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  1. G & G are on record as saying that re: Breaking Bad, as they wrote the show they simply asked themselves, "what would this character do in this situation?" they themselves never exactly knew where the story was headed. they didn't have a vision for a finale that they needed to build towards, they just sort of let the story unfold and told it as best as they could. and that is why BB has what is generally considered to be the greatest conclusion/finale of the great modern dramas. imo, for BCS they said, "how do we get to kim and jimmy smoking squares together in a way that throws things back to their best days together", and then made the story around that, which is why in my opinion this show, as great as it is, doesn't come close to equaling much less besting Breaking Bad. amazing show; meh finish. this is what usually happens with these shows, and it's the very reason that BB is so singularly amazing.
  2. mike's half measures speech and the end of crawl space are two of the most gripping scenes of television i've ever watched. same with the scene in BB where Walt comes flying out of nowhere to save Jesse. BB was full of these amazing moments.
  3. this stat is unbelievable to me: Kaprielian being at 77% is just unreal.
  4. go watch the end of BB- starting at the beginning.
  5. i want to say it was back in like the 70's. i'm trying to find it on google, but no luck so far.
  6. yeah, like maybe a pitcher got big-timed, and he didn't see the guy again for like 11 years, but when he did see him again he beamed him. something like that. i think one of the games may have even been spring training lol.
  7. i'm trying to remember a story here, and hopefully one of you regulars (or anyone else) will know what i'm talking about. the long and short of it is that a guy held a grudge for like ten years before getting a chance to get revenge on another player who had wronged him in some way- maybe the guy pimped a HR, or he the guy had plunked him, can't remember. i just remember that they didn't play each other again for like a decade, but the one guy was still out for revenge and went after the other guy. any of y'all know what i'm talking about? @Huckleberry @Beau Vine @shadow_operative2.0 ??
  8. and if he only has to do 7 years then he has a chance to get out and try and rekindle things with kim. also, he's not in prison until he dies. (read that last line in norm macdonald's voice for me)
  9. sleep well? in his own bed? as a free man? who gets to shower alone?
  10. he couldn't do that during his 7 years in prison then live out the rest of his life as jimmy mcgill again?
  11. how did saul's speech save kim from potentially facing a civil suit?
  12. i'm not understanding how that's a scam, please explain it to me. edit- so she was saying that her license is in fact invalid, but that it just doesn't say that on her id. got it.
  13. but she didn't tell jimmy she scammed her way in, she said she was legit.
  14. my favorite part was seeing that saul goodman was still alive deep down inside, and that he hadn't fully become this neutered gene character who was now doing slippin jimmy tricks with a D-rate crew, basically begging to get caught. hearing his trademark confidence when first called oakley and then when he addressed the federal legal team, was awesome. i was really looking forward to watching Saul take on said legal team in one last ditch to save himself, but unfortunately he pretty much just got his way immediately on that front. after that i found the rest of the episode lacking drama and overall pretty "meh". lots of people in this thread successfully predicted a whole bunch of what we saw in the finale. one of y'all practically summarized the entire episode before it ever aired. a lot of the finale was rather predictable, and the part that wasn't as predictable- Saul's courtroom theatrics where he torpedoes the deal of a lifetime so that kim will like him again (i'm not quite understanding how his confession takes her off the hook for any potential civil suit)- wasn't something i particularly liked. overall, in real time i absolutely loathed the pacing re: how this show was aired, and the interminable breaks between seasons really hurt my ability to properly watch/love/respect this show. it wasn't until i binged the first five seasons right before the start of this season that i remembered just how awesome this show was. *highly* bingeable show, that is for sure. i thought this final season was merely ok, and that the episodes after the break were particularly "meh", but with nearly every interesting character dead and without all of the drama that surrounded nacho, lalo, gus, the cartel, etc, that's not super surprising. overall it was an outstanding series that an ok final season, which puts it squarely in the upper echelon of tv shows in this golden age of television. the people who get to binge the entire thing for their first viewing have no idea how lucky they are.
  15. i think there's a lot of guys in the nba who are as big as/even bigger divas than KD, they just don't have nearly the spotlight on them as he does. millennials gen z'ers are quite sensitive, and few of them are under as much scrutiny/hated on as much as KD is.
  16. these micro aggressions will not stand. #2022 #me3 #cancelhg #recallknope
  17. you know damn well i'm interested. you ended your convo literally moments after you started it. i never even saw the offer lol.
  18. feed watchers have confirmed that kyle has banged alyssa. well done son. especially since you're nearly 30 years old(!). i just found out that she's 24 and he's 29. i'm gonna go ahead and say he should try and lock that down now, because he's gotten a pretty late start as it is.
  19. i agree with hg. this season wasn't fair and is officially under protest.
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