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  1. I predict the SEC/B1G push for a 3+3+3+3 model. 3 auto bids each for the top 3 B1G and SEC teams. 3 auto bids for the next 3 top rated conf champions, typically Big12, ACC, and a G5. And then 3 at-large bids for the next 3 highest ranked that don't fit one of those first 3 (could be another SEC/B1G, ND, Big12, ACC, G5 whoever). That model gives a floor of at least 3 spots to the P2 conferences, with upside to get 4 or even 5 in the playoff in a hot year. It retains access for the Big12, ACC and G5 to get at least 1 and possibly more, and ND can still enter if they're top 12. They'll also do a rev split model like the NCAA MBB tournament where the most money goes to the most bids and who goes the furthest into the playoff. Bottom line, most years the B1G and SEC will walk away with 70% of the revenue from the playoff. Does anyone know on the NCAA MBB tournament how the rev split works today exactly? If Texas makes the final 4 they make more than if they get to the sweet 16 but do they keep all of it or is there a % to the conference? I assume the conference takes some and the school takes some?
  2. See 1 post above mine where @nbmishoid was asking if we can use that money to reduce student cost of attendance. Apparently we don't all know that.
  3. Certainly our "endowment" at UT is more than just the Permanent University Fund (PUF) but the PUF is always going to be a massive part of it. And the PUF money can't be spent on just anything, constitutionally it is bound to: https://www.utsystem.edu/offices/chancellor/blog/understanding-puf-what-permanent-university-fund-2016-08-22#:~:text=PUF bonds may be issued,an MRI%2C for example).
  4. I aint complaining because 1) it's worlds better than the Big12 slate we've been getting and 2) we're set up nicely to contend for the SEC championship with our first schedule. I really hope that we don't give up on scheduling the marquee OOC game. Bobby was talking about how when we go to the 9 game SEC schedule we should only schedule creampuffs OOC. Meh, I really like have the opportunity to play another helmet school home and home and go check out some new venues. I think the first few years of the 12 team CFP will be informative. If a P2 team can lose 2 in conference and 1 marquee OOC and still get in as 9-3 with credit for SOS, we'll get the good OOC matchups. If that team is left out for the first two or three years for a Big12 or ACC non-champ, I think we'll see ADs schedule creampuffs to eternity.
  5. LOL I'm in my 40's, so I guess I am an old now. I don't care about the age of the people on CGD, I care about how stupid they are, and McAfee is 100% an idiot. Don't care if it's an act or genuine stupidity, or if ESPN has decided that turning on dumb-mode is how to attract a majority dumb audience. Not for me, or many others. But I guess the WWE crowd enjoys it.
  6. LOL why Plymouth? 1970 Cuda is commie now?
  7. Imagine how SICK our blocking schemes will be with a player who can turn his head all the way around backwards...amazing job Sark/Flood!
  8. Pretty sure our program apex was roughly 1 year after we beat Michigan in the rose bowl in '04, and we haven't surpassed it yet.
  9. Same, and I love Corso. It's hard to watch and it's been hard to watch for several years. On one hand I want the best for him and empathize, because my lived experience with my father is that once someone stop working and "loses their purpose," they can degrade very, very rapidly. It's probably healthy for him mentally and physically to put on the suit and do all the prep even if he can't express himself verbally as he once did. I'm kinda surprised that they haven't transitioned him into a Tom Rinaldi type and do packaged pre-recorded video hits of him; live shots play to his weakness. But OTOH his strength is his chemistry with the team. Aging sucks.
  10. I think Saban will actually be a plus addition and will be able to be more loose and funny now that he's not wearing the coach hat. Can he please replace MClownAfee?
  11. Agree we are heading to the P2. Disagree w/ the 2nd part about the only path for former P5 is to join the P2, because at some point soon the P2 economics on expansion won't make sense to grow larger. I think it's more likely that after FSU, North Carolina, Clemson and Virginia are sorted out that we're done. Then the shift will be the SEC/B1G will change the playoff to reserve 9-10 spots for themselves, leaving 2-3 for "everyone else" to maintain the facade of access and avoid anti-trust. The final step will be the SEC and B1G syncing and then jointly negotiating their media deals, which is where the real money shows up.
  12. What is fucking Dartmouth playing with here? Do their alumni give two shits about their basketball program? Maybe they do...but they're an ivy right? Their president should welcome the team to unionize if they want and then shut the thing down if they choose that path. Decisions have consequences...turn mbb into a club level all-volunteer thing and make the issue moot. What are they trying to get from unionization anyway, ivies don't even offer athletic scholarships? Are the players looking to be on salary? L-O-fucking-L if so.
  13. To each his own. To me those look like clown shoes. #GetOffMyLawn
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