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  1. Republicans are dishonest. With themselves and everyone else. So I'll take the under on the 3 days.
  2. shit, there are lawyers on this site who would gladly represent him pro bono.
  3. when I read things like this, my first, and really only thought is, “why isn’t Hillary in jail yet? why aren’t we all talking about that?” -all Republicans
  4. “seems reasonable. can we go ahead and move on from all the felonies and outright treason our guy committed while he was President while we’re at it?” -Republicans
  5. by far the worst movie I have seen in my entire life. I would have walked out after 30 minutes tops, but it was my wife's choice. it was so bad, I had to leave the theater three different times to go sit in the lobby and play WWF on my phone to pass the time.
  6. however we get there, more Republicans’ lives ending and/or being completely ruined, please.
  7. and she is the voice of today’s Republican Party.
  8. not just you. garfield and adam driver are both on my list of “why is this guy in every movie now, did Hollywood run out of actors or something” list
  9. and Republicans love this about him, because: (a) they are fundamentally dishonest people who never operate in good faith and view dishonesty in their leaders as a positive; and (b) they think that Trump constantly lying and "getting away with it" is totally owning the libs.
  10. “I knew it!” -every single Republican
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