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  1. It’s like they wrote this abortion of a woman’s empowerment story, then tried to back in a murder mystery. Then they figured they needed to tie it to the original True Detective and threw in the spiral and the one time throw away line “time is a flat circle”. That part made me angry. This was a horrible watch and waste of time. The payoff was up there with the worst of all time.
  2. How many of these lame, got damn movies are they going to make about fucking Willie Wonka?
  3. So I fell asleep in about head the episodes so pardon me asking a dumb question here. What were all the apparitions that kept appearing, the girl with the silent screaming mouth etc? Would appear after an Orange would come out of nowhere. What did I miss? Was that ever explained?
  4. Super intense, just like me…
  5. I never watched season 1 so I’ve been able to binge all of season 1 and first 2 episodes of season 2. Really enjoying it. Love watanabe. Sort of reminds me of a movie called Black Rain
  6. Broke the Internet with people saying how much it sucked…needed more sequins
  7. I’ve been watching the golf tourney and literally don’t know who is performing t I assume it will be some combination of the following: 1) Stupid pop diva with a monetary symbol in her name 2) Some bro country abortion like Florida Georgia Line which involves country rap. 3) lame hip hop artist like Drake 4) Horrible male pop band like Maroon 5
  8. Didn’t that star the gay guy, Richard Chamberlain?
  9. Except I am the one person who can judge what is good music and what isn’t. If you have a question about a particular song, I will be happy to let you know the truth. Ex. “Courtesy of the red, white and blue” = sucks ass
  10. Unfortunate street name…SIAP
  11. My mind is completely blown
  12. Just putting this here, lulz
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