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  1. Per IT, he is trying to get back on the team. Still in school and the dorms.
  2. Is Charlie Strong on the Auburn staff?
  3. My high school baseball coach pitched BP for the Astros all through the 70’s He said if Cedeno spent as much time on baseball as he did chasing pussy, he would have been a hall of famer!
  4. Any advice on steams? Currently northeast of Spain and none of my US stuff is working.
  5. TEXAS Standing in the dock at Southampton. Cruising to the Caribbean.
  6. It's crazy that the best officiated UT game this year was against Alabama in Tuscaloosa.
  7. You guys are killing me. I’ve lived in Missouri for the last 8 football seasons (close to the grandkids) and I would have loved the Burnt Endz tailgates . Willing to be a way station on the trek to Ann Arbor next year. Hook’em
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