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  1. I also would recommend Joe Rogan.
  2. My doctor (bright guy and very non-MAGA) was asking me about this at my checkup yesterday. He asked me who I thought would win the R nomination. I said barring something completely changing the landscape,, Trump will get the nomination in a landslide. He seemed pretty surprised. I think a lot of people simply don't want to believe that the GOP has gone all in on the cult of personality and sold their souls.
  3. Al Jazeera is reporting that these detainees were from UN-run schools in northern Gaza (not a shelter). Remains to be seen the context of that IG video. Was that a white flag? Was he really unarmed? Possibly. Was he a combatant? Possibly. Many don't appear to wear combat fatigues.
  4. You’re from Alabama, right? I would think a boar’s tits have given pleasure to many human beings there.
  5. Just finished a rewatch of the first two seasons. I’m ready.
  6. I'm considering getting a rack with drain pad and spout to deal with this. Our sink has the same setup as yours and it's a PITA to clean pots and pans when SWMBO has a bunch of dishes sitting in the rack in the big part of the sink. Would much rather use the big bowl to do a proper wash then have to do it in the little one (splashes everywhere and can't submerge big stuff).
  7. Username does not check out.
  8. She looks like the chick in the “high” thread 2 hours after eating a gummy.
  9. Then all we need is legalized weed. I won't be holding my breath.
  10. Agreed. There’s no reason for that sort of thing. Even here on Surly.
  11. I certainly do not ascribe to "the argument that the entire population of Gaza can be held responsible for Hamas’s actions."
  12. There's a world of difference between your posts and Ana's in this thread. I think yours are genuine and earnest, despite our differences in opinion.
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