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  1. Brownwood 14 Stephenville 14 5:35 remains Q2
  2. If you can't appreciate the remainder of the Big 12 being annoyed by a nobody like Colorado coming in and immediately trying to swing its dick around then I don't know what to tell you. The troll of my enemy...
  3. Maybe now the game isnt close we'll see some beanballs from the Mariners and some suspensions
  4. I would add Syracuse, because the dome is cool and Lovell Pinkney and TJ Ford deserve revenge. But I googled to find out which year that game was exactly and there's some past history there we'd probably rather not revisit (and the national media would gleefully)
  5. As much as I hate the Eagles, I appreciate the play. For the last however many years we've seen offenses challenge defenses by making them defend as much space as possible 6-7000 square yards of territory. And now almost paradoxically we're back to figuring out how to defend 1 yard directly on front of the ball. Football is a beautiful game
  6. He reminds me of Arian Foster. Runs upright but maintains tremendous balance. Great acceleration
  7. If everyone's Ewers draft/Manning start/Maalik transfer scenario plays out, is anyone good with going into next year with Charles Wright or Trey Owens as QB2? As much as people want to see Maalik get a shot somewhere, selfishly I'd rather have our own backup QB spot figured out. I wonder if there will be any decent senior Gardner Minshew types in the portal smart enough to parlay a season as Arch's caddy into an NFL Analyst/QB coach/OC track
  8. Quinn probably watched that Johnny doc and nope'd his way into bible study
  9. On this very board we have posters calling Sanders a "minstrel show" and posting "Deion's fans need to go back to watching the NBA". And other posters spending way too much time writing too many words pretending posts and posters like that aren't real
  10. What was that bigass estonian SMU had that blocked like 7 kicks?
  11. Shot putting QB aside, they had a defense that was big and fast enough to give a mediocre offense like Oklahoma problems. The ou defense is certainly capable of keeping them in games though if our offense has a bad day That said, Quinn has shown up for big games and Im confident he will get the job done and Gabriel doesn't scare me at all
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