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  1. Row 54 | Seat 39, 40, 41, 42 50 yard line west side lower deck, under the overhang. Listed on StubHub for $140/ea Will sell to Surlies for $130/ea Took this pic @ the TCU game from our seats...
  2. Out of all the various criticisms of QE in this thread, the "his face looks too bloated for him to be a good QB" is the weirdest. Especially coming from posters whose average BMI is 40 and have 32% body fat. I guarantee that the average surly poster is one sausage behind Ketch.
  3. Fuck anyone who bends the bill on their baseball cap that much.
  4. I say we lock Derka and KFC in a steel cage match to fight it out: "QE sucks!" vs. "No Portal Offensive Line!" Two may enter, only one will leave! Sunday, SUNDAY, SUN-DAY!
  5. Probably would make sense for Bijan to sit out but that makes me sad - he's so good and it's hard to believe we only get 1 more game (maybe 2) with him.
  6. Free transfer is still available so not really
  7. Really enjoyed it but (spoiler)… Your big plan is to fight the god of the ocean…from a boat in the middle of the ocean?
  8. The ultimate disrespect will be when eventually the B1G fully takes over the PAC remnants and turns the Rose Bowl into the site of the B1G championship game.
  9. How likely is it that UCLA is forced to hand over some of that sweet sweet B1G revenue to Cal?
  10. Wait...blue bloods fire coaches? No way! No one is arguing against that. The question is: have you seen enough from Sark now to pull the plug at year 1.5, or is that counter productive? What is the correct amount of time vs. progress (in W/L, in recruiting, in team building, etc)? Personally, I don't think 1.5 years is enough to make that call, yet. My eyes see progress in recruiting, production on offense, etc. Sark's .500 W/L record is also unacceptable, and both can be true...for now. I think a year from now you look to see the other stuff manifesting in the record more. But everyone seems to admit that our hiring process is random at best and broken at worst, it seems to be very luck driven. We want to spin that wheel again? We could end up with Charlie 2.0 taking us into the SEC.
  11. Whenever time travel is involved my brain gets fucked up. In this world, the future can reach back into the past and find multiple "stubs" where the past branched out differently? Like climbing down tree and going up a different branch? I guess we'll find out the point of doing that during the season somehow? And rich klept homie is killing off his great grand family in these stubs because...why? Are we going to find out later that the actions within a stub can also alter this future timeline?
  12. Yeah, you're wrong. Otherwise high profile coaches would be falling over themselves to take Texas and we wouldn't be resorting to flash in the pan G5 coaches and head coaches recycled as coordinators. We'd be talking about Coach Saban's 8th title at Texas by now. Our fanbase consistently overestimates the attractiveness of the Texas HFC job. It's probably top 5-10 - but if you're talking pulling about a proven coach who has won titles already, there's only a handful of those and they already have attractive jobs, have great recruiting, have a NIL program setup, and most importantly have their boosters and administration working with them not against them. Oh and they won't be on the hot seat after some poor results like they would at Texas and probably already have better talent in place than Texas with their system already implemented. This is the root cause of why statements like "money whip" in regard to hiring coaches is so dumb. First, we don't do that. Second, even if we did, any truly great coach is going to look at Texas and our dysfunction and ask themselves what's more attractive: running their existing system and job for 10% less money but having ultimate job security for as long as they want in, or making slightly more at Texas while having to rebuild all the systems that made them great to begin with and risk getting fired in year 3 if any of the 100 variables you don't control don't work out in your favor. You don't have to be a genius to figure it out.
  13. Can this forum software be setup to find/replace any instance of the phrase "money whip" with "I'm a fucking idiot who doesn't understand how coach hiring works" ?
  14. Agree w/ the post above that in-game adjustment WAS attempted in many factors: route trees, layers, protection, etc. It didn't work. If the gripe here is about not pulling QE for Card that's different. I disagree that Card would have made things better, that's 50/50 at best considering the in-the-face pressure QE was seeing, Card has a history of bad decision making there. Worse than QE was Saturday? We'll never know.
  15. Being a coach in the NIL era must suck. Take Xavier Worthy, he has an effort issue. Under the old "rules" pre-NIL, you bench his ass and get his attention. Nowadays, "LOL sure whatever coach, I get paaaaaiiiid either way, and BTW I'm transferring somewhere where the coach promises me more exposure and is easier on me/more fun/etc next year, k thx bye." NIL has institutionalized coddling, along with the free transfer. Imagine NFL-level prima donna, who also had unlimited free agency and fully guaranteed contracts. Yikes.
  16. There is literally nothing a Texas coach can say in a post-game press conference after a loss that would make a fan feel better. If you want to watch it as a reason to scream or because you're a masochist go for it.
  17. Here's what I don't get: what is the downside of publicly calling this behavior out? Phil Jackson would always get in front of a microphone when he was coaching the Bulls and talk about the foul discrepancy and magically, the next game it would even up. We're already getting blasted in the media for sucking, so it's not like being silent and taking the high road is about avoiding any of that. Sark or more likely CDC should show up to a presser with stats like above and just rationally show the difference in calls, and not just procedural false starts, even if you take those out we are way ahead on the judgement penalties as well. It doesn't matter if it's unconscious bias or a conscious screw job just calling it out would 1) illustrate to the Texas team and fans that they are aware of the issue and they care, and 2) put the conference on notice that we're not going to take it lying down either, fuckery will be called out.
  18. Really interesting technology at play here, with tools like DALL-E and Midjourney. Some of the images they spit out are incredible, and some are trash - much like human artists. But aside from the interesting tech and the threat (?) of AI-artistry to human-artists, the article raises another big implication: are AI-generated images copyrightable? Currently it looks like the US Copyright Office says no: But what about the human input to the AI? These tools could be considered like a paintbrush - they don't do anything on their own, it takes a human hand to give the right prompt to create the image. And while the prompt could be really basic like: "Elon Musk holding a Twitter bird," some are also very specific and detailed, like: "Close-up of [pick your favorite person] in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, emerging from black mud, long hair with dreads, war blue paint, paint fading, angry expression, dirty face, finely detailed eyes, moody, viking clothes, epic scene, epic composition, Photography, Cinematic Lighting, Volumetric Lighting, ethereal light, intricate details, extremely detailed volumetric rays" Some other examples in a variety of styles: If you want to go down the rabbit hole: https://www.reddit.com/r/midjourney/
  19. 8 games would be retardo-maximo and only serves two purposes: 1) for aggy to avoid us like the pussies they are, and 2) for lower-tier teams to schedule pad with cupcakes to get to bowl eligibility, which is hyper-dumb with the 12-team CFP and further dilution of bowl games anyway. Hopefully the adults in the room win out and get to 9 conference games w/ the 3 locked-in + 6 rotating.
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