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  1. https://fb.watch/jBCqWEs9sY/?mibextid=YCRy0i
  2. I had just moved to Newport Beach, got my house all set up, had a large master in a shoebox house so had my big screen snd surround sound in my bedroom. Got the DVD, turned in on and when he says “unleash hell” The arrows sounded like they were flying by my head, so cool and CSB.
  3. Oh I think I’ve got it now, thanks anyway boys
  4. Does anyone know these tabs, would really like to learn both guitar parts
  5. My two favorite horn teams was with TJ Ford and the other with BMW, Blanks Mays and Wright
  6. Not sure about the name of that street
  7. He wants to be him and she wants to be with him lulz
  8. Two of my favorite artists ever. Paul Rodgers and Joe Walsh
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