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  1. There's value in zagging against the grain, and this offense works well against the three safety dime and the two safety fangio shell defenses, but zagging should be what teams aspiring to be annoying outs who knock off a top team here or there, not what teams aiming to win championships every single year are doing. Also, this offense injures your starting QB.
  2. Sounds like Trevor Lawrence's injury might not be serious, but
  3. A win/win or lose/lose game this week for Houston between Jacksonville vs Cleveland
  4. Fud

    Broncos @ Texans

    Cleveland loses, pick improves
  5. Fud

    Broncos @ Texans

    TO on 3rd and 13 in the 3rd QB? Not great
  6. Fud

    Broncos @ Texans

    Slot fade against an X with no help over the top is tough Not many non-corners can cover that easily That's two big drops by Noah Brown today
  7. Fud

    Broncos @ Texans

    That was an offensive PI, regardless of what the TV guys says
  8. Fud

    Broncos @ Texans

    Well that was a bullshit call. Fucking NFL refs have been terrible this year They claimed they stopped it for forward progress, but the refs never blew the whistle. Bullshit call
  9. Fud

    Broncos @ Texans

    Kind of a bullshit 15 yard penalty, but I'll help it Dell's injury looks serious. This fucking team can't go a quarter without someone getting injured
  10. There's chatter that FSU 2nd string QB Tater Tot Rodemaker might be in concussion protocol- in the open media portion of Wednesday's practice he only participated in one-on-one drills and true freshman Brock Glenn QB'd the team stuff- and the gambling line has dropped from an open of -4 to -1.5. That line drop doesn't necessarily mean that Rodemaker is out, but the sharp money is heavily investing in Louisville.
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