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  1. Boy had something all last week. Then the wife got it. My turn. Congested as fuck and running about 100 degree fever. Good times.
  2. my guess is Emily Jones.
  3. Thought the performances were pretty damn good. Eminem fucking killed it. Sign of the apocalypse was seeing Rob Halford on stage with Dolly Parton.
  4. They had 2 a couple of weeks ago, this was the only one in the case yesterday. But check Boos. maybe they had more in the back.
  5. It was at that moment. He realized he fucked up.
  6. Fruitful trip to Canton earlier, Mom and Pop store in Terrell.
  7. Hey Ladies, Want to tame this Wild Turkey?
  8. I know it’s not bourbon, but this has been in my sights for a few years and was finally able to work a trade for it. Batch 2 is a delicious grapefruit bomb.
  9. You can get a grand for it on secondary
  10. Nice Saturday. Be even better when we beat Kansas.
  11. We ship 20% of every pick to members that aren’t local to DFW. We post a signup form for out of town members and will then randomize that list and ship to the top number of people on the list corresponding to however many bottles 20% of that particular release is.
  12. Well this is just incredible.
  13. This. I turned a Weller Sib and a 21 OFBB, both at retail, into a 2017 EHT Four Grain earlier this year.
  14. 650 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I’ve heard nothing but great things about that place
  16. Username sort of checks out
  17. My son handed me a ziplock bag he farted into and told me to smell it. Told him to go first. He wouldn’t.
  18. Batch 2 replaces Lone Elm with Still Austin
  19. Batch 2 of Grayson is about to be released and they are doing college hangers this time. If you haven’t had Grayson, it’s an all Texas blend. Balcones, IronRoot, and Lone Elm.
  20. funny, it doesn't look like a mini candle. sorry, I am a Ranger fan.
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