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  1. he should have been strung up from a light pole as soon as he got off the plane coming back from Helsinki
  2. i don't get it either. Trump is not "done for," or anywhere close to it. every single Republican and regular Republican voter will vote for him. sure, many of them will lie about it and say they didn't, because Republicans and the people who vote for Republicans are dishonest people. the more Trump lies, and the more that he is clearly shown to be a criminal and a complete and utter fraud, the more they will dig in on their support. the idea that anyone who is still voting for any Republican candidates, for any office, won't vote for Trump, is laughable.
  3. what about the Pilgrims? they left Plymouth England in a boat and where did they land, half a world away? Plymouth Rock. I mean, how crazy is that.
  4. all of them. some of them have just been more publicly vocal about it than others.
  5. a Republican who is a complete and utter fraud, and lies constantly about everything? sounds about right.
  6. true, but any Republican dying is great for our country
  7. anyone out there who is voting for any Republican, for any office, at any level at this juncture is a fundamentally dishonest POS and is going to shrug this off at most, and more likely, will cheer it on as owning the libs.
  8. the guy that consistently had approval ratings in the 90s among Republican voters
  9. damn. cuz I’m reasonably certain I would go undefeated in the bowl picks
  10. yep. Republican voters absolutely love Trump and serial liars like him not in spite their dishonesty, but because of it.
  11. i started to post a laughing response, until i realized that that is pretty much exactly what would happen. add on "and not a single Republican in this country - elected official, voter, or supporter - would say a word to the contrary about it afterwards," and you would have really nailed it.
  12. so are the bowl games included in this, or is this over?
  13. that’s actually been the case a lot longer than that, but yeah.
  14. and yet, if (when) nominated, he will receive 99%+ of the voter share from Republicans, and if elected, would consistently have approval numbers is the mid to high 90s among Republicans.
  15. i've always been taken aback and somewhat horrified when I have read comments like "I hope this guy is raped an murdered in prison" about various people - rapists, child molesters, murderers, etc. but i'm starting to get on board with that idea with these people. they are traitors and should absolutely, unequivocally be executed by the government. that's not going to happen, so hopefully someone else does the job in prison.
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