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  1. Settings - Apps - Android Auto - Permissions Mine has contacts as a yes
  2. Sounds like a permission issue. It also sounds like, based on the tone of your post, that you didn't read any of the permission requests your phone made the first time you plugged it in to the new truck.
  3. I see here that you applied here a few years ago and used the same resume save the updated work history. Shame!
  4. I know they have been trying decrease years spent getting a degree, banning this would seem like a no brainer.
  5. Hope this is a man who has already made up his mind.
  6. Still no starter listed for the Tigers yet...
  7. Benn sniffing though the filings in the Diamond/Sinclair BK hears tomorrow, Commissioner is testifying, should be fun. Unfortunately everything is filed under seal, but here are a few nuggets...
  8. Did Anderson recently get prisoner swapped with the Taliban? Could have used this earlier???
  9. Replacement handle, bolt and o-ring will most likely fix it, I would remove everything you can, take as many pictures and you can and take it to a plumbing supply. That is really standard stuff. I believe you can also replace the ball but that would require removing the whole thing. It is really not that hard to remove it and replace those PVC connections, but you would need a drill attachment that will drill out the excess connecting pipe in the fittings. I've never done that, I bet it can be tricky, if you overcut you're f*&cked.
  10. Just said on the post game that Rangers have not lost back to back games in 5 weeks, not too shabby.
  11. Hold onto your butts, Leclerc incoming.
  12. The Karens did a good job on that national anthem.
  13. Is it in a city or unincorporated? The tax assessor says FWISD, but no specific city taxes. The FW boundary on Google maps cuts through the middle of the lot, though that may be inaccurate.
  14. These dudes are really fiddlefarting their way to the finish.
  15. Lol, I'm not even drunk! On that note, when Garver coming back? Should be close.
  16. Didn't notice first time that Jankowski is on that list, I wonder if Leon gets DFAed.
  17. He's on the ESPN app listed as started also. No Evan Grant types have said anything yet.
  18. Cody Bradford second MLB start tomorrow.
  19. DFW Terminal C near the Gate 35 Security Checkpoint is hardly sterile, brah.
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