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  1. cmontexas

    New Music 2024

    Im not a hater either. I only posted here because I dont want to shit on something my gf likes to her. But even she isnt a big fan of the album. This is an actual lyric
  2. cmontexas

    New Music 2024

    The new Taylor Swift album is boring garbage that sounds like AI probably heavily assisted.
  3. Long story on ESPN about the Fort Myers High baseball team and the racist bullying from coaches parents and teammates of former Brave Michael Tucker's kid eventually leading to a racist walkout http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/39869353/fort-myers-high-school-baseball-racial-slur-walkout-boycott
  4. Looking forward to Bill Norton's mediocre run with the nWo B team
  5. UCLA guy/Collins Arizona Boys Bledsoe/Bryant/Broughton Sydir/Swanson
  6. Isn't Burt's father a poster on here? Probably doesn't need the money
  7. So they announced 11 of the 12 players for the Olympic Squad Embiid Lebron KD Edwards Curry Bench: Bam AD Tatum Booker Holiday Haliburton Mystery Man Favorite for the last spot is probably Chet if he wants it/can go. Other candidates maybe Butler, Brown, Banchero. Kyrie is probably the best pick though
  8. 6'5 LB out of Orange County. Lived in Texas until HS. Offers from Oregon, UGA, USC...
  9. I think Rattler has potential to end up this draft's Dak Prescott or Russ Wilson if he gets the right midround situation
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