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  1. espn already dropped their “way too early” rankings for next year and had Texas at #26.
  2. let’s all agree right now that nobody adds KAT to their roster. that would be a really cheap move to do during the finals/third place matchup.
  3. lol @ my dad. he’s in the top 5, he nailed the title game participants, and even if he picks the winner he’s already eliminated from cashing out. that’s march madness.
  4. it’s kind of astounding how many good programs/tournament teams seem to default to “give our best player the ball and get out of the way” down the stretch of big games. i really think that’s where the great coaches make hay. they have plans and strategies beyond, “let him cook!” and that’s why they win titles and the guys just beneath them don’t.
  5. ever since i first watched this video i just marvel at that offense.
  6. you can keep them in round 11 iirc. it’s somewhere between 10-12.
  7. if they play a 48 minute game with nba rules there’s a 0.00% chance that detroit doesn’t cover. the only question is how early into the second half (or late in the first half) that it happens. the space, the pace, tye speed of the game, the size, the athleticism, and the fact that the pistons are fully grown, professionally trained men who have spent years with no school or practice limits just focusing on their craft and their bodies. i mean it’s seriously not even remotely close. it would be a bloodbath. the score would be something like 44-16 after the 1Q.
  8. don’t think we have a thread for stuff like this but this is awesome:
  9. cool lester smooth
  10. caitlin clark last four possessions: •lost the ball while dribbling •lost the ball while dribbling •pulled up from 30 feet and bricked a transition three •air balled a layup by three feet yeesh
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