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  1. At some point IHeart is going to pull the plug on all that payroll. JunkforJoy espanol 24/7 would pull better book.
  2. HBO gone straight to shit. They have renewed TD for season 5, with Issa Lopez at the helm again. They also gave her a long term deal. The world is insane.
  3. Should have kept my landline, my pager, my novatel bag phone.
  4. Yep. I remember watching that oilers game and moving on to do a chore and here they came. Fucking Jack Pardee.
  5. The story was that it was an Mi5 operation to make this guy into Faul. It’s a long list of clues. I think it was a brilliant hoax put together by John and George Martin, partly as a good one Paul who was bristly, and it just grew and grew. It’s too big to be coincidence. It as a lot of fun chasing the thing in 8th grade back when there was no internet. You had to go to the library and research. Taught me a lot. My buddy was convinced it was real.
  6. The problem is most of these operators don’t have a clue about running a restaurant business. Most of their issues is that they don’t understand cost accounting and most importantly, lack cost awareness. They see TV shows that talk about the 3x model, without regard for the market. Meanwhile a lot of these folks couldn’t tell you their daily nut or the avg revenue per cover or the true cost of a hamburger bun. The restaurant math has flipped crazysince Covid as food costs, fuel, labor, rents, packaging have gone nuts. They are wrapped up in ingredient inflation with farm specific custom meat, switching from Great value hamburger buns to custom brioche buns, and using craft sodas. Most of these guys have no clue what their real costs are, nor have the retail expertise to pivot their business. Its like flying an airplane, and they can barely drive a car. At the end of all this the operators that made money with a popular trailer that go lease an expensive storefront and hire a dozen folks at $15 hour avg and can’t cook anything but prime brisket will vanish in a cyclone of debt and missed payrolls. And the OG guys using their old timey pits and choice meats and cheap rent will just be trucking along.
  7. I would think a pound of headless 2 pounds head on per person plus some, so maybe 14lbs headless? I’m a beer, lemon, Zatarains, celery boil guy. I’d keep the eat on the side and let those folks needing heat add their own.
  8. Most of probably aren’t aware that Paul McCartney was killed in a car wreck in 1966 and replaced by an imposter named Billy Shears, who stared making appearances as Paul in February 67. Is it real or was it an elaborate hoax engineered by John and George Martin? If real it was due to pressure from the UK elites to keep the money train flowing. So in the late 60’s the clues started amassing from lyrics, backmasking, and album art. It was a Life magazine story and I had a buddy in jr high who was like a jfk conspiracist chasing clues. Some of the common ones. Revolution 9 is full of crazy back tracking. Taking the album you’d spin it backwards and the cartridge, being a transducer, would put the sound thru your system. “Number 9” backwards was “turn me on dead man!” Over and over. There’s also a massive car wreck m, fire, and Paul screaming “get me out!” The clothes on Abbey Rd. The license plate of the Beetle 28IF. As in if he lived. The walrus. The sgt pepper cover with Paul having a OPD patch. Glass onion. The clues were endless. I don’t know why I remembered this tonight but it was a real thing, whether it was real or not.
  9. The Bills collapse in 4 straight Super Bowls was terrible but getting to 4 straight is historic and remarkable.
  10. Jimmy is a great defensive coach. He took the Jim MacKenzie Oklahoma defense , which he evolved from the d Franks Broyles used in the early 60’s that dominated the SWC in 63-65 which he evolved from the Georgia Tech defense of Bobby Dodd. Jimmy’s probably the highest IQ coach the game has seen. He’s got his degrees in industrial psychology which made him such a great head coach. Now he’s all about fishing. He probably told Jerry to shit can the staff and get a Norv type guy for coaching Dak.
  11. Why would you draft Nix? He’s like 30 years old
  12. WTF is Rose? Why is she here in Ennis? She’s like the Winston Wolfe of Ennis. “I got a situation here!” “Wait I can take this stiff to Rose?” “Shit Negro, that’s all you had to say!”
  13. Plus several cops, the CEO of the global mine company that chooses to live in ennis instead of Gstaad or Santa Barbara, and that big woman beater.
  14. Jet is the Buffalo Bills of competitions. He now acts like he is entitled to win because he’s come so close. It’s so irritating but he’s a big bud of Guy. He can cook. I think folks confuse him with Roy Choi. Jet’s FN show is really boring. He cooks good food but he’s just a snooze.
  15. I think it’s totally blind. I’m not sure they even know the round.
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