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  1. I would assume that he finds his way to a contender by the trade deadline. He is not going to stay to be a mentor for guys who won’t have any real chance of winning for at least 4 years or so.
  2. I think Milwaukee, like many teams that have been to the mountaintop, decided to shake things up to try to get back there. I personally would not be enamored to get a guy on the downslope of his career that is being paid as much as he is, but perhaps it will convince Giannis to stay. Lillard can score, but to this point in his career it has mostly been in meaningless games. Milwaukee had to try something. If it doesn’t work out they just go back to being the Milwaukee that Richard Jefferson was once pissed to be traded to because it was considered a backwater destination to have to live in.
  3. When I see the WNBA what I see is a much, much higher level of skill and talent than what I would’ve seen just 10 years ago. A’ja Wilson is a player that probably would’ve put up 30 a game with her skill level had she played in the WNBA when it first started. They push tempo better, shoot from deep better and are more athletic across the board. That’s a fun product to me that is growing. I think it’s cool seeing women have this opportunity and I hope the money catches up. I think the cap for a player is 235k. That’s a great living by most standards. The salary floor is 62k though. I assume that as revenue continues to grow that the floor will probably be around 100k within the next 5 years. To get the best of the best to not play in Europe in the off-season is going to need to see the league double their revenue again within the next four years. These women realize they have a limited window to make this money and Europe provides them the opportunity to double their salary. I know the WNBA discourages playing over there, but how do you tell someone not take a few hundred thousand playing basketball while traveling through Europe? The only feasible way seems continued growth domestically. I am pulling for them to keep doing better.
  4. There was a much better story with her original partner. I read that it may not be a happy homecoming between the two characters, but that just adds to David Leon’s (plays Joe Ashworth) return. I believe that Ibinabo Jack’s character, DC Jacqueline Williams, is not returning because she is on another job right now. I don’t think they were entirely set on a season 13 when 12 ended so that makes sense. I liked her character, but change is good. Kenny is still there and so is DC Edwards. Kenny has great chemistry with Vera in their scenes.
  5. I love horses and had two as a kid. Seeing them on the streets, especially in the summer here, is a big no-go from my point of view. Let them live their lives somewhere upstate on a farm.
  6. If time is not an object then drive. I enjoy flying and whatnot, but getting to see New England during this time of year by drive or by train is such a wonderful experience.
  7. If you have the means to do so and want your children to receive a better education get you and your family to a place not run by people that openly advocate how wonderful charter schools are (New York has a lot of these people as evidenced by the 1000 charter schools/child profit centers here) and find somewhere that doesn’t ban books as well. That we are in 2023 living with people who have more in common with the folks running the Salem Witch Trials than modern methods of effective education is astounding. The fighting you will encounter with these people is just not worth it. Take your family to a place where education matters. Not everyone obviously has the monetary means to do this, but if you do then go for it and make sure you either get your son or daughter in a public school or pay for a private school education if you have the means for that or prefer that.
  8. Expendables 4. Kinda the same thoughts as what I said about Nic Cage’s movie. The CGI was substandard. It looked like something from a movie produced by a small budget indie production company. I just wanted some time to relax though so that’s why I went. I had no thoughts that the movie would be an amazing accomplishment of cinema. Sometimes movies like this are perfectly fine to watch. Tony Jana’s character was well done and Jacob Scipio seems like he might have a promising future in action and suspense movies if he can be given a better script to work with. Again this movie isn’t horrible. It just is what it is. A lot of death and action which is good for people who enjoy movies like that.
  9. The decorum of that place is long gone. Fetterman is treating that place exactly as he should. These self-righteous jerks will do things that knowingly hurt the American people without batting an eyelash, but Hoo boy the second someone enters that place wearing an Everyman outfit, well by God, now the line has been crossed. I got to read Chuck Schumer attempting to defend Menendez. Meanwhile Senator Fetterman is doing what the rest of his colleagues should be doing. It’s embarrassing that he is out front doing the people’s work while the rest sit on the sideline collecting paychecks for doing absolutely nothing of note.
  10. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. You are a good person and though you are hurting on the inside just know that there are people here for you. Your reason for hurting, as stated eloquently by @Lidig8r, is unique to you. So many of us will listen to you anytime you want to talk. This is off subject, but you mentioned your grandfathers both served in the Pacific. I would love to hear any stories you have about them as I have read extensively about the Pacific War. If you do not wish to share I understand, but you can PM if you do. I have a friend whose grandfather served in New Guinea and The Philippines and I am getting him to obtain his grandfather’s records because he wants to take a trip over there to see the places his grandfather served at.
  11. I am one of those people (I’ve detailed it here before on a thread in the Help Me With This section) and yeah it’s not cool when I see some of the things I read on this board that pertain directly or indirectly with autism.
  12. A nice long weekend in Biloxi or a trip to the exotic locale known as the Florida Panhandle.
  13. Aliyanah is ready for her belly to get scratched while Heiani wants some rest after getting a shower. She’s still getting used to getting a bath, but she’s getting there!
  14. Menendez making this about race was just the Chef’s Kiss of his defiant idiocy. No Bob people don’t want you out because you’re Hispanic, they want you out because the people who voted for you aren’t members of the GQP and your guilt is pretty overwhelming. Take the hint and leave and hope a jury just sentences you to a couple of months of home confinement even though you deserve multiple years in prison.
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