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  1. Congrats to Javier after that bullshit delay.
  2. We've got thigh......We've got thigh.....
  3. Who the fuck names their son Gaby?
  4. Only a 70% chance of showers and thunderstorms tonight.
  5. Stationary chick behind HP is freaking me out.
  6. Get all the retard out today bullpen….I guess.
  7. Anyone know if HEB is open today?
  8. Is it too early to trade for a starting pitcher?
  9. You should be banished from this thread for eternity.
  10. We don’t have any options other than Parker Mushinski? What a fucking joke.
  11. Machete striking out with the bases loaded and less than two outs is a good thing.
  12. I understand we have 17 games in 17 days or some such, but are we really relegated to using a minor league pitcher?
  13. Jose Abreu is a fucking joke.
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