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  1. Is peanut oil ok? I like it for frying. I’m assuming bacon grease is healthy as long as it’s from healthy hogs.
  2. This. Or a sandwich adding Kimiko.
  3. I want to see it. I grew up a misplaced Texan in Memphis and knew a lot of these guys, and knew many of his session guys. My mother worked at Memphis Aero and could attest to the slow pay issues of the business side as she had to call Vernon all the time to get paid for services for the Lisa Marie. Parker sucked him dry. I love Elvis preArmy along with all the Sun Records guys, and he had a chance with the black leather segment of the 68 special to stay true to his roots.
  4. I think you answered your own question. There is no succession plan, no bench development, no increase to market pay rates because that is exactly the intention. Cumulus execs know what the Ticket was cannot be remanufactured, or reproduced, and has a finite life time, based on the Musers. When they pull the pin then Cumulus will start the end times.
  5. And who the fuck dies in football season? Or then schedules funerals on a weekend? Sorry you’re dead, but the game…
  6. Agreed. Store brand ketchup, mustard, and mayo is for the poors. I’m barely not a poor but my shelf has Dukes mayo, French’s yellow, Heinz Simply ketchup. My mustard assortment will then have an array of regional or specialty types.
  7. I like fresh sardines grilled over charcoal like I had in Italy but never got a taste for the canned.
  8. That aint gonna happen. I expect Below Deck Mississippi River Cruise and BD Miami Party Barge soon
  9. If we’re talking summer blockbusters… Jawa Star Wars (the first one) Men in Black Raiders of the Lost Ark
  10. I was selling Toyotas in 86 and have been a big fan since. As much as I love their drivetrains they have had issues, until recently, with a lot of their color selections. That Thundercloud was a great color that some bean counter thought was too expensive or PPG raised the price. I think they only did that green of mine a few years too. I had a 97 4Runner in bright red that I don’t think they used after that.
  11. It’s reality tv meaning the situations are written by the producers. There is nothing really. And was Hannah posting the pen in question? Bravo couldn’t post it for privacy. It’s supposed to entertain you; none of this shit is worth getting upset about.
  12. Doesn’t matter to the Kaepernistas. The actual ability to play NFL QB is not a factor, the lack of which was the reason he was headed towards unemployment prior to his kneeling routine.
  13. The one in Arlington is tits. Good stuff.
  14. I have a cousin down by lake Whitney loves this place. I gotta get down there. That burger looks Amazon.
  15. You are letting your Dak hate cloud your perspective. Dak has regressed since losing Jon Kitna as his QB coach, a stupid move by McCarthy. He has returned to some bad backup traits poured into him by career backups Garrett, Linehan, and Moore. But he is certainly not the most overpaid player in pro sports and not the worst starter in the league. You’re showing your stupidity. If you think Zeke’s decline is the fault of Dak you’re smoking the wrong shit.
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