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  1. I see what you are saying but 2001 b12ccg is ours if the Ginger General starts.
  2. Maybe check the URL and your menstrual cycle if that AI generated image gets your hackles up.
  3. It means he needs to know that the woman is showing/really pregnant before he caves in her belly with a Muay Thai kick to the baby cave.
  4. Maybe he can team up with Myles Garrett and beat a baby to death with a helmet. fucking aggy trash.
  5. We shoved a mini iPad up the birth canal so the fetus didn’t bored. but Don’t worry, we restricted content to the discography of prog rock legends Yes and reruns of Charles in Charge.
  6. Morton was under pressure but he had a bunch of dogshit throws, and that’s excluding the three picks. He was scared shitless and played like it.
  7. Took my 8yo to the game last night and she was in heaven. What a great game to attend, despite it being one of the longest games I’ve ever been to. she was starting to yawn at end of 3q and I asked her if she wanted to leave and she starkly told me “No! We stay for eyes of Texas dad!” me:
  8. I mean I hate that family too, but I’m pretty sure it was OBL.
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