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  1. He stated a week ago that he was staying until spurs win a trophy. So basically a lifetime Does a Participation Trophy count?
  2. Go get Becky Hammon. What starts here, changes the world.
  3. The real outrage should be that she covered those puppies up.
  4. That line was pulled from a movie called Strange Days and that's actually Angela Bassett saying the Right Here Right Now line.
  5. All Quiet on the Western Front is the best movie I've seen in 10 years.
  6. Sounds like sleet hitting us in Spring right now.
  7. What's the temperature in the room on bringing Mancini back? Back-up to Abreu and can play LF/DH. I think he will be better this year. Does he do a 2/$18M deal (honestly have no clue on his market value).
  8. Been on a big FM kick recently. Knew of them but have really dug into the catalog lately. My $0.02 opinion: Overrated: Stevie Underrated: Christine and Lindsey (yes, this is his band, but I think he is still underrated)
  9. So, Greg said that he was going to be back in 2 days. Ok. An up-and-back to Denver in 48 hours seems unlikely, but whatever. Shouldn't he be coming back this next day? Wonder if he gets to the resort and Tanya is nowhere to be found since she is on the island. This, of course, is assuming he isn't a part of the scam.
  10. Friendly reminder. $5 Turkey Day at HEB. Stock up the freezer.
  11. I shop for Thanksgiving when the old ladies do. About 5-7 days out. Today is for the amateurs.
  12. Surly Lawyers. Question. I have a non-compete with the company I work for. They have recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Is my non-compete still enforceable? I assume yes.
  13. My only pause with Luhnow is that he hasn't been in the game for several years. Kinda like when NFL coaches leave for while and come back. The game has past them by. I'm sure Luhnow could catch up quick (if he hasn't already been doing it on the side) and would rely on his team.
  14. This. Pretty decent thing to do actually. Basically tells Click to see if he can find a better offer, but if not, you have a place here. I got nothing to criticize Crane about.
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