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  1. Harper liked the dinner talk about a threesome, and cam feeling her leg. She looks like she is tired of her uptight hard ball liberal lawyer lifestyle and is ready to cut loose. There’s not much that crushes a wife more than that kind of rejection From Ethan. Especially on vacation. She was blaming it on his hours etc.
  2. The Fan added 1.1 points from sept to November. Is that from added interest from ticket vs freak? Or is it a normal progression that occurs from Cowboys broadcasts, especially in a good season? A fucking 1.0. That is a big sucko Rhynes.
  3. Wow what an idiot. Besides being a pervert. Pedophiles should just be convicted then loaded feetfirst into a meat grinder. I hate it for Jon Kitna and his family. He’s a good dude, I met him when he was with the Seahawks a couple times. Dak’s best years were when Kitna was his qb coach; McCarthy didn’t even give him an interview. He’s the head coach/AD at Burleson High.
  4. I gotta go back and watch again. I thought he got the money, then they went back and forth on “take it”/“keep it” with I thought she said keep it, then he asked for another night.
  5. I agree we don’t know what triggered the FO to basically dump Cooper, because it was so unlike most of their previous actions. I’d like to see OBJ signed for two reasons. He adds some problems in four wide/ five wide formations. Is he better than your fourth best DB? Next I’m concerned about depth. If CeeDee or Gallup get hurt we will need depth and experience.
  6. Ruth was the only character worth redeeming. Got her record cleared, inherited the big farm, now a woman of means. Instead they pivot in hopes of a sequel series for Wendy and Marty as political influencers.
  7. She dated Shea Patterson, Last with XFL Michigan. I wouldn’t call him a famous qb as she referred to him.
  8. I think “uncle” and “nephew” are filling that quota already. Cam and Daphne strike me as a FMF type open couple when they’re not doing their own things with others.
  9. Recipe please. My wife and I have long arguments about chicken and dumplings. Hers used to look like these in olden times when we got married. My mother then told her she preferred dumplings made like noodles or worse, flour tortillas. She forgot how to make the old way, I hate the recent renditions so we have none.
  10. Portia is about to get crushed with Tonya tells her about what she saw. Ditto on Lucia. Holy cow she’s a smoke show. I think Ethan is scared his wife will a) stick a knife in his chest b) take all his money being she’s a brilliant hard shell attorney c) is wrapped up in sex conflicts being either a repressed gay man, or a porn addict, or asexual. Mia was all over him and he rebuked her, even tripping on molly and drunk. I think Harper is ready to get in bed with Cam and Daphne and get turned inside out.
  11. Hey dumb shut if you didn’t know it all this stream of old jokes and mind numbing chatter is filler between ads. It won’t be long before some stupid old fucks are asking boring old fuck Rhyner how do you fucking plan to pay for all this shit? Junk for Joy is all we got left.
  12. You left out a few… Have Gun Will Travel Branded A bit later, Bonanza Riders in the Sky did a great parody of Have Gun Will Travel called Pallindrome. Brilliance as almost every line is a pallindrome fit into a little western scene.
  13. Had the Lane Train left for Auburn he would be the only coach to have not one, but two sewage treatment plants named for him.
  14. The bowls need to rotate alignments each year. Fans want to see different opponents and go different places. Does it really matter if 8 seed Big 12 is replaced by 8 seed SEC or ACC? I never liked playing football in meaningless games. I don’t like the massive expansion of the bowls. 41? Yikes. I’d rather see a 64 team playoff where 32 bowls would mean something.
  15. I think you might be on to something. She’s desperate to find some relevance to her life with her dead end job, lack of a live life, etc and turns her back on Albie who’s the perfect Stanford educated rich naive dork for her for a guy she’s about to find out is as gay as the rest of that crew. I go back to Greg’s outrage that Tonya brought Portia, which might tie in to some nefarious plot with Quentin to con or murder Tonya. His anger was a bit over the top when he was surprised she came along. Great insight whether it pans out or not.
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