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  1. Carrie, Misery, Delores Claibourne. I get it, dozens of books and I can only name these 3 off the top of my head. You are correct that he does write them well. These 3 are in my top 10-15 of his characters.
  2. Nice recommendation. Enjoyed this yesterday.
  3. The Outfit. Currently on Peacock. Really well done.
  4. I assume our boy Blummer got the vid? She's a delight and gives great phone.
  5. I thinks it's pretty amazing we're going to get 35 or more homeruns from the catcher position.
  6. Framber was late on the timer. Should have been called. That's what AJ is arguing.
  7. 8 more years until my youngest is out of the house. Moving to a reasonable climate planning has commenced.
  8. Correct. If there's not dark brown, or even some black spots, those tortillas are not ready for service. Always finish with heat on your griddle/cast iron/grill/etc.
  9. This. Buy the fresh ones, if warm, for day of. Keep a pack of 20 ready made in the crisper. Maybe even a small pack of the ready made corn.
  10. Nice basketball jersey giveaway, Yanks. Looks like the '95 Orlando Magics.
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