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  1. Klopp's announcement has resulted in the opposite effect. instead of galvanizing the team to win trophies for him, we've played like it's a lame duck season. and we're not get Xabi. what a disaster.
  2. and this was going around recently on Twitter. i forgot what a great song this is.
  3. i'm a fan. i missed their show in Dallas a few months back because of another concert that night. but they did release this video from their Texas stops. lots of Austin footage.
  4. This show will determine get a rewatch before season 2 drops.
  5. he's gonna make her wait like she's Carcetti. but it's like Norman said. "Wouldn't you play the politics if you were him?"
  6. this feels like the 2018 draft. i'm reading that at least 5 QBs will be taken in the first round, with 4 in the top 10. 2018 had 5 QBs taken in the first round, with 4 in the top 10. 1. Baker Mayfield 3. Sam Darnold 7. Josh Allen 10. Josh Rosen 32. Lamar Jackson, N you have two difference makers here, and they're probably the two who most pundits didn't think would be productive QBs. so many people thought Josh Allen was taken too high because of his low completion rate in college (and the competition he faced). and many didn't think Lamar could be an NFL QB, period. maybe there will be two productive QBs from the 2024 draft amongst Caleb, Daniels, Maye, JJ, Penix, Nix. but your guess is as good as mine as to which two turn into something (if any of them do).
  7. The Fan passed the Ticket a few times before, but that was during Cowboys season, and the Fan is the Cowboys flagship station, so people chalked it up to being a Cowboys ratings bump. But this was in March with no Cowboys bump. This is the first talent based ratings win for the Fan that I’m aware of.
  8. I listen to a few Musers segments each day, maybe. Sometimes I don’t listen at all and just wait for the Top 10 podcast for the 8:40 bit. I haven’t listened to more than 15 minutes total from 10 am to 3 pm since the change happened. I still listen to WTDS every day because of Monty. And I’ll check out a few Hardline segments on the Top 10 podcast. That’s it. Hell, I listen to the Tee Box and the Kick Around on Saturday more than I listen to all of the other shows combined in a week. I’m a loyal Dumb Fuck. I listen to every episode of Dan and Jake. Sounds like there a lot of people like C-Man and I who have tuned out big time. The Fan overtaking The Ticket must be some sweet vindication for Dan and Jake. And a big fuck you to Dan Bennett and Cat.
  9. it has to be. what's funny is that Rittenhouse is nothing but a tin solider. and reminds me of one of the greatest photos of the 20th century. Pulitzer Prize winning.
  10. I don’t even want to imagine what kind of kompramat Putin has on ole Marge.
  11. if we have a 2-0 lead at half, we're gonna do it.
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