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  1. Where the fuck have you been man?😂 I could have used your help on this thread over the past couple of days.
  2. Settle down, cowboy. Take your fucking licks and move on. Your team had a good year, they just ran into a fucking wagon. Dallas has a nice team, just need to improve depth and get rid of that snake Kyrie.
  3. Luka is obviously an unbelievable player; however, his constant bitching at officials and teammates will eventually take its toll on his team and fan base. He literally thinks he gets fouled on every possession and that he never fouls on defense. At the end of the day, the calls even out pretty well. And for him, considering he’s a superstar in the league, he probably gets more calls his way. He needs a solid vet (not that mental case Kyrie) to come in and basically tell him to shut the fuck up with all the bitching and moaning and just play basketball. He’s dealing with an injury, but like someone said earlier it’s June. All of these guys are dealing with something. His defense will only improve with better conditioning and becoming serious about his diet.
  4. Brown didn’t run into his leg. He cut to the left and Luka wasn’t fully set. It was a block. You should be upset at a few of his earlier fouls that were hundred plus feet away from the basket.
  5. His fucking feet weren’t set. You can watch the slowmo all you want but watching in real time shows he wasn’t set.
  6. Another Dallas sports team failing yet again. What’s new. Loser ass town Wouldn’t have mattered. The Celtics are clearly a superior team. But enjoy that moral victory, I guess.
  7. Enjoy being down 0-3. I hope we have enough room to hang up that 18th banner.
  8. That’s a blocking foul. He wasn’t set
  9. Jaylen motherfucking Brown😤 Foot on the throats now. End it boys!
  10. Tkachuk could just run his massive German head through the boards on his first shift and I’d think both teams would call it even.
  11. Translation: Some shit that only dudes that are 7’3” and play sports can injure.
  12. I would never degrade our elders like that but he was well before my time.
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