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  1. Username checks out…
  2. Always Titus Pullo to me…RIP.
  3. Everytime they say Jahns, I think of Vin Diesel in Riddick… This show has been a pleasant surprise, never read the books. Can’t wait until Friday for new episode
  4. Marg is much more australopithecus africanus than homo erectus. She, without question, still has remnants of a sagittal crest under her bleach blonde mop along with a small braincase.
  5. Poor Dufner, that’s just wrong.
  6. I believe that’s Lennon, Murray, Harry Nillson, Alice Cooper and Mickey Dolenz
  7. Totally agree. Was trying to think of college football player I’ve hated as much as Brian Marchment.
  8. Don’t remember if I ever posted this one. Man these people didn’t realize how good they had it, music wise, back then.
  9. 8 hits through 2 periods isn’t going to beat anyone in the playoffs…
  10. This may my favorite by Leonid. 25 or 6 to 4
  11. First released by Lighthouse (Not Lifehouse!) in 1971. Performed here by the tightest band on the planet, Leonid and Friends
  12. Ummm yes. Been a huge fan ever since I heard that blue eyed soul voice in the Spencer Davis Group “I’m a Man”
  13. Willie and Charlie Pride at the Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, 1975
  14. Jesus h Christ, the people sticking up for tucker is just mind blowing. “He is being fired for being a truth teller!!” This lady must be an aggy. She is calling for boycotts of these people and companies. Yeah lady, like I’m giving up Coca Cola and Maybelline, think again… The other side is loud and obnoxious Screaming us down But refusing to discuss [emoji848] We are the Majority They want us to believe we Don't matter Keep Speaking Up Posting Talking about Be TRUMPET [emoji448] [emoji92]️ for Good and for GOD Boycott companies who have no moral Value Target Walmart LEVIS TAMPONS ULTRA BEAUTY DISNEY BALACENIAGA PRESIDENT BIDEN BILL GATES ZUCKERBERG DEMOCRATS JEFFREY MARSH DYLAN MULVANY KEVIN BACON & KYRA SEDGWICK FOX NEWS MAYBELLINE HOLLYWEIRD PEDOPHILES ANHEUSER BUSCH OILY OF OLAY CENTRAL BANKS DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES RUSSIA NORTH KOREA WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM CHICAGO CALIFORNIA PORTLAND NEW YORK NIKE COKE ANHEUSER BUSCH KITCHEN AID GOD BLESS AMERICA [emoji631] LAND THAT I LOVE [emoji3590] My list just keeps getting longer [emoji854] [emoji854]
  15. I only wAtched the first episode and not sure if I will continue but the first thing I said to the g/f when she came in screen was “you would think she would at least wash her hair for this show”
  16. Ordered an Autoflex driver shaft today after getting fit for one at my club by the Titleist rep. Put it in my TSR2 and was just bombing it. Of course now I’m having to have surgery on my wrist so I get to watch it sit in my bag for a while [emoji35] Found this amusing just now
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