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  1. Is there a Dickey’s near you? Oh you said good.
  2. Ordinary Men on Netflix. I’m a serious WWII history buff and have never seen this story explored. The Holocaust always focuses on the death camps and the SS. Over 2 million were executed by firing squads. This is the story of the Reserve Police Battalions, or Occupational Police, who were recruited of those too old or incapable of military service, to enforce order in the occupied territories. These “Ordinary Men” were not fanatical Nazis, most weren’t fervent antiSemites. But yet they were soon primarily focused as part of Einsatzgruppen in clearing villages and ghettos of Jews, Polish resistance, gypsies, etc. The doc is a historical review but also a study of how these shopkeepers and tradesmen became methodical murderers, doing the bidding of the state, without indoctrination or nazification. It’s also an indictment of the failure of the Nuremberg trials, with 172000 investigated and only 590 convictions. It’s not a Nazi thing but human. It’s continues happening.
  3. Some of y’all are being real teasippers about being scared to go to a football game or a NASCAR race. Do you go to the fucking Cotton Bowl in the middle of murder death kill territory? I’ve gone to numerous games and events at ATT and never had any issue. Been to games at the vet in Philly and the old Oakland stadium and that’s a damn tempt of fate. Been to wrestling events, dozens of college games, truck pulls, PBR events, crazy rock shows, and they’re all like going to the fucking ballet. I don’t go much anymore due to the cost and the better experience in HD, but also the endless noise of DJs, announcers and other irritating noises.
  4. Baylor. Fucking Baylor. Way before they were raping and murdering folks Baylor was a bunch of shitheads and fuckwads. Grant Taeff was a dirty fucking coach. He employed all kinds of fucking dirty tactics like headhunting kickers (back when the SWC was loaded with greats like Steve Little, Erxlaben, Franklin, Taeff was trying to take them out on kickoffs). His teams were great at crackback blocks, late hits, and plain dirty shit. DKR and Frank Broyles should had him put in the Brazos in a cement overcoat.
  5. It’s supposedly based on attendance, so a freshman 1 semester flunkout counts. It’s the power of football in the south and Midwest in that the big popular schools have mostly nonalumni fans in their state. It’s why the west and east is disadvantaged longterm because no one gives a shit but a few alumni.
  6. DKR and Frank Broyles were great rivals but better friends. They played a lot of golf together. I grew up in that era and it was certainly a more better time, and the two of them changed college football. Unfortunately today they would be vilified and disregarded in this modern era that’s turning something so special into just another bullshit product. God bless you Coach Royal. Texas needs you now.
  7. Did you taste the winner’s chili? Are the judges the same? That would give you direction. Or the old lady took out her teeth and gave out a few helmet buffs.
  8. I got your back. My first Tex mex in my memory was about 4 years old at the original joint in Dallas. It was seared in my brain and I never have a bad meal there.
  9. As Sinatra said put a bag on her head and do your business!. She’s got a rockin body.
  10. Fuck me that was a powerful Episode with great writing and acting. Elora and Ethan were so awkward and reticent to get the story out. Will Elora embrace her new family as she leaves for college? Only one EP left. Fucking terrible this thing is ending. I really want to keep seeing how this story keeps progressing.
  11. Nope he’d be on the PS not the 53. Hence an open spot.
  12. Sailing Yacht S1 had the best wimmens group I think. That redhead deck girl was smokin hot.
  13. If he’s back for Niners we should be ok. If we only had a roster spot instead of Trey fuckibg Lance
  14. Retailers have a problem. They are glutted with machines and spent a shitton on freight getting them. Discounting will happen or go to a place that negotiates.
  15. Im thinking of stuffing tiny tacos into the regular tacos stuffed into angry monster tacos. Like a taco turducken
  16. I agree with you. I was just trying to help a brother who seemed like he was being forced to eat that garbage. I worked for a company that had a branch in Indy. I was there for a week and they were having a chili cook off. They asked me to make a pot of Texas chili so I brought all my fancy Pendery’s s chiles and such. I didn’t place. Lost to a bean soup the called vegetarian chili and a chicken mango chili and neither had any form of chile in them unless you count the bell pepper in them. I also lost to a batch of hamburger, ketchup, a pack of taco seasoning soup.
  17. They need a spin-off for Below Deck Porn Boat.
  18. Moore has zero feels for personnel or the game. His playcalling is insipid and predictable; my wife could call out the plays. And terrible tempo. McCarthy’s doing well with playcalling, personnel packages, and tempo. Too bad they didn’t runoft moore when he arrived.
  19. Chandler Jones appears to be batshit crazy. https://nypost.com/2023/09/20/chandler-jones-put-on-non-football-illness-list-amid-bizarre-posts/amp/
  20. Having spent much of my life as a misplaced Texan, when you live in food deserts like San Francisco, Portland, and Denver you learn to appreciate those things others take for granted. Like a fucking awesome plate of cheese enchiladas. I would have pushed a bus load of nuns over a bridge at times in my life for a plate like that.
  21. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-filing-grievance-against-nflpa-claiming-it-advised-players-to-feign-injury-for-contract-leverage-211742866.html I posted earlier in the NFLPA grass thread…
  22. Like Utee said it’s Greek meat sauce. Has cinnamon and sometime nutmeg in it. It’s only called chili because any kind of beef soup like that was called chili a hundred years ago. You get the same meat sauce whatever way you get it. I would do with noodles, onions, cheese. The outlier is the dreaded fucking kidney bean. Ain’t no way I’d eat a kidney bean.
  23. That douchenozzle makes the show near unwatchable. Probably will just scan thru it.
  24. If you watch the nflpa’s president’s video he basically says to fake an injury to make a de facto holdout without penalty. The grievance was last week.
  25. My bad. I guess I misunderstood stead your original post. Good luck to you.
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