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  1. This Square Enix PS5 exclusively is really grinding my gears!
  2. Wife still wants the levers on the exterior.
  3. I have 2 exterior keyed (twist on inside) Schlage levers on my house with some sort of dark finish. They were put in by our contractor during a small renovation about a year ago and I don't know the model number, but I'm almost positive that it was off the shelf. My 2.5 year old can now unlock the deadbolt and easily use the lever to get outside. I want to replace on the interior side with knobs (that I can put child proof knob on). I want to keep the exterior levers in place as not to rekey. Can I just take both sides off, take them to Lowe's/HD and they can hook me up? I got no problem buying the full knob set up. And I don't like/trust what I've seen for child proofing levers.
  4. June 21st, nearly half a million people watching live when the dropped.
  5. 11 Combine invites if I counted correctly, very respectable.
  6. Pretty much everything is gone/different except for the bent steel and the spite billboard on the bottom left.
  7. Alright, they got right back to me and they are gonna come out soon!
  8. Anybody use a service that manages your lawn with fertilizer, soil tests etc.? What kind of cost am I looking at?
  9. So it appears that the Rangers are going to agree to a one year and done deal with Bally's for 85% of what they were due. This probably means no streaming option in 2024. It does at least give them certainty this year and maybe now they can sign Montgomery.
  10. https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article284835681.html Oh man, this video delivers!!!
  11. I believe the Billy Bob Thornton Land Man show has been in town, maybe?
  12. Daybreak will see you in court, ShadowOp ! https://www.wfaa.com/article/life/food/fort-worth-business-accuses-cafe-stealing-equipment/287-26f3c05f-2d24-4454-a467-8a36c6797e49
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