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  1. I was also there sitting with Huston Street’s family. A cousin of Huston’s, who was dating a good friend of mine, told me to leave if I was going to keep cheering for Ced. Told her to fuck right off, that kid is gonna have a steer on his helmet next year. I don’t give a fuck about Westlake.
  2. We have a “pet” ermine that lives under our cabin. We call him Ernie. I haven’t gotten him to take food out of my hand yet, but he will take it if I put it on the toe of my boot. He comes out when I call his name for his free hand out. Fascinating little creatures. He keeps the voles out of the cabin.
  3. Neither cold nor snow will deter chewing on the moose bone
  4. Jay’s is solid. Good brisket and as good of a jalapeño cheese sausage as I’ve ever had. Glad to hear it’s back up and running. Last time I went to Abilene in May it was shut down for renovations.
  5. Elk are a type of deer. So are moose and caribou. In the family Cervidae.
  6. Appreciate the input and responses you degenerates. I will plan accordingly. Perini's is always a stop on my twice yearly Abilene sojourn, along with Taco Bueno, Whataburger, Allsup's burritos, and a blizzard from Dairy Queen.
  7. My wife and I are leaving the woods of the Great White North and heading to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with my mom. We're hitting Corpus Christi to visit some friends on the front end of the trip and then heading for Abilene. Good BBQ is nonexistent where we live so we are both looking forward to indulging. What I ask of Surly is to plot me out a BBQ route from CC to Abilene with the best spots to stop along the way. Time isn't really a consideration, because who wants to get to Abilene anyway?
  8. Killing Them Softly with Brad Pitt Never heard of it before. Good flick.
  9. I like that one We will now
  10. The shit stick revelation really struck a chord with this board lol Nope. We've had the same shit stick for probably 10 years. It's an old pickaxe handle that I cracked when I was digging our cold hole.
  11. Mainly getting off and on a snow machine is kind of a pain in the ass with the boots and gear that you wear. If you are only going a short distance it's a lot more convenient to be able to just step on and off the machine. Another reason is that snow machines are insanely unstable on uneven terrain. It doesn't take much for the machine to turn over on it's side. I probably turned over 2 or 3 times on the ride last night. Putting your knee on the seat and a foot on the running board allows you to shift your weight to the high side of the machine, which hopefully keeps you upright. I've got a big, heavy workhorse type snow machine. It probably weighs between 800-900 pounds. Turning over is a pain in the ass, but it happens at least once every trip if you are doing anything besides riding groomed trails. Just part of the adventure.
  12. Took a snow machine ride yesterday evening
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