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  1. How much time and what are you interested in? Eugene certainly isn’t Bend, but it sure as hell isn’t Manhattan, KS. You will definitely deal with a lot less tourists in Eugene than Bend in the plus column. There are plenty of outdoor adventures near Eugene, it just depends on what you want to do. Hell it’s not much further to Crater Lake from Eugene than it is from Bend if that’s your interest.
  2. Found some millennials
  3. The real comedy is millennials who will line up for hours to pay $18 a lb for the exact same stuff processed in the back of a repurposed transmission shop on a rusty old Hobart. As long as its sold to them by a hipster douche with a man bun and handle bar mustache who claims to know where Bossie and Arnold lived before they were slaughtered.
  4. https://www.irs.gov/written-determinations 250 written determinations in less than a month. Technical bulletins, advanced notices…. Surely the volume will decrease as their funding is increased. “If you aren’t doing anything wrong why would you be afraid of an audit?”
  5. **Anecdote Alert** Had dinner last night with a long time friend who works in auto finance for a major bank. She reports delinquencies are fucked and getting worse. They have cut their loan to value limits and raised their spread to attempt to cover projected major charge offs. The bank is known to cut bait quickly and give no fucks in regards to collateral damage so it may be the bleeding edge.
  6. This is going to be awesome. over/under on timing of paystub post?
  7. Homemade sandwich for lunch….Check. Public transit from urban condo to job…Check. Price shop quarts of milk at Central Market…Check. any other inflation hot tips?
  8. https://wap.business-standard.com/article-amp/international/there-will-be-blood-on-streets-google-execs-warn-employees-about-layoffs-122081300370_1.html Google executives have reportedly warned workers to either boost performance or prepare to leave as "there will be blood on the streets" if the next quarterly earnings are not good a boatload of tech bros and remote laptop people are getting ready to find out.
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