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  1. I do not have the opportunity to listen to him as often as I used to, but he always made me laugh. If there is commentary I do not enjoy I just turn the volume down, but I have never done that with Walton. Just a human being that genuinely enjoys life. People like that are awesome to be around. My mother is close to Walton’s age and she has that same personality where she just enjoys life and does not really care what anyone thinks. Great way to be.
  2. I got off the train in Amityville an hour ago and the air quality here is better, mainly because there is some circulation happening on the south shore. The city lends itself to air stagnating. I looked at the air quality index numbers and it is 231 here and it was 327 in Manhattan. Neither seem awesome obviously, but this is a little more breathable.
  3. I texted my brother and told him it reminded me of when we’d be burning leaves and wood every spring to clean up the land we grew up on in Texas.
  4. Yes, yes he is. I will never under criticism of him. I am a die-hard Laker fan and he will still put on the Kelly Green and White to rep THOSE GUYS, but even that does not make me dislike him. The man just exudes positivity and again, taking into consideration what he he gone through privately, makes it all the more remarkable how he just takes everything in stride. He is one of the few public figures I would like to meet. The list is him, Magic, Kareem and perhaps the mythical Kyriakos Rambidis, aka Kurt Rambis as he was once known in Greece early in his pro career.
  5. I don’t care what people think of this man. He is awesome and his spirit of happiness and thankfulness is really cool to behold. He was quite literally once at a point of having to lay on the floor of his house just to be able to not hurt every moment of the day. His commentating is crazy, but that makes him who he is. We could all stand to take ourselves less seriously and just enjoy life like Bill Walton.
  6. UpperWestside


    I am so very proud of that young woman’s resilience. She is what the mythologized about Texan looks like in real life. The majority of actual Texans do not have an ounce of her bravery, determination or guts to achieve what she has. Great story and I hope she kills it at Harvard.
  7. If ever there was a book that could be targeted directly towards a website this would be it. A little under 200 pages. It’s like if Lewis Black had gone into Quantum Physics and then gotten frustrated with people who have no clue what it actually is. Good read.
  8. Boy that plot twist was, well, just nuts. I enjoyed watching the show overall.
  9. The combination of not fully understanding what I was watching combined with the time meant I decided to leave. I feel like I should probably watch the first movie to better understand things. I do not have a family so I kind of just get to do what I want when I want to, which includes leaving a movie early knowing I can just go back while it is still being shown at AMC.
  10. I have an AMC Pass. It won’t cost me a dime extra to go finish the movie. I usually watch a couple of movies a week.
  11. Headed back to Tahiti in September. I am going to camp this time in Raiatea and spend a few days in Moorea so I can hopefully swim with the humpback whales. I want to spend a couple of days in Tahiti again as well just to go see a few things I liked in January.
  12. I am putting together a September trip, but mostly I just want to camp this time. I need to spend at least 3-4 days on Moorea so I can go out and hopefully swim with the humpback whales. The other island I am looking at is Raiatea. I want to just take a tent and go to a campground this time while spending time hiking and obviously time in the ocean everyday. Has anyone here spent any time on Raiatea? I know it’s the spiritual center for Polynesians and there are some pretty cool things to get to see due to that. If any of you have recommendations for other islands nearby I would gladly take them into consideration, especially if camping features prominently.
  13. This sounds like something I might should do. I enjoy stories where I am exposed to something new that I don’t fully understand, but seeing the first movie sounds like a really good idea.
  14. I was only able to see about half of the movie tonight. Visually it was really cool. I wish I understood more about the story and whatnot. I did not leave early because the movie was bad. It was just late already when I went and I did not want to be getting home right now. Hopefully I can go back and see the 2nd half next week.
  15. I hope it is a competitive series. The Heat are not going to slow down Jokic. Their focus should be on disrupting Murray and Porter. The Finals have two really good coaches so it should lead to sone interesting lineups at times and adjustments. What a really cool series for the NBA to end on this year before the summer starts and we all focus on an extremely tall teen that might further revolutionize the sport in ways we never thought possible!
  16. Well it is Detroit and they were going to have to hand out a contract like this to get an established coach. I do not put the Suns implosion on him. A Suns beat writer called it the moment the trade happened that brought Durant into the fold. Having to coach a professional malcontent in Ayton as well as a point guard that is NEVER healthy come playoff time is not a real good recipe for success. When you’re left with Booker as your best player on the floor, a guy who does NOT want to be the lead voice in the room (By his own admission) it would not matter who the coach is. His personal shortcomings? He’s no more infallible than you or I. I am certain he loved his wife, but I don’t fault him for being with someone new not long after. We all deal with grief differently. I would prefer to have Spoelstra as my coach(So would most everyone else), but I think Williams will bring some stability to a franchise in dire need of it.
  17. Sometimes he’s the MVP and sometimes he is not and I think he’s probably also cool with that, especially if Denver wins the title. Guys like this that are extremely driven to succeed, but also have a humble nature about them, are somewhat of a rarity in professional sports worldwide. The closest comparison from the same sport would probably be Duncan or Olajuwon at the height of their talents. I could probably throw Dirk in there as well. Speak softly while slowly grinding your opponents into the ground.
  18. Good on Monty Williams getting his giant payday with Detroit. He has his work cut out for him there, but he’s a good guy. Hope he can at least get them into the playoffs regularly.
  19. I take it you enjoyed SISU as well?
  20. I was out looking for some new books to read and ran across this one. If there is anyone in this country that deserves to be trolled like this it is Hot Wheels.
  21. The Little Mermaid. Sometimes I enjoy seeing movies that are animated because they are usually pretty positive overall. I really enjoyed this one. I do not have much memory of the first movie, but this was cool. Highly recommended to those of y’all with families.
  22. We have another member of the Opposable Thumb contingent willing to die to own rational human beings.
  23. This thread is still one of the funniest on this site mainly because of the people who think they can beat up animals because we have opposable thumbs. I am still waiting to see someone here decide to fight a badger in an enclosed room.
  24. It was still raining when I walked in. I walked a mile in the rain. Not a drop of water was coming from anywhere near that spot. The repair crew went on top of the roof and even tried to run a hose over that area and nothing. She just saw a speaker that looked odd. Definitely out of place, but it was a sports bar before that.
  25. So the place I work at on Long Island is run by a husband-wife team. I really respect them both and the husband was my general manager in Manhattan before starting this restaurant with his wife. She is the chef and she’s really, really good. It does not mean they don’t have some humorous interactions though. Last week we had a day where it was raining. I get into work and when I get there she is telling me there are three spots in the roof where water is coming into the restaurant. She is pissed because the landlord is not taking care of it. One spot she points out seems odd to me, but I am not going to tell her she’s wrong on this. Instead I wait for this gem. Husband: Hey come out here and show me where the leaks are. Wife: I’m busy and don’t have time for this right now. That hole in the ceiling right there is leaking. Husband: I’m pretty certain that’s a speaker in the ceiling. Wife: I don’t have time for this! I have to get ready in the kitchen! These two honestly get along really well and have been married for about 20 years, but they have their moments which are pretty funny to watch because the husband is Irish. She’s got a French mother and her father was Jewish I believe. She grew up on the UES in Manhattan and called Manhattan home until COVID when they finally moved the family to Massapequa.
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