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  1. Ukraine will continue to be supplied by us and other NATO countries. What would be of zero shock to me is that eventually we do not just have the CIA and Special OPS being the only US presence there. I think war is a terrible thing, but we’ve crossed a bridge in this situation to where we are not going to let Ukraine fall.
  2. I am glad this was successful. We need to be doing more of this as a country because it promotes and produces highly intelligent people who push us forward into a hopefully better future. I have no doubt that we have people who want to contribute their expertise in science and space to the greater good, but they need ample opportunities to be able to do that.
  3. I completely agree with relating to complete strangers through a sporting event, perhaps a music festival or even ComicCon or something of that nature. You have an opportunity to open up about your life to someone you did not know prior to that moment because you each have a common interest. The common interest here is everyone listening to each other as we share in our hardships and some of the joys in life as well. Please continue to vent and share all that you want to. We may not all respond with a text here because sometimes words will not suffice. We’re here for you and if you want to chat off of here I believe that many of us will gladly do that. Hope the traffic was better today for you.
  4. The Solomon Islands can still attest to this 80 years later.
  5. Yesterday I wanted to watch a movie because I had a day off so I thought about seeing the new movie about Bob Marley. While I’m scrolling through the movies that were showing I see a movie that was a foreign film called Perfect Days. It is from Japan and focuses on a man’s everyday life cleaning toilets in Tokyo. I know that probably doesn’t sound like something that anyone would rush out to see, but that wasn’t the point of the movie. The focus was on living in the now. A quote from a scene in it was “Now is now. Next time is next time.” I wasn’t expecting to be able to see such a beautiful movie yesterday, but this was so serene and peaceful. I mention it here because I have read what @Doc Daneeka has shared about losing the love of his life. I cannot fathom that level of hurt and I am incredibly sorry your time was cut so short with such an amazing person. Seeing this movie was a beautiful two hours. When your mind is ready to let go for a bit I would suggest watching this just for the peace and calm it might at least temporarily bring you. I would suggest it to everyone else here as well. Films can be so powerful and great reminders of our own lives.
  6. When I got the diagnosis 11 years ago that I had inherited gout, my childhood doctor prescribed me hydrocodone. He gave me a 30 pill bottle with a refill. Best two months of sleep I had in my life up to that point. Never took them again after that. Had a friend try to buy them from me, but I quickly said no. I hope for a speedy recovery for your son and that he makes it home safe and sound.
  7. Texas, Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin are definitely all on point. Some pretty funny ones interspersed in there overall.
  8. He did. Would almost have wanted to ask him about that movie when I worked where he goes for his weekly breakfast.
  9. They have Mahomes. That automatically makes them a favorite to win every single year until he retires. A all-time great QB can cover a multitude of issues a team can encounter.
  10. I notice this A LOT, but again I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at prices and portion sizes in grocery stores so I instantly recognize when companies do this. I am glad the President is filling in the gap here to do something to stop this farce.
  11. You don’t have many options in NYC to pay less. The grocery stores geared toward Hispanics gouge the most here charging right now 5 or 6 dollars for a dozen. They do it because they know their customers do not have the means to travel somewhere cheaper or to a place where the employees also speak the language. It’s infuriating how these people are kept poor on purpose.
  12. The Knicks seem like they have a pretty deep roster now. It is great for the NBA that the Knicks are both good and have a group of guys that are likeable as well. Jalen Brunson is just a force of nature and gosh his leadership qualities are incredible. Absolutely the perfect point guard for Thibodeaux.
  13. My mother recently was able to get off the medication she has been taking for five plus years for chronic myeloid leukemia. She will get checked out every three months or so to see if she needs to go back on it. The biggest benefit for her is she no longer has issues with going to the bathroom constantly. It was hard to be able to take her to do things when she would visit New York because of that. Now she can exercise more again and not feel so worn down. I’m happy for her because she should get to enjoy her two grandkids (Brother is raising his family in the same house our parents built for us 40 years ago.) without having to go through all of the extra stuff that medication put her through. When I call to talk to her in the evenings on FaceTime you can see a noticeable difference in her energy level, which is pretty awesome.
  14. Where I live there’s no chance of violence. God willing I’ll be living in the Pacific at this time next year so I can be as far away from this current brand of crazy as possible. I honestly would not care if I ever set foot in the continental US again once I am gone. Edit: Biden will be re-elected, but I am just ready to be away from the mainland.
  15. I won’t be watching the game mostly because I quit watching most football a decade or so ago, but I do like how the Kelce Brothers are so supportive of each other and Mahomes is just incredibly talented. I think he makes enough plays to win and the KC defense gets an opportune turnover that wins the game for them. Hope that the game is entertaining for those of y’all who will watch and that there are some cool commercials.
  16. I have posted on here that I work as a server here in NYC. That gives me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Earlier this week my last table was two women from Auckland. One was a flight attendant on a three day layover and she brought her friend along as it was their first time to see NYC. The flight attendant is a huge history buff and she finds American history really interesting. One of the things she related was Auckland having a street named after Admiral Halsey, which she thinks is pretty cool. The other was that recently as she was flying over the Pacific the captain of the plane asked her to come to the front to see the view in front of them. She got to see Midway which was something she considered to be really awesome because she is fully aware of what transpired there. It was cool to be able to know that what those men did in the Pacific is still remembered by people well removed generationally from that era. They told me that there is not a lot of historical artifacts in New Zealand from the Pacific War, but they said that all the same a trip there would be a great experience to see the history and natural beauty. Just thought I’d share that story.
  17. Visit more than one doctor if you have the means to do that and see if it perhaps another doctor sees what ails you from a fresh perspective. What causes you issues can be as hard to deal with for you personally as someone who is going through something that is seemingly far more difficult to navigate. You get one life so while you’re here do the best you can to make sure you feel as good as you possibly can. And thank you for teaching. It is a profession that just increases in difficulty more each year so I appreciate you educating the next generation.
  18. Too bad. Play 65 games and be eligible for even more obscene amounts of money or don’t and miss out on that and All-NBA opportunities.
  19. It’s pretty clear that this team belongs to Austin Reaves. Everyone else is just along for the ride.
  20. I believe that 33 million is earmarked to pay for losses in court. Gonna need a whole bunch more money for your cult leader maga nation!
  21. He’s going to win a whole bunch of games with Herbert as his QB. I think he at least makes a Super Bowl. Herbert has been saddled with mediocre coaching staffs his entire time with the Chargers. People can dislike Harbaugh, but he’ll win big there.
  22. Seeing a parent do that is just an incredibly cold thing to do to your child. I think Baker is an okay guy. He did really dumb things in college, but that’s life and I think he has grown mentally and emotionally as a person. Hope he is able to stay in Tampa and continue his career resurrection.
  23. I guess this is nominally related to the NBA, but I was watching an NBL game (Aussie pro league) and I see what looks like Shawn Marion there. I google him and find out he’s been a co-owner of the New Zealand breakers since 2018. Kinda cool to see him actually at the games supporting the team.
  24. Since you give it a good recommendation I will look it up and go by there since it’s not far from work or where I live. Hope all is well with you and your family. Be blessed man.
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