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  1. So I saw Cap giving the Flat Earth King the business for retweeting an Alex Jones conspiracy theory from TWENTY YEARS AGO. I don’t care if the Lakers have another down year. Not trading for a mentally ill person that likes Alex Jones is the best thing from the entire Lakers off-season. The Nets implosion this year is going to be utterly spectacular thanks to having that guy on the roster.
  2. I am watching Smile. This is an exceedingly hard movie for me to watch. If you have difficulties with random loud screeching and screaming noises that come out of nowhere this is not the movie for you. I am going to try to make it to the end because I like Sophie Bacon, but this is a movie I will never watch again. My commentary about this movie is not whether it is good or not. It is just a warning to anyone who struggles with loud noise like I do.
  3. Pretty cool to have that happen in the same game as Judge’s 62nd.
  4. Boom goes the dynamite!!!!!!!! That was awesome to watch!!!!!!
  5. The Mets really are amazing. If they flameout in the playoffs I am definitely listening to WFAN the next day because it will be a day long meltdown. It would be one of the rare times that you would want Mike Francesa to still have a show!
  6. They negativity is pretty cool. I root for the Yankees because of my mother who has been a fan of theirs before the Astros or Rangers were playing ball. It is a way for us to talk sports and she enjoys seeing stuff from my trips to the games as well as when she comes up and we go. I’m sorry that you feel that you have to root for teams all from one geographic location. That is kind of a silly way to enjoy watching sports. I’m glad I have parents who did not indoctrinate me into rooting for their favorite team and just let me choose my own teams. The NFL I quit watching about a decade ago so I have no team there and I am very cool with that. I do not care about college sports outside of watching Gonzaga play basketball when I have free time.
  7. There is no guarantee next season. This year is just a season they need to get through and that’s it. The Lakers are a team where things can change quickly if they can add a reallly good 3rd best player to the roster. How that works out I do not know nor do I care. Either they win or they don’t. I love my guys in the Purple and Gold, but I have zero control over what they put on the court.
  8. Hard for the Purple and Gold implode when they are already a mess. I have been a die-hard fan for 35 years now, but I have zero expectations of anything from them. I had higher expectations from the 39 win 92-93 team that should’ve beaten the Suns in game five if not for an offensive goaltend than I do this roster. The Lakers were wise not to attempt to trade for World B Flat. Just get through this season and get back to trying to win next season.
  9. Aliyanah after her shower! Just kinda blending in with her cover and pillows. She wore herself out running around to get dry.
  10. Pretty cool that they were able to do this today. The longevity and ridiculous production from that trio is incredibly impressive to say the least.
  11. Harrison Bader is just cool to watch and I feel like this is a guy you want long-term in Pinstripes. It’s like watching Gardner play, but with more range in the outfield. I would get this guy a long-term contract ASAP. He and Oswaldo Cabrera have been a nice injection of energy into the team down the stretch.
  12. This should probably be Chapman’s last time on the mound in New York. He’s getting some Bronx Cheers for the occasional strikes he is throwing. Quite the fall from where he once was.
  13. If anyone hits a homer today they are going to have to hit a liner with how the wind is blowing in. Stanton might be the one guy who could rocket a liner out to left, but he has the day off.
  14. The O’s starter today is decidedly not a cuck and went right after Judge in both PA’s. That’s cool to see even if it did end in K’s both times.
  15. I went to a taping in June 2017. He was pretty cool honestly in-person. It took me a while to get his humor. I think what it was was how he laughed at his own jokes a lot early in his tenure. He found his groove though and he connects well with a younger demographic. His autobiography is a great read. How he made it to where he has from where he began at in life is pretty inspiring. For the people who do not like him I would say that no comedian will connect with everyone. I loved Jon Stewart, but not everyone does for whatever reason.
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