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  1. Siri or Chaz? I think Siri given the antics from Tuesday. Sends a small message.
  2. Just pick whatever one gives you the best t-shirt on the West Mall.
  3. That might have been the most fun I've had at an Astros game: - My kids sang the National Anthem - Breggy Bomb on his jersey giveaway night to get things going - Yuli HR - Uncle Mike Grand Slam - Alvarez HR - Tucker HR - 10, yes 10, run inning! - Didn't have to listen to AppleTV broadcast Now about to go transfer $200 to my credit card so I don't have to deal with that in a month...
  4. Ogletree with his +12 82 yesterday will be out on his ass.
  5. I think that was intentional so you had to watch.
  6. Not gonna lie. The coverage on YouTube is not terrible. Showing lots of golf shots.
  7. Not a lawyer, but the word collusion keeps coming to mind if all the other Tours (PGA, DP/Euro, Asia, South Africa) and the governing bodies (USGA, R&A, PGA of America, Augusta National) all decide to ban these players. These governing bodies also run the Official World Golf Ranking. LIV could force change or end the OWGR as we know it if they move in lockstep. Narrator: There will be lawyers.
  8. Unless they start picking off top college players. With the exception of the top 5 or so college players, the path is incredibly difficult to the PGA Tour. Even for those top 5, the starts are hard to come by. Take $2-5M to play LIV, get a financial foundation, play with major champions. Not a bad deal. And if they go directly to LIV, versus any PGA Tour-sponsored development tour, how can they be disciplined by the PGA Tour. The stars will obviously move the needle, but if cash flow is not an issue, the up-and-coming talent will be interesting to watch where they go.
  9. Texas (Season 9) is not the best season, but if you want to watch Paul Qui dominate like no one else, I recommend. The editors should have received an award for how difficult it must have been to create suspense.
  10. The Top Chef All-Stars and the Top Chef Masters are great. I would wait to watch All-Stars until you get to know a few of the names. Regular Seasons to watch: Vegas (Season 6) Chicago (Season 4) Seattle (Season 10) New York (Season 5) Charleston (Season 14) I enjoy them all, but these stand out to me.
  11. Getting pretty dark. Per Bill Hader, next week's finally will be very intense. https://www.thewrap.com/barry-season-3-episode-6-bill-hader-interview-recap-2/
  12. Since #3 Miami is eliminated, shouldn't that earn us a hosting berth?
  13. Is this what happened to the Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuit at Whataburger?
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