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  1. trade him to Jr, he'll go for it, his team sucks. Hell I will trade you for him. Getting some shooters back on the court (and Duren) is going to help him. re Cade @shadow_operative
  2. I didn't know Rudy passed, my consolances. How did he go out?
  3. Pan, thin crust, hand tossed, or NY style? Need specifics.
  4. 😂😂😂 Dr. Pepper Fansville transfer portal spot is pretty good.
  5. That thing is pretty sweet, even as a non longhorn. How big is it?
  6. That is interesting. I have been seeing those pop up in my algorithms. No way I could do the ladder, and I kind of assume they are going to turn to crap after a year or two like every other Govee item I've gotten. But definitely intrigued. Keep us updated please.
  7. Remodel. Told my mom last night I was punting on the turkey so she ordered one. Tonight she started asking me questions about how to cook it since it's been my job for the past decade plus... And I temporarily lost my mind and said I'm going to come over early and cook it. I'm thinking Big Easy fryer. Just ordered one for curbside at Lowe's.
  8. Annual bump. No kitchen so I don't get to do my bird and brine this year. Hopefully someone can spatchcock their bird with a reciprocating saw this year in my stead.
  9. Y'know what, screw it. I'm going to tell them to get lost. I think the odds are pretty good we can get it to match pretty closely, and if it doesn't? It's a good story and it will make me feel happy inside that I told that fat fuck to piss off. Thank you for helping me see the light SB. That was the tipping point I needed.
  10. I am fuming the more this dances around in my head. My sanity is worth a grand. My sanity is worth a grand. I need a distraction and a drink.
  11. It's 15 extra square feet and they have do a subfloor so $990. Only $66 sq/ft. I told them to order the tile but before I sign I want it line item'd. And I'm going to sign but I'm going to tell them that I am aware they are price gouging me and will make sure that my neighbors and community know how they operate. And I guess I have to now turn into that guy pretending I care about every little thing that they fucked up and calling them out on it. We are really laid back in reality but gloves are off now.
  12. Buy the hottest reaper sauce you can find, dilute it with tequila or water or antifreeze and spray it along the perimeter of the house. I have no idea if it would work but it might be fun to watch the results play out.
  13. Oh I'm aware. I just don't have any leverage and I want them out of my house asafp. It's lovely sending two kids to school every day having to make lunch on a card table with no kitchen sink. This was all supposed to be done over the summer. My kitchen was torn out on 7/5 yet here we are.
  14. They say that the original pricing was done at cost with zero markup. They say that standard markup is 50% and the new quote includes tear out and haul away of the existing carpet and padding in the living room, floor material and installation, and trim/baseboard finish. I asked what if I do the tear out and haul away and that brought the quote down to 4600 🙄 A friend gave me a great suggestion that I hadn't thought of and that is to ask to swap out the basement office flooring, which was in scope, with the living room. They are roughly the same size and if I do the carpet tear out I can't imagine that this would be anything other than easier for them. I would have to do the basement flooring and trim on my own but bfd, then I don't have to worry about matching anything. I should have an answer on Monday. Fingers crossed, this shit ruined my week.
  15. Motherfucker. They said they would be ok with punting the flooring altogether so we would have to take that on and they would give us credit. I did some math and the entire area that was in scope was about 725 square feet. The credit? Of course it was quoted originally "at cost" so it would be $6500. So I can punt on 720 sq ft of flooring at a savings of $6500, I can pay them $6k to do the extra 215 sq ft or I can try to buy the additional product and have someone do it after the fact and risk it looking like dog shit. This is so fun, I'm glad I'm doing this. Really making my life swell.
  16. I did talk to a GC friend in another state and he pointed out a few things I wasn't considering, but still... The builder is factoring in tear out and haul away of existing carpet and padding, the trim work with the baseboards and any leveling that would need to be done. My guess is they get all of this quoted out and maybe it's around 3k and then they double it as a mark up. I have inquired about if they have already placed the order for my flooring selections. If not I'm going to ask about removing the flooring from the contract altogether but I am not optimistic that they will be amenable to this, and even if they are I can guarantee you the credits issued will not come close to adding up on a sq ft basis to what he quoted for the additional flooring. This happened with the painting too. Painting was our responsibility, not part of the contract. When the drywall was done, both the builder and I thought it was a good idea to paint before the cabinets started going up in the kitchen. I asked him to send his painter out for a quote. Large kitchen plus office basement plus dormer addition/master suite and he quoted me 13k for priming and painting. I laughed in their faces. I had a crew of Mexican guys come out the next day and did the entire job for $4k.
  17. It doesn't hurt your team to have a dead player in the lineup unless of course you have him in your lineup in place of someone who is playing and is sitting on your bench.
  18. That was what I was thinking after I calmed down a bit. What is preventing a friend from walking into the store right now and buying 300 sq ft of it? I guess no way to be sure it is coming from the same "lot" as what they are going to install in "2-3 weeks".
  19. I am not in Austin but thank you. So before the lady at the flooring store was clued in she told me coming back and doing it at a later date I would risk it looking different because it would likely come from a different lot. If I buy it from a different store that all but assures that. Or maybe it doesn't, I'm unfamiliar with the product but that is what she told me.
  20. Surly has good minds for this sort of thing. I'm too mad to think rationally right now. Doing a remodel. We have an old school mid 70s colonial with a "circle" floorplan on the first level. Part of the remodel is the kitchen and dining area. Included in scope is LVT flooring for the kitchen/dining, hall and front foyer. This leaves the (currently carpeted) living room out. The living room is approximately 215 sq/ft. I asked the builder for a quote to extend. The quote was $6k. The LVT we are looking at is $4/sq ft. I called the flooring store directly and asked them what they charge to install and they told me between $2.50 and $2.75/sq ft. The catch is they don't want to lose the contractor's business so they would need written sign off from them that our job is complete and it was ok to work with us if we went back to them after the fact. I seriously doubt this crook will give that. Plus there's no guarantee the lot would even match. I would love to punt the entire flooring portion of the contract and farm it out but I'm sure they won't agree to that and issue credits. Hell if they think a 215 sq ft living room is worth $6k that would be like a $15k credit but that's probably a pipe dream. What do I do?
  21. Curious, what did you like better about Gemstone and Jellyfish vs Trimlight? I was looking at Trimlight but I see we have a Gemstone installer in the area now, as well.
  22. You motherfucker. Also watching MACtion and I hadn't noticed.
  23. One thing I know I don't need is to see Robert DeNiro dressed in drag telling their neighbors that a couch isn't going to fit in their apartment. Jesus I'd rather watch Gronk pretending he really wants insurance. No judging but that woman is hideous.
  24. Have a cameo made for her from Gary Busey
  25. I'm getting sick and tired of Christian and Scooby.
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