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  1. Damn shame about the nachos.
  2. Any recs on a swim vest for a 2 1/2 girl, average height but skinny, about 27 lbs??? We've tried several and she either sinks or immediately goes on her back with those CG approved neck ones. Just want it for the pool.
  3. I bought it because Kaplan retweeted it. Shame!
  4. I thought for sure LF had that
  5. That had some exit velocity on it!
  6. Leiter tomorrow??? I think I'm off on my days, on Monday then?
  7. Road fans representing!!!
  8. How bad would it have to get for a team to sign Bauer????
  9. Leiter better have packed some extra underwear.
  10. The guy who is 24th across MLB in OPS????
  11. I was looking at where Seager ranks in errors (T-13 with 4 now) and man, Oneil Cruz if the Pirates has SEVEN [emoji23]
  12. Well, that was a stress free over 8.5.
  13. This, folks, is why everyone should have a Power of Attorney that kicks in upon disability.
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