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  1. Oh he is absolutely going for this one…😂 You know he wants to wreck the Pelicans tonight and get to the final.
  2. I don’t think anyone has any real attachment to winning it, but the games have been entertaining so far. Usually it’s hard to watch any NBA games not involving my team before the All-Star break, but there have been some really fun ones so far because of this tournament. Games with the Pacers have been pretty wild.
  3. Nothing like celebrating the holidays while declaring openly that nazi’s are a-ok with the Texas GQP. Any of you sticking around in that state better be doing it for family reasons. If you can get out just do it and find a place to live where there is either some semblance of sanity, peace or both.
  4. Season 2 of The Chelsea Detective is a big upgrade over the 1st season with the new DS. All the characters seem to have found their voice and it just feels like the team fits together better now. Vanessa Emme is the new DS by the way. She plays off Adrian Scarborough’s character much better. She was in 3 episodes of Bloodlands which was a really good show, especially if you want to root for a main character to get offed because the character is so imminently hateable.
  5. No he hasn’t. Collecting a paycheck.
  6. Oh so we’re just going to completely ignore NAIA?!?! I ignore it fairly well and I actually spent a year playing for one of their schools before deciding in two-days the following year that it would be more fun not getting a beat down every week and becoming a student assistant coach on the men’s basketball team instead. https://www.naia.org/sports/fball/2023-24/releases/FCS_Results I played against the Bethel College in McKenzie, Tennessee that apparently is now good at football (although they have been eliminated). Quite the game that was on a grass field shared with the local high school that had a big rebel painted on the grass. Tore that mascot up playing in 6 inches of rain that day. Semis are this week and Idaho also has a team left in it. The state of Iowa has a shot at a title as well. Maybe they’ll let Brian Ferentz join their staff next year as a quality control assistant or something.
  7. A short search showed he is a Democrat who once campaigned for John Kerry and does not like maga, at all. His upbringing apparently made him really tolerant of all religions, but he is a Christian. I think the paycheck must be pretty good. He is married with three daughters I believe so you gotta feed them and keep the lights on. Maga co-opting their strange version of Christianity bugs me because we have an actual Christian right now who is the president.
  8. He was in it with a featured role. He and the guy playing the devil are in another movie together as well. I have no idea if he’s gone full maga or not. Might just be some good paychecks for him in doing these movies.
  9. This means that Stanton can just go hangout on the IL all year. Do your best Chris Davis impersonation and go get paid to not play. The Yanks still have so many other issues to fix, but this was an absolutely huge net positive. He has a built-in fanbase in The Bronx and he will hit at least 45 homers this year. I remember being at the game where he hit his first homer at Yankee Stadium back in 2018. The crack of the bat just sounds different from guys like him. The only other player I have watched out there that had the ball come so cleanly and ferociously off his bat was Yordan Alvarez. You know the sound of the connection of bat and ball with guys like that when you hear it. Soto is going to destroy some baseballs to the short porch.
  10. I saw it last week and it seemed to be pretty straightforward about the movie having a Christian theme. I left as soon as it ended though so I missed the buy more tickets cash grab/grift attempt. The guy playing the devil was actually really good in his role. Tying it to the Book of Job was, umm, interesting I guess? Just go do an actual movie about Job’s story. That would have been better. Also every time I see Sean Astin in a movie or tv show I see a hobbit holding a football.
  11. The only thing I find to be ridiculous is that Paul and that ref ever share a court together. Paul is, to be kind, not someone I enjoy watching, but that ref should never be assigned to his games. They clearly have issues with each other that go well beyond basketball.
  12. I know you know the story, but man McDaniel’s story from being let go for being an alcoholic to where he is today as a coach that is sober is such an impressive personal story for him to have. Sober McDaniel seems like quite the amazing person. I probably will watch about two hours worth of the NFL by the time the season is over (Stopped watching college and pro football for the most part many years ago), but it would be cool if this guy wins a Super Bowl.
  13. Well apparently he didn’t get every call because they got swept right out the building and you still aren’t showing your work here. Making vague references to now “5-7 minutes of ref ball” instead of the whole game is showing you don’t have anything. This is I guess a humorous version of a conspiracy unlike the 45 fans and their not fun conspiracy. I will never understand how people become conspiracy theorists over the absolute silliest things that do not matter in the slightest. All I can gather from this is it seems the mind always wants to just find blame for something besides their group or team losing so as to make themselves feel better.
  14. Gave up next to nothing of importance for one of the best 3 or 4 players in baseball. Gotta spend the money to keep him now.
  15. And again I will ask where was the NBA at for the West Finals last year? Why didn’t Adam Silver make sure the Lakers made the finals? If you are going to partake in conspiratorial thinking that is usually only available on that website for brain damaged people called abovetopsecret.com then show your work completely.
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