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  1. I’m sure it is, but gonna be hard to prove really
  2. He mentioned he has 10 confirmed already. So, I guess he’s bringing in a whole new roster lol
  3. Not even Kirby thinks that. He even said it in the post game interview of the SEC CG...just that he is athletic and runs the system very well. It's the reason everyone last year kept asking for JT Daniels because of the arm. But clearly the system guy is better for the team. Now find the best of both worlds, and UGA will be extremely scary
  4. He said in his speech to the players he already has 10 guys confirmed coming in...haha
  5. Yes, and it would be hilarious in that last year
  6. He’s fucking legit and only cares about winning. He straight up told guys in there they better portal now cause some won’t be there. And told injured guys that if they aren’t worth anything it’s hugs and kisses and goodbye. Colorado dominating USC would be hilarious to me
  7. Then don’t have CCG games…or conferences for that matter. The committee is completely subjective and their metrics don’t even always make sense.
  8. https://sports.sites.yale.edu/success-short-yardage-play-types-fourth-down reading material for sonny
  9. Eh for 1 yard and the LG having leverage...its a no brainer imo. But whatever, doesn't matter
  10. Actually you could see it before the play. So foresight I guess is too?
  11. He wouldn’t have even been hit in the 3rd and goal with such a huge hole in the A gap between the center and left guard. It was perfectly set up for a sneak.
  12. That’s actually a legit question I’ve wondered.
  13. Hands to the face was egregious.
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