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  1. Thanks. Utah looked pretty good last night, sooo win confirmed!
  2. Full disclosure: I’m a soccer dumbass. I know Netherlands is more highly ranked than US but put this into context: is the Alabama vs Ole Miss? Or Bama vs Old Dominion?
  3. Fuck this line of thinking and fuck the BCS. The data you're talking about doesn't exist. This isn't MLB where everyone plays everyone. The data points in college football are too limited. Any model you build around those limited datapoints is rife with expansive fuckery, which is why we had 7 different computer models all disagreeing with each other in the BCS days. Those data models and the inputs they weigh are built by humans who are...BIASED. You can't tell me that the subjectivity inherent in those models is any different than the subjectivity in a committee because it's not. It's just dressed up fancier with the veneer of "data" to make people think it's less subjective. It ain't.
  4. Row 54 | Seat 39, 40, 41, 42 50 yard line west side lower deck, under the overhang. Listed on StubHub for $140/ea Will sell to Surlies for $130/ea Took this pic @ the TCU game from our seats...
  5. Out of all the various criticisms of QE in this thread, the "his face looks too bloated for him to be a good QB" is the weirdest. Especially coming from posters whose average BMI is 40 and have 32% body fat. I guarantee that the average surly poster is one sausage behind Ketch.
  6. Fuck anyone who bends the bill on their baseball cap that much.
  7. I say we lock Derka and KFC in a steel cage match to fight it out: "QE sucks!" vs. "No Portal Offensive Line!" Two may enter, only one will leave! Sunday, SUNDAY, SUN-DAY!
  8. Probably would make sense for Bijan to sit out but that makes me sad - he's so good and it's hard to believe we only get 1 more game (maybe 2) with him.
  9. Free transfer is still available so not really
  10. Really enjoyed it but (spoiler)… Your big plan is to fight the god of the ocean…from a boat in the middle of the ocean?
  11. The ultimate disrespect will be when eventually the B1G fully takes over the PAC remnants and turns the Rose Bowl into the site of the B1G championship game.
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