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  1. I've been to Wisconsin many times over the years and had good experiences there. That said, I am beginning to think Wisconsin may be the Florida of the Midwest. Ed Gein, Dahmer, Schabusiness... disturbing to say the least.
  2. Bull fucking shit. You really are going to offer that with a straight face? Utterly laughable. You show up to Penn and walk the main quad(or whatever the layout of Penn campus is) with a sign that says, "Kill Muslims" and you will be escorted off campus within minutes.
  3. Obligatory caught a bitof the Newsnation post-debate show. That is some wild formerly prominent newscaster island of misfit toys shit.
  4. Perhaps Ron should have broke this out instead of the poop map?
  5. I heard some talking head on CNBC in late OCT say that November would bounce due to annual November fund rebalancing. No idea if that is the root cause of Nov bounce or not for certain.
  6. So you would say you were neither a friend nor ally?
  7. Per the link I posted these are, “previously unannounced” layoffs.
  8. My view of this thread is it is a combination of: 1.) Commiserating with other posters when the "market is falling like whoa" . Also celebrating new highs(moneytoburn.gif here) 2.) Sharing of current economic news. This story struck me when I was scrolling through Google Finance and was shared with the intent of current news. I don't believe my posting history in this thread is weighted only to negative. My current market opinion: We seem to be bifurcated by industries that are doing very well(Services, Travel, Leisure) and industries that are significantly challenged(Manufacturing, Finance). I am surprised that the very rapid run up in rates hasn't yet had a broader economic data impact. Maybe we soft land, maybe we crater...who the fuck knows.
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/12/05/wells-fargo-ceo-warns-of-severance-costs-as-layoffs-loom.html “We’re looking at something like $750 million to a little less than a billion dollars of severance in the fourth quarter that we weren’t anticipating,” Scharf told investors. That expense is an accrual for worker layoffs that Wells Fargo expects to make next year, according to a spokeswoman for the bank.
  10. Not poster, but whatever agency is selling that BS
  11. Totally agree. Further the fucking weirdos(inclusive of all genders, orientations, sexuality, …)who enjoy parading around naked in a public locker room in front of grade schoolers should be taken out back and beaten with a rubber hose. Take your shower, use a towel for a modicum of modesty and get dressed. No one wants to see you clip your fucking toenails buck naked.
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