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  1. My feelings towards her are mixed. Now that she can't take off her helmet during sex, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  2. US Dollars take up a lot less butthole space than Mexican Pesos. Just something to keep in mind.
  3. Someone tried that outside New Orleans a couple years ago. It probably didn't go the way they imagined it in their head.
  4. I guess the Mandalorian hangout is basically Space Australia where everything wants to kill you. And they are basically space rednecks just standing around randomly blasting at the water.
  5. Good episode. Last week makes more sense, even if the writing and the episode itself were trash.
  6. Rebels is excellent. I ranked it above Clone Wars until the final act of Clone Wars came out. It's much tighter and doesn't really have much filler in it. You just have to get over the cheap looking animation and stick with it while they set the stage.
  7. We should definitely downplay the fact that restrictions on firearms have almost overwhelmingly been used to suppressors minorities in order to prevent them from scaring God-fearing white folk. Especially at a time when those who look down upon said minorities have become emboldened in their disdain for them and wishes to further supress them.
  8. 11 years? I guess you never watched Rebels or Clone Wars? Yeah, there's a lot of filler in Clone Wars, but the good stuff is very good. And the final four episodes strung together are as strong as or stronger than Andor, IMO.
  9. Wegovy is the same active ingredient at a higher dose approved for weight loss. You rant against people not believing in science while claiming that science is wrong about weight loss and its long term effects on metabolism.
  10. My great great grandmother one of my earliest memories is watching my grandad shoot this deer. Older brother and I were in the back of the truck watching while he was posted up in front as the deer was running across the pasture. My great grandfather rolled up to the other end of the pasture on his four wheeler and caused the deer to stop just long enough for my grandfather to shoot it. My brother was yelling "fire" over and over again, which I'm sure helped steady my grandfather's aim. I remember when we drove up to it saying "it's still wiggling" as it's nerves were still firing off after being shot.
  11. As long as a pistol has an ambidextrous safety there is no need for one that is specially made for lefties imo.
  12. To me it felt more like Clone Wars than anything else. Not a bad episode, but a completely different feel than anything they have done so far. I came here for space western stuff, but it seems we have outgrown that and are now doing Clone Wars type stuff, which is fine as long as they stick to the important stuff and not any kind of filler going forward. I'm not sure why, but I definitely got a Clone Wars sisters vibe from that chick as well.
  13. Yeah, with The Wire you spend the first half of the first season or so trying to convince yourself that everybody else was wrong and it is overrated, but you're going to stick with it just to say you did. Then somewhere around the back half of the first season you look back and realize how well they have built everything up and that it really is one of the greatest. Also, Deadwood needs to be on your list of shows to watch.
  14. I'm pretty sure I've seen episodes of Paw Patrol that were better written than that.
  15. He'd die of starvation in a Nazi prison camp, but at least the first three feet of the tunnel wouldn't collapse.
  16. The last two episodes have been very good, and I enjoyed the double episode arc before them as well. Hopefully it keeps on in this direction.
  17. Based on what we've seen so far, she could still just tilt her helmet back and do the deed. Do you think Mando wants a beej from some no helmet wearing Mandalorian?
  18. Well, that was probably supposed to be mid season originally. I guess they just decided not to add any filler episodes in there and just cut to the chase.
  19. I tried to pay for something in Pesos there and it took them a while to figure out how much to charge. Edut: was replying to the post about Boquillas.
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