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  1. Went into the Army in 1952 as rookie of the year. Won the MVP in 54 when he came out.
  2. Marquis is interviewed on 3 & Longhorn A great listen.
  3. PSA Tonight's game is on ESPN+ not sure if they are carrying all live LHN programming or nor. I lied, not available on ESPN+. Sorry about that, Chief
  4. I usually scroll through it in the late afternoon. I am more into articles than podcasts. Between Surly and OTF I'm usually pretty up to speed on things but I still check it a couple of times a day. .
  5. Needs to be edited to remove dead sites, Barking Carnival for example. Love it though!
  6. That Rutherford video was awesome, thanks for posting. Since we love comparisons so much here, she looks a little like Destinee Hooker back in the day.
  7. Would someone coach Ryan Watts to play the fucking ball
  8. I watched the last 3 games of the regular season on a cruise ship with the full drink package, it was great even if I wasn’t drinking. let your freak flag fly and realize that the wife is happy.
  9. I’m fucked . Have not had a drink during a Texas game since OU. Will continue to be on the wagon tomorrow. Tonight is a different story.
  10. Sorry to see all this angst about Surly in its totality. I spend a lot of time every day on the sports boards mainly and rarely venture anywhere else on the site. Unfortunately, I have no internet skills that add to the greatness that is Surly, no insider information, no desire to flame other posters. Would be more than happy to raise my support level for the site itself. Looking forward to seeing people next season as we can easily hit road games from our current home in St. Louis. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the good work.
  11. Texas 45 UW 27 Penix 24/40 350 yards , 3 tds, 2 interceptions
  12. Yes, they are. saw them in NYC in 1964 and Glen Rose in 2004. Both were great days!
  13. Per IT, he is trying to get back on the team. Still in school and the dorms.
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