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  1. One of these dudes wives probably found out somehow and was a bitch about it and the dude had to pretend "I was a victim and did not enjoy those blowjobs with my buddies" and she's calling his bluff making him play this out as far as it will go
  2. I remember they did this on Saved By the Bell and Zack learned a valuable lesson that other people have feelings too when he faked sick to bail out of his date with the fat girl that won the bid
  3. They were raised by their daddys not to take crap from anybody!
  4. McGuire is no fool. That little comment probably got Cody Campbell so moist he's gonna land a lucrative extension before he bails to the NFL or Aggy
  5. All this is true. Its like if Colin Simmons moved to QB and we signed him to get him on campus
  6. Whittington catching that ball on 3rd and 10 from our own endzone would have been huge and is the kind of play winning teams make
  7. Man judging by these comments our fanbase is pretty sus too
  8. Looks like he pushed Tarique Milton #16. Guess he should have "played better"
  9. Too recent. If boomers dont remember it from their childhood= not real
  10. Its interesting you post this I was thinking about the other day how with baseball and basketball oldheads love to gatekeep and claim today's players aren't nearly as good as the players of bygone eras. Seems like its generally understood today's NFL players are the biggest and fastest and most skilled they've ever been.
  11. They should build 1 more hs and name them...wait for it: Pharr, San Juan, and Alamo
  12. I think typically it starts towards midseason when conference play is in full swing
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