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  1. I would agree and say this is a legitimate concern. I have no idea what the growth and revenue charts look like internally, but I hope the money grows exponentially for the players so something like this never happens.
  2. I just think it’s cool that women are finally getting the spotlight put on them in hoops. NBA players seem to be incredibly supportive and enjoy the women’s game. I attribute that to the culture that exists among basketball players. It’s the “game recognizes game” axiom at play. I hope that a generation from now the women have a fully self-sufficient league and that they will make really, really good money playing the game. Clark might finally be the tipping point that people look back on as when the WNBA came of age.
  3. I cannot say I have ever heard of that rapper/comedian, but he made some humorous, but true points. Now that gambling on sports is widespread the women are going to get heckled like the guys are by people losing parlays and big bets on games involving WNBA players and teams.
  4. Imagine each of you telling yourself 5 years ago that you’d be arguing over two WNBA players in 2024. What a time to be alive for both of you.
  5. This actually did make me LOL. I don’t care how they talk so long as they aren’t doing something or saying something that intentionally hurts others. The NBA is lucky to have guys like Edwards, Jokic, Doncic and others. It’s a fun time especially if you are just a fan of the sport in general.
  6. The attention Clark brings the WNBA is good. Her mere presence in the league has given it elevated attention that it has never received. I hope she keeps on grinding and eventually engineers a big turnaround in Indiana. One of the reasons they have been so horrid and got that top pick is they took the Byron Scott route and determined that having all bigs and no shooters was the way to go. Get Clark some floor spacers around her and things will change. This year will be probably the roughest she has or ever will have ever again. Going to Indiana is like being drafted by the Hornets or Wizards.
  7. I should be living in a place close enough, God willing, to see some of the games in Tokyo.
  8. It was a fun movie. I decided to watch it in a smaller AMC showing than their IMAX ones and it was still great. I enjoyed the lack of dialogue at times and the action scenes were well done. Hemsworth being the bad guy was different to see, but he played the character well. I would watch this again. Anya Taylor Joy was also really good and her reactions told more of her inner feelings on things than extended dialogue ever would have.
  9. Every classic story from elementary school. I had the ability to read at a high level, but none of the books we had to read interested me in the least. You name it and I did not enjoy having to read it. I loved books about actual history, but that was not on the agenda at that age.
  10. Can a meeting be arranged between Franklin and Putin in any random hotel in Russia? Putin is evil incarnate, but he does know how to make good use of windows for people like Franklin.
  11. Anytime someone visiting NYC asks me about visiting Texas I tell them the first stop needs to be Austin and Barton Springs pool. What a relaxing place to hangout at and enjoy a hot spring or summer day.
  12. It’s all subjective and it’s cool that there are so many actors that people here find enjoyment in watching. The qualities that someone enjoys in one actor may not resonate as well with someone else and that’s alright. This bodes well for the film industry that there is so much excellent talent available for the silver screen. COVID did a number on the industry, but hopefully all these talented men and women can help revive things.
  13. I will defer to you on her as I can tell you zero about her work. A guy I work with did a nice breakdown of the movie for me because I do not really read reviews ahead of time. I would have it listed as a drama and not a horror movie, at least in the traditional sense of what watching a horror movie means. The focus on the trans experience is why I believe there will be a personal connection to the movie that will resonate better with others who watch it. I believe movies like these have an important place in cinema even if they are not movies that everyone can connect with. I would say to perhaps stream it when it comes out and see what you think of it and not what others feel about this one.
  14. Bingo, bango, bongo. Our coup didn’t go so well in The Congo.
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