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  1. Finished it this afternoon. Everywhere I have gone since then a local Tahitian has commented how much they like it, which is pretty cool since they know far more about tattoos than I ever will.
  2. If any of you have ever listened to kids from age 10 on talk in groups you would know they already discuss these things. One of the things about living in NYC is sometimes I get on the subway or bus and a group of teenagers will openly talk about sexual topics. as if no one is around. The things they already know that they googled or friends told them is pretty in-depth. I think it would be helpful to educate them as well in school at a younger age than the norm. If you don’t want your children in a class at a younger age you should have the ability to pull them from that class, but I think starting around age 10 is good for a class to broach the subject of sex.
  3. I can also say, and I think this is funny, that the pain threshold for me was met and I got the tattoo flu around hour 10 yesterday. He told me to get some doliprane at the pharmacy and it worked. This is quite the experience. Day two is going much smoother.
  4. He is using a machine. I read about the traditional techniques and that was pretty cool knowledge to learn. This will take two days to finish from what I can gather. This is totally worth it though. I won’t lie and say it doesn’t hurt, especially where there is less meat on the bone on the front side of the leg.
  5. Whole leg from knee to ankle. It’s a traditional Polynesian design that I am getting done here in Papeete. I only asked him to incorporate three things into it that are meaningful to me, but how those three things look is up to him. He commented to me in broken English that this is a big tattoo for a first one. I really admire and have a healthy appreciation for the culture here so I wanted to do something that will remind me of that.
  6. Iam getting my first tattoo right now on my left leg from my ankle to near my knee. Never thought I would get one, but this is retry cool watching the process.
  7. So I go out early this morning around 3AM to take a few pictures of the sky and just sit on the beach. These lovable beasts roll in about an hour later and I gave them all the attention they wanted. They were all still puppies and it was so cool watching them play, especially watching the brindle female try to open a coconut. Seeing them play and play and play was pretty cool. The brindle female is going to be really smart. Wish I could take her home!
  8. I’m ending up my vacation Thursday morning, but I look back on what I have been able to see in the last month and I realize even more forcefully that had I continued to drink after January 20th, 2020 I would not be alive to experience a place I always wanted to go to since I was a child. I would not have met my niece back in Texas who is turning four next month or gotten on FaceTime with her everyday, as well as my nephew, who will be 1 in March. @YGIFS makes really good points about doing this for his family as well. I think you obviously want to clean yourself up, but having such a strong motivation like family really helps. I hope y’all are all enjoying your weekend and that your week gets off to a great start tomorrow!
  9. Being out of the US for a month has shown me just how much I do not miss being there. There is crazy folks everywhere you go, but right now the US is lapping the field in crazy. I have spoke to exactly two Americans and it has been so nice to be removed from things there. We are a completely broken group of people. We are far from the only country who fits that description, but man being away from Americans has been great. I look forward to making this permanent as soon as I can.
  10. On second thought let’s put these heroic warriors in there naked. I am sure the badger will be dead within seconds.
  11. I was only there for the beach, not the people, who were admittedly really odd. The only people I spoke to regularly there were people at the dog park area in my apartment complex. Not surprisingly, none were from Cali. One woman was from Brazil, but I think she has since left and moved to Miami to do real estate. They kind of got the same vibes that I did about Huntington Beach.
  12. I mean that name is just priceless. He fulfilled his destiny as the ultimate douchebag.
  13. Man that looks really good. I would not have guessed something like that being in Garfield, but that’s cool and thank you for sharing that. Overall I find that there are a lot of places to get pretty good burgers up in this area. I honestly think that in NYC you will find better burger places than pizza. My last trip to Garfield was December 2021 and it ended with a trip to the emergency room, stitches on two fingers to partially bring together the skin that was left on the knuckles of my ring and middle finger. The middle finger on my left hand is still bent down more than a year later. Perhaps I should have just gone to Steve’s and skipped the grocery shopping that day! I have not had Wingfield’s in a long time, but gosh it was really good. Those bacon grease fries had great flavor.
  14. I’m so proud of you @Gil Bang for realizing that!
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