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  1. it's like a fucking Nahlin or Burton tweet. "OMG! Texas is expected to have a secret 5* recruit visit this weekend. If it's who I think it is, this could be massive for this year's class." at least this choad didn't ask for $9.95. Mo Brooks seems too obvious. that wouldn't surprise anybody. this has to be a big name, not some clown like Ali Alexander, who people are speculating about. my money is on Meadows or Ginni Thomas, if this is truly going to shock people. hell, maybe it's the Shockmaster.
  2. i am by no means a Mercedes fan. at all. but, i would not be mad if George Russell got his first win at Silverstone this week.
  3. yeah, and that's really painful because there's actually real sports content to talk about - NFL, NBA, and NHL are alive and active. college football is heading into the playoffs and bowl season. Saturday, one of the shows vying to replace Cirque got a tryout:
  4. The Musers are on dry dock. In years past, we’d get the Hot Push (Davey, Sirois, and Sean). This year, we get Ted Emrich, Sean, and Eli Jordan.
  5. What’s funny is that Dobbs doesn’t protect “white life.” Well to do white Republicans will still get abortions. They’ll fly to California or New York to do it. Instead, there will be more poor women of color who will now have to give birth.
  6. The west just got tougher for FCD, Austin FC, and Houston.
  7. I can’t stand this guy. He was obnoxious at the NCAA tournament. He’s from Spain. Sergio is his mentor. Chip off the old fist pumping block.
  8. good fucking god. "Friday Fun" on the Hardline was Corby talking about OU in the CWS and how nobody knows anything about college baseball. nobody cares about it. it just pops up out of the blue.
  9. don't look now but Rory is fucking up the 15th hole. the 271 yard par 4. likely to make a triple. he'd be to -6.
  10. Narrator: the states will not provide “support.”
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