think it comes even close if i'm being honest, and that's even with Terry having some extra cache after doing well this year at Texas. now then- let's say UTEP hired chris beard to be their coach next year. does chris beard, 3-4 years down the road, have the kind of success that says, "Texas should hire this guy"? you and i both know the answer is yes. if chris beard had RT's restraint and judgment he'd still be here, and if RT had chris beard's head coaching ability then he'd be a high profile HC somewhere else by now. y'all are getting caught up in the romance of this season, and just completely ignoring the previous 20+ years of Rodney Terry's coaching career. you're letting your emotions cloud any sort of judgment or pragmatism you may otherwise have.
  11. it's more productive than cursing and whining and yelling at air.
  12. olive garden was running the never ending pasta bowl, i was full of alfredo and breadsticks.
  13. for all of the people who oppose my take, answer me this: if UTEP hires RT to be their HC after this season, what does RT do with the UTEP program? do they start winning the conference regularly? winning tourney games? snatching the random high 4* from D/FW or Houston? what does UTEP become if Rodney Terry takes over the program starting next season?
  14. well, considering that i was calling for mick cronin and/or eric musselman to replace shaka smart 4 years ago (while most of y'all were still pissed at me and wulaw for wanting shaka gone), i'd say my track record on this subject is pretty awesome.
  15. RT has had a long career in coaching, and has more than enough of a body of work to know that the Texas job is above his level. it really is that simple.
  16. he did. shouts out osu for knocking tcu down a peg.
  17. this is my favorite texas team since shaka's first team. love these guys and their effort. so easy to root for. so much heart. they love each other, and they want to win with/for each other. they believe in each other. and hell, they've made a believer out of me. i thought the conference title was a lost cause after our first few performances without beard, but our guys have regrouped, hit their stride, and are playing some really inspired basketball. this is a special team, one that deserves to have a special season. i was wrong to doubt this group. i won't do it again. what a special team we've got. now let's go win the whole damn thing!
  18. this is my favorite texas team since shaka's first team. love these guys and their effort.
  19. less than two years ago when the UT HC job became available, Rodney Terry was a million miles away from being in consideration for the job. he and i literally had the exact same chance of getting the Texas job. since then, Terry has left his HC job to become an assistant, then taken over as interim HC where has irrefutably seen his team's performance regress from where it was when he took over. what am i missing here? what's happened that i'm not aware of in the last ~21 months that's propelled terry from being as much of a contender for the UT job as you or i, to now being a legit candidate, if not the preferred candidate? this is just totally baffling to me how many people either already want him as our next HC, or who say, "well if he does A, B, and C with this immaculate roster then we should hire him".
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