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  1. Paco

    Top Gun 2

    Oh yeah. Forgot he took Penny up. In my defense I had the brief thought when it was first shown. Nerd rant over.
  2. Paco

    Top Gun 2

    Ridiculously picky nit to pick that I very briefly picked anyway because I'm a nerd: I wish Maverick would've had a restored F4U Corsair or a Hellcat. Even a Wildcat. Something that regularly jumped off carriers.
  3. OH! Well of course! Let's make sure we get European approval for our Texas recipes! What were we thinking?? You can have my Opa's jalapeno cheese sausage when you pry it from my cold dead hands right after my heart attack.
  4. This is the Steel Shank thread. Man makes his grub, man calls it whatever he wants. The fancy stuff I cooked thread is over there>>
  5. Are you fancy or somethin?
  6. What the fuck do you think salsa means?
  7. Yes absolutely. You're basically asking for shit to get in your clean hose... and then in your entire fresh water system. Especially the way your luck is going.
  8. You really shouldn't use your fresh water hose for the black tank flush.
  9. I was trying to figure out how to tag you as soon as I saw that.
  10. Why would you pay if you're stealing groceries?
  11. You've said a lot of dumb shit about BBQ, but this really takes the cake.
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