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  1. Watching MLB now and they can’t stop slobbering over Click, and bringing up 2017 at every opportunity. Fuck them!
  2. It's to the Big 12's benefit if Texas is in the CCG The refs make business decisions on a play-by-play basis so the game may be more interesting than we think.
  3. Click thought he had leverage, but he and Ken Rosenthal can go fuck themselves. I'll take Crane/Dusty over the writers.
  4. Sounds like all the BB's are in one big fucking box!!
  5. In Puerto Rico right now, rocking the Astros gear and getting a lot of love from the locals.
  6. Annoyed as fuck with this no hitter talk from the announcer
  7. First time since 1992 that teams clinched the pennant on the same day.
  8. In a suite, on a cruise ship, with the drink package heading to the Hawaiian Islands. FIGHT
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