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  1. Is it normal for a 48yo man, otherwise healthy, to die of bronchitis? Pneumonia I know can be tricky but usually it takes some time. Wtf indeed.
  2. The chances of a fatality in a motorcycle accident are approximately 30 times higher than in a car. Motorcycle accidents have a staggering 80% injury or death rate, while car accidents remain around 20%. numbers game bruh. I gotta get that third kidney and backup taint from somewheres.
  3. Organ donation should be compulsory if you want a motorcycle license.
  4. Everytime I watch the dutch play I get a craving for french fries, waffles, and a trip to a red light district. Also orange sherbert is the best sherbert. Yes i said it!
  5. bye bye Brazil. now back to your beautiful women, delicious meats, and tasty cocktails.
  6. My wife is getting her masters from Purdue so I am open to offers for me to take over as HC if they want to put one out there. Doesn’t have to be Jimbo type contract but incentives should include Taco Bell for life, a NEW Honda Odyssey minivan, and a signed copy of Rumours by Fleetwood Mac.
  7. Folks that do not take dog ownership seriously need to be put into reeducation camps. I am ok with off leash dogs IF they are of the slobbery/gentle/gimme da petz type. Which to be honest is a good portion of puppers. I will never complain about a dog with a waggy tail and smile on its face approaching me. There is a fine line between that and a either way too excitable dog that can knock my kid down or a literal aggressive animal. Assess the behavior of your dog and act accordingly. People should not have to feel imperiled just bc you are a lazy, irresponsible douchebag. Not to mention that some folks have a legitimate fear of dogs and would rather be covered in spiders than have a k9 approach them.
  8. Huge fan of Choice as well. Hope we can keep him in the fold for awhile. Seems to be pretty damn good at his job and his guys really like him. Extra bonus for being a GT Yellowjacket.
  9. Thank fuck. Would have been a disgrace if he didn’t get it. Thank you Bijan for all of your badassery.
  10. It is complete bullshit but I believe he will get screwed out of the Doak. Even though his numbers are better than Corum's, and Corum techincally did not play a full season. I have seen it too many times over the years to believe they will do the right thing.
  11. The thread police, they live inside of my head The thread police, they come to me in my bed The thread police, they're coming to arrest me, oh no
  12. Tbf he does have to go live in Russia now, which is its own form of punishment. Currently and historically.
  13. While I totally am with you on this premise generally, I think you have to account for the fact that cops do DUMB but not necessarily evil things that injure/maim/kill all the time. He may just be another in a long line of humans that should never have access to a firearm. This is a person with a state sanctioned mandate to use deadly force, violating the single most important tenet of gun ownership/handling. **NEVER** point a gun at something that you do not intend to kill. I knew that shit since I was in grade school and have taken it seriously since then. tough lesson to learn for Deputy Dingus I guess, but FAFO.
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