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  1. Penix can struggle…we’ve seen it throughout the year. We do have to get consistent pressure.
  2. We owe them a loss. But we know they will throw like crazy against us... I'd definitely assume a shootout is coming
  3. Good on you! Yormark had this coming ever since his bull shit prior to the season. Whether it was the Tech thing, or talking about how he got us out early…fuck that dude. He deserved this reaction.
  4. Just so frustrating watching poor throws to our WRs… or missing them completely. We need a guy that doesn’t float the ball and throws it to a spot leading the receiver. We have left too many points on the field
  5. Last regular season game after starting this thread…nothing has changed my sentiment.. FUCK Big 12 refs!!!
  6. taybo20


    Why does 9-1 feel so…bad? It shouldn’t, we haven’t seen this in over a decade. Yet, here I am thinking “worst 1 loss team in the nation”. Is it PTSD? Are the burnt orange glasses working against me? Is the koolaid sugar free? The reality is the record is the record and arguably this teams worst game resulted in a loss. They have also let leads evaporate and look very mid in stretches this year. The worst part is seeing other top 10 teams handle business, where it feels like we are hanging on. idk, maybe I just need to take a step back and be happy to keep grinding out wins. Because being worse than 9-1 would be just that, worse.
  7. I hate that Kevin mar mother fucker
  8. Maybe the euros can just win all 8 points tomorrow and Sunday can be an extra vacation day for the American wives
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