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  1. why do we insist on those university coop football dummies? can't we do better? lol
  2. so how many fsu players will be in the portal tonight? gotta be a gut punch to know your conference doesn't matter.
  3. Let's just go back to the old bowl system for 2023. Play 8 2024 NY bowls, vote in 3 different national champs, then argue about this shit until Gabriel blows his horn.
  4. Bro, that's still 5.26 minutes of downtime per year. We need to be elite. Texas should be "7 nines".
  5. Texas is the only conference champion with a solid H2H win over another conference champion. Texas is IN.
  6. So? A win is a win Gotta go. Leaving this up to you guys. I want happy news when i’m back online. hookem
  7. are we sure GA is one of the best 4 teams? oh wait. are they deserving? lol
  8. if bama wins a close one, GA better be out. time for them to lose out on the national championship. payback for 1983. freddy, craig curry and mossy cade will be all smiles.
  9. gents, maybe it's just me----but this game is boring AF
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