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  1. I think that it would be great. I usually follow the game thread pretty close but drop out when either the comments get ridiculous or I need another drink.
  2. Maybe we can become Surly Bevo if we are tight with the Administration.
  3. Looking forward to seeing the Redcat, just for spite. Don’t think it will be necessary, just want to see Savion truck some fools.
  4. He was trying to zero in on deep balls and Sark said what play exactly, FCB stuttered and Sark basically said the passing game needs work.
  5. Not worried about Baylor. Big 12 refs are a different story.
  6. Please don't crowd source me. Dusty lied.
  7. I'm on it tomorrow. I think they are staying next door at the Intercontinental. I'll stake it out or go to the ribs/collard green place as soon as I find out where it is. Chas and Yanier forever!
  8. Currently drinking at Eddie V’s Looking for Dusty and tomorrow night’s lineup card
  9. Just rolled into Kansas City for a long weekend and saw Jose Altuve walk right in front of down in the Plaza.Gave him a shout out and threw up the horns and got a big smile back. I know CSB, but fuck the haters.
  10. This is for @closetojumping. In the post Saban era, do you expect the Alabama Board of Regents and BMD's to try regaining control of the program. It's appearing to me from the outside that they have been completely marginalized for the last decade. I don't think that would end well for them.
  11. I liked the shoutout to Savion Red for playing Milroe on the scout team. Sark really gave him a lot of love. Good way to keep people engaged.
  12. Texas 56 Wyoming 10 RB room yards from scrimmage - 275
  13. The check has cleared in the league office in Birmingham
  14. The Athletic just can't let go of their Astros hatred. As their journalistic ambitions and revenue contract, they are reduced to beating the same old horse. I will not be renewing my subscription next week, even at the bargain basement prices they are offering.
  15. I was watching "Coffee and Football" today and Gerry was asked if QE would leave after this season if he did not have a 1st round NFL grade. He was adamant that QE was gone after this year no matter what. Just thought it was interesting that he was so sure. It's now or never for Ewers with Sark.
  16. Texas 21 Bama 27 Bama Total Yards = 375
  17. Any shots of the Pom Squad? If not, fuck Fox!
  18. Not as many as my liver is. More than half a liter of Tito’s so far.
  19. This game reminds me of the 2010 Rice game. Not being able to impose our will
  20. Georgia Texas USC Michigan The most insightful take I've read this whole camp season is CTJ comparing Alabama's trajectory to mirror that of Florida State at the end of the Bowden era.
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