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  1. Rice is the transmission Disu is the cooling system Morris is the alternator Bishop is the rear differential Mitchell is the power steering
  2. Keep on keepin' on dude. This thread kicks ass.🤘
  3. that sound you hear in the middle of the night is definitely not me breathing heavily over your sleeping form. Definitely not.
  4. It’s a stretch of Brushy Creek here in Cedar Park below a small dam/lake. There is never anyone there and I can be from my front door to wet lines in 10 mins. My go to for sneaking out of work for a few hours so I don’t rage quit every other week.
  5. Believe whatever the fuck you want to, be it multiple Gods contorting reality on a daily basis, or some overseer style Big Man In The Sky who just silently judges you until you die (at which point he does the thumbs up/thumbs down thingy to determine your eternal fate). All of that is totally fine to believe and walk around with in your head and raise your family to believe. The exact millisecond you step out of line and start trying to use this insane gobblety gook bullshit (that no one is legally bound to adhere to) to frame actual policy, or you know just generally BE ASSHOLES/CRUEL/OPPRESIVE/MURDEROUS/ETC. TO PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT LIKE YOU, you lose any and all shaky credibility that you had. Keep it the fuck out of government and education. How hard is it to respect the rights of people that dont conform to your exact moral pathways? Beyond that, how hard is it to not be shitty to OTHER HUMAN BEINGS for their choice of partners/lifestyle/GENDER. I am quite sure there are plenty of kind and lovely people that call themselves Christians (I know many), but the extremism and weaponization of the faith tends to paint a broad brush and keep me wary of individuals that wear it on their sleeves. Christianity (Southern Baptist in particular) has carved out deep ruts of trauma in the lives of people that I love more than anything in the world so I have no use or want of organized religion of any type (and never have). Do what you want, but don't expect people to lay down for your fairy tales when it impacts their lives and the lives of people that they love and care for. It is supposed to be a deeply personal thing, your faith, so keep it to yourself and your faith communities. Do what the J-man says and love thy neighbor, obey the golden rule, AND DRINK HIS BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.
  6. Well here's the deal. If my manager gets pissed just because I played hookie today(as inspired by your last few posts), then I am just going to blame you directly. I will have him send you a sternly worded letter, and I shall fuck off to the creek!
  7. Yes but is he a true Longhorn?
  8. He was having a rough day. We had to burn some brush at the farm and fire really freaks him out for some reason. He was rewarded with gristle from the steaks we did over the grill.
  9. hookemATL


    I think yall should play a doubles match against Alex Jones and Joe Rogan.
  10. You. Son. Of. A. Bitch.
  11. Goddamn it feels good. Not just to reach the sweet 16, but to beat that fuckass piece of shit university. Thank you PSU for embarrassing aggy then losing to Texas. Well done pig, well done.
  12. Helobius: “I’m here to shit my pants and be wrong. And I’m all outta shit”
  13. He looks like a dwarf that kept growing.
  14. Those are Wild Texas Milk Duds. Totally ok to eat.
  15. Go open a vein you worthless cunts. Pussy still hurts from us fistfucking them.
  16. Yep. Total accessory to a murderer’s row.
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