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  1. while Rudy (or Trump, or any other Republican officeholder or Republican voter, for that matter) dying would certainly be worth celebrating, watching Republicans’ lives be completely destroyed in real time is a delicious consolation.
  2. I think it’s actually the exact opposite of that. In today’s world, it’s literally impossible for anyone, save and except someone like Dick Proenneke maybe - if someone like that exists today - to not know what complete and utter pieces of shit Trump (and 100% of every other (R) out there) are - even if they are purposefully disengaged or disinterested. It is incredibly depressing, but yes, 75MM people know exactly what Trump is about, and pull that lever. If someone tells you they vote for or support Trump, or any Republican for anything, they are telling you exactly who they are. These people are similar to child sex offenders, or terrorists - there is no “yes, but, other he/she is an otherwise good person.” No, they aren’t. They are garbage.
  3. Every single Republican in this country would vote for her if they had the opportunity to do so. Because they are huge pieces of shit.
  4. Anyone who votes for any Republican, for anything, is a massive piece of shit.
  5. no decent person supports or votes for any Republican. for anything.
  6. as popular as polio, but still not as popular as Super Face AIDS
  7. have not tried Pigeon and Whale yet. might check that out on the next trip in november. some Labor Day week pics: fried shrimp po' boy at domilise's white beans and smoked sausage at mr. ed's mid-city heirloom tomato salad and crab cake at coquette quinn living her best life at city bark 24 hour roast beef po' boy with horseradish cream and pickled onions at bouree fried okra and FC at picnic provisions linguine with clams at san lorenzo in the st. vincent hotel fried green tomato and pimento cheese po' boy at mahony's parisian sandwich at la boulangerie marinated cucumbers and indonesian FC at mopho
  8. i was afraid i’d eat your brain
  9. check out these fucking lobster roll sandwiches
  10. it’s almost as if Republican voters are complete shitbags or something
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