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  1. I thought some smart players got really stupid last night. Thinking they had a blindside to repeat a pocket idol was dumb. But they had to flush it, but no backup plan. Would have been a better game had Julie written Austin thereby fucking Dee and exposing her yapping to Julie. I thought Emily played great last week to get Bruce out. I thought she was stupid when she got back to camp and had to brag to the others about in brilliance in setting up Bruce. Painted a fucking target on herself like Emily 1.0.
  2. Signing a 12 year contract in a time of such disruption in football is dumb. Who knows what the landscape will be in 2030? Who knows what Dallas might look like in 2034? As for liquid smoke, it has zero place in properly smoked barbecue. It is the truffle oil of barbecue. The high fructose corn syrup of sweeteners. Basically it is nothing but a fucking ashtray of Marlboro butts mixed with water from the Trinity and some kind of Aggie tears. A putrid substance used by Yankees to spritz on their boiled ribs and brisket.
  3. Any doctor folks here? Is that operation now done laparoscopically or did they open him up? Also what’s his pain level likely to be? Could he call the game from the booth; maybe running the game while on OxyContin will be an improvement.
  4. He said that before the surgery I believe, or he was still on anesthesia/drugs. I don’t think he’ll be there.
  5. I was hoping Julie had done the fun thing and voted Austin, which would have fucked Dee for not keeping her mouth shut. What is it with these players that just can’t resist opening their trap. Drew is another one.
  6. Some of yall get really triggered over really minor things. So much fun.
  7. Some of yall sound like a bunch of Aggies crying about letting women be enrolled or having to desegregate the team.
  8. Dallas will have spent more on the cotton bowl and some other bullshit than Arlington’s share of JerryWorld, which was paid off some years ago. Jerry is doing some upgrades for the World Cup. The new convention center and hotels are going up. The Medal of Honor Museum will be spectacular (got a massive donation from the Jones). AT&T has events every day, plus thousands still go thru for the tour each week. I expect Jerry will be able to get another Super Bowl soon since he won’t have to use that stupid Dallas and Ft Worth split.
  9. My unpopular opinion: $140 mil on this piece of shit is lipstick on a boar hog. It should have been blown up decades ago. And spending that money for basically one game a year plus some Mexican soccer is really stupid financial thinking. The game should either be home and home or at JerryWorld. If you say we have to maintain tradition and we’ve always played there and it’s culture then look in the mirror when you’re making fun of the Aggies clinging to every fucking whoop shit thing they cling to. Or play it for real on the red river flipping between the parking lots of Winstar in Thackerville and the porn store in Gainesville. The
  10. Obituary. In a small Irish town the obit writer gets put on a per piece pay plan. And not enough folks are dying to pay the bills. So she decides to help folks transition with murdering them. S1 down. So far looks like a good watch.
  11. Did you harvest the moles from your yard or source them locally?
  12. Norman Lear was such a game changer. All in the Family was so different than anything ever before, and would not be able to be made today. It wasn’t politicians and media that changed folks attitudes on race; it was the NFL, Norman Lear, and Carson. All in The Family was powerful because each character became more rounded as the show evolved. Archie was plain spoken in his views but he wasn’t cancelled by his family. He took in his deadbeat student son in law and fed him and gave him a place to live. Edith evolved as a strong woman. And Gloria cheated on Mike and Archie took his side. There was no demonization. No cancellation. Issues and situations were presented and discussed and funny as hell. And Archie wasn’t a one dimensional evil bigot. He was like most folks back then and spouting what he had been taught with little interaction with the folks he spoke about. As the show progressed he softened a bit, we saw he loved his wife and daughter and liked that Mike married his daughter instead of shacking up with her. I was in 6th grade when the show started. We only had three channels then so you either watched it or didn’t; it took a bit for it to catch purchase. Maude was better as a guest on Archie as her show got preachy and less funny; Bea Arthur was tough in big doses. Though I loved Adrienne barbeau’s big doses. A great American and war hero. And like that generation he didn’t speak of what he did in the war; he was just another American doing his job in terrifying situations
  13. Corby makes his kids get on the show. Public life makes public targets. Gordo is smart.
  14. Some are hoping FSU boycotts the Orange bowl. Smart move!
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