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  1. Yeah when I reread my post it came off quite douchey. My bad.
  2. Trip was great and I’m definitely not complaining just thought there would be a little better bourbon selection. That being said I definitely made it work.
  3. Been in Paris and Switzerland Alps this past week. Only bourbons I’ve found are Bullett and Jack Daniels. In Zurich tonight so we will see if I can find anything different. Ready to get back to the states. I’m just not a wine drinker.
  4. Almost forgot I had this one. This SP is quite good.
  5. This cop will be picking up trash by the end of this week if he’s lucky. They have hard jobs but this could have been handled better.
  6. Speaking of poor throwing motion. How the hell can UT dominate the SEC with Wingo’s awful passing. Did y’all see how far he overthrew that pass in the spring game. I’m very concerned.
  7. I declare both winners.
  8. Bobby should probably back away from some of his grand proclamations. He may be confusing why people watch his content. His viewership is probably up and has much more to do with team’s success and very little to with his opinions. I don’t hate Booby but some of the things he says leaves me scratching my head.
  9. Pretty sure the defense only thing will work as long as you have a true difference maker at QB which OU definitely doesn’t have. That’s too bad. It’s also important for UT to be involved in this type of recruitment if for no other reason to force OU to overpay.
  10. I heard he already bought his offensive line free lifetime manicures.
  11. Travel buddy this week.
  12. Washington should send Chicago a thank you letter.
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