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  1. WTF with the focus on white sox? I mean, the Astros are world champs. Who gives a shit about their new coach. "love you brother". GTFO with that.
  2. Nope. Never hear of it until recently. There's are new location in Buda/Kyle. Guess we can try it out.
  3. It will be another successful year because the Old Man is still kicking it. Lifetime 'Stros fan--I bought him one of those MM WS bricks. 'Stros know what they gotta do. Enjoy the ride.
  4. well, this is/was the home for TexTow and Ray Pugh. so yeah, there's that.
  6. talking heads all picking miami because they're an "nba team". time to jam their shit---fuck them up.
  7. Even Gideon thinks this was a dumb way to blow the game.
  8. Some receptionist chick who determined bracket winners based on vibrant uniform colors.
  9. Just have to LOL @ Rick Barnes.
  10. LOL. Classic Rick Barnes. Glad he's gone.
  11. But it's not your father's Buda/Kyle anymore. Shit's changed.
  12. It's a special type of BBQ. And you always finish your meal with fresh cannolis, ya dig?! Just trying to lighten the mood. I'm drinking all weekend with some Accenture peeps. They had a feeling cuts were imminent. And yup: Accenture cuts 19,000 staff globally By Ruiqi Chen, Editor at LinkedIn News Updated 11 minutes ago Accenture is laying off 19,000 employees worldwide — about 2.5% of its workforce — and consolidating office space as it seeks to shrink costs amid rising economic uncertainty. The Irish-American consulting giant said the layoffs will mostly affect employees in in back-office or non-client facing roles; it expects to spend US$1.2 billion on severance over the next 18 months. A slowdown in client spending has hit other consultancies: KPMG recently announced it was cutting 2% of its U.S. workforce and McKinsey is reportedly considering eliminating 2,000 jobs.
  13. Alright guys. Look. If we all go broke, we go broke together. Insolvency isn't the worst thing, right? Tell you what. When Depression 2.0 begins, I volunteer to BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers at the Buda Park every Saturday. BBQ is better than soup lines, amirite? Just come on down and I'll have the grill ready to go. Bring your own condiments tho. And don't question the meat.
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