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  1. i'm watching The Offer now, so this hits close to home. RIP Sonny
  2. did you go? The Mexican is getting trashed in its reviews.
  3. Followill and Dameris filling in at 10 to noon.
  4. i had that exact same thought. can't remember what it was, but Davey was just completely dismissive of whatever Bob said, and had to voice his displeasure somehow. i think it was a very loud groan. Sturm Center yesterday was horrible. some UFC talk with a dude from the Bachelor and Bob's son, i think. i tuned out after 8 seconds. i didn't listen to Corby's vacation talk at all. i've learned my lesson. Corby goes somewhere and acts like he's the only person who's ever been there. "Dude, let me tell you about ___________. It's incredible. If you have the chance, you should go there." yeah, i know, i've been there. Davey is a godsend. at least 2 segments are enjoyable (E-News and CQH).
  5. Black GOP members need AR-15s to protect themselves against all of those Dem klansmen who are coming after them. Good fucking lord. The casualness of murdering people in GOP political ads is astonishing. Actually, it used to be astonishing. Now it’s just Wednesday.
  6. what a winner by Fritz. damn. the balls to hit that shot on a break point.
  7. anybody else training for any fall marathons right now? i've got a marathon in October. i'm in week 4 of training. this might kill me. i'm out the door before the sun comes up on most days and it's still oppressive. i've done some 7 and 8 mile runs on the treadmill because i just can't deal with the heat every day. thankfully i've got a few trips planned this summer for weddings: Jackson Hole and Boston. so i should get some relief there, but fuck me. i may need to schedule a few more trips just so i don't have to do all of my long runs here. i've got family in San Diego. may need to go out there for a few weeks.
  8. Dems need to run a candidate who will just go scorched earth and mercilessly rag on Abbott, Cruz, Cornyn, Danny Goeb, Paxton, and the whole lot of them. Just come out and say, "Listen, I know I can't win. These clowns have an R by their names, so they're safe in Texas. But let me tell you why each one of them is a piece of shit." And just do that for a year. Shit, I'd hire Jeffrey Ross and his team of writers to give me material. Just roast the fuck out of these douches. At least have something good come out of this. Otherwise, it's just people like Wendy Davis and Beto trying to run serious campaigns, only to get spanked.
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