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  1. The one where Shatner plays a conservative radio host is worth the price of admission solely based on his absurd fake mustache.
  2. They didn't even have a going out of business sale? I wouldn't mind having that huge "The New Fleshlights Are Here!!!" banner, real conversation piece.
  3. I'm shocked. The PGA must have determined that they were going to get hammered by the suit. IDK.
  4. Allegedly, there is a tour announcement tomorrow morning. They have already played and announced some festival dates.
  5. Settings - Apps - Android Auto - Permissions Mine has contacts as a yes
  6. Sounds like a permission issue. It also sounds like, based on the tone of your post, that you didn't read any of the permission requests your phone made the first time you plugged it in to the new truck.
  7. I see here that you applied here a few years ago and used the same resume save the updated work history. Shame!
  8. I know they have been trying decrease years spent getting a degree, banning this would seem like a no brainer.
  9. Hope this is a man who has already made up his mind.
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