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  1. My four years on the 40 acres
  2. Cross post from dog thread Magnum gifted a leg from that 60 incher upthread
  3. Lots of fresh moose meat available to me right now. This is a steak cut off the hindquarter. Kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper over charcoal…simple is best.
  4. If you like winter, I've got winter for you...come on up
  5. Can’t skip one of the last hits of Vitamin D before the dark comes
  6. I've heard about that cargo spill. They interviewed some lady that's collected more than 20 of them.
  7. I'd wear that in burnt orange 2XL Tall
  8. I'll try to stop by the tailgate. Is it at the place that is pinned on the football board, over by the LBJ Library? Rain check on the beer.
  9. Another friend bagged a nice one. 60 1/4” wide. Trophy class.
  10. The plow truck has had a lot of deferred maintenance on it the last several years. When the steering column got destroyed I said fuck it and had it towed to town (Fairbanks) to our mechanic. He's doing a lot of front end work on it that I've been putting off. All 3 sets of U joints need replaced, ball joints, front axle seals, shit like that. He's putting in the starter motor and upgrading to a high output alternator to help the batteries out when running the plow. I went and pulled a steering column out of a junker Ford in Wasilla last Saturday. My wife delivered it to the mechanic yesterday. Everything should be done by the end of this week or sometime next week, hopefully before the 29th when I leave for Texas for the quarterly Mom check in. Going to the West Virginia game on Oct 1. Haven't been to a football game in several years. I hope I don't spontaneously combust with the heat.
  11. The freedom that we enjoy up here makes it worth it. None of natural shit really bothers me all that much. The asshole people are what fuck it up, but there are assholes everywhere.
  12. Moose hunting is a great time until you pull the trigger. Went to moose camp a few times when I first got up here. Now I’m lazy and road hunt. The wife likes to go, it’s good productive time for the two of us. I’ve never heard of an area where it is illegal to debone, but the fucking hunting regs are such that I just know the regs for the game management units I hunt, 20A and 20C. Everyone around here bones the loins, backstraps, ribs, and neck. They leave the bones in the hindquarters, cut off at the butcher’s joint. Makes hanging and aging easier. Hang the front legs the same way. BTW the hindquarters on that moose weighed about 200 pounds a piece. Four miles is a long haul with that much weight on your back. And the regs are you have to pack all the meat out before you can pack the head/antlers out.
  13. Doesn’t really matter what you wear. Moose hunting is cold and wet. They hunt the non-motorized areas as well. That’s where you hunt if antlers are a priority for you. He was 4 miles from moose camp. They have to cut that thing up and haul it by hand 4 miles. He said he was so soaked thru with sweat and blood and rain he had to squeeze the liquid out of his base layers just to hang them up to dry by the fire at camp.
  14. Buddy of mine got a nice bull this morning. 59 1/2 inches wide. Just a little under trophy class.
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