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  1. Fud


    No, I’ve gotten like eight over the last three months, after getting like two the previous two years combined
  2. Fud


    Have any of you been finding EHT Small Batch more often/easily?
  3. He was mad that Yurcich offered several QBs soon after taking the job
  4. If you put every kickoff into the back of the end-zone, it lowers A&M's odds of winning by like 15%
  5. Yes, I think it's overreactions for both teams from last week; A&M beating "the #11 team in the country", and Arkansas struggling against Missouri State, when in reality Miami isn't very good right now and Cristobal played to keep the game close rather than win for recruiting purposes, and Arkansas probably spent the week preparing for A&M while Bobby Petrino pulled out every trick in his book
  6. While noting that it's possible that Houston and NC State aren't good on offense, it's interesting that Tech has only given up one long TD drive this season (in terms of starting field position, not time of possession on the drive) Against Houston, the 20 points they gave up in regulation came from a punt return to their 19 leading to a FG, a pick-6, an interception at their own 20 leading to a FG, and a TD resulting from a longer drive (4 plays, 67 yards) Against NC State, the 27 points they gave up came from a muffed punt at their own 13 leading to a FG, NC State starting a drive at the NC State 44 leading to a long FG, NC State starting a drive at the Tech 43 leading to a TD, a pick-6, and NC State starting at the Tech 38 from a turnover on downs leading to a TD I'm not sure how good the Tech defense is, but at the very least it appears to be better than Tech's defenses have been recently, and the offense is really fucking it over
  7. Pretty sure Beck initiated the recruitment and eventually passed it on to Drayton, who did the rest
  8. Big XII rankings nationally 1) Jalon Daniels (Kansas) 2) Max Duggan (TCU) 16) Spencer Sanders (OSU) 23) Dillon Gabriel (OU) 41) Hunter Dekkers 43) JT Daniels 49) Blake Shapen 52) Hudson Card 100) Adrian Martinez 110) Donovan Smith
  9. It could also mean Nebraska's offense sucked after their initial scripted first x-number of plays
  10. Eight in the box vs a running back at QB with two others in the backfield
  11. They have a defender lined up on him, so it's working
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