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  1. looks like Early Cuyler’s truck-boat-truck.
  2. Thanks for putting that out there, Hank. 🤘❤️
  3. hookemATL

    Fuck Cancer

    Peace and love❤️ fuck cancer.
  4. Really there’s not that vas(t) deferens between one ball and two. Just my two balls..er cents.
  5. Thanks all for your thoughts. Very pleased so far and it’s been a good into for my 9yo on being responsible for someone other than yourself. Brie is clearly smart but in her puppy days so there’s lots of chances to correct behavior, which ofc comes with the territory. She’s really affectionate and the Velcro moniker is accurate and appreciated by me, as I tend to be overly affectionate to my pets and kiddos. Today we will take one of our first big adventures and do some free roaming play / harness work / etc. she is damn cute and loves my kids
  6. Let me be clear: if you support anything but full legalization, you should be barred from consuming any alcohol or taking any medication that might have any remote level of pain or mental relief. If you are intent from restricting people from their medication, same should go for you and yours. Weed (and therapy) most likely saved me from a full fledged mental collapse when I was a young man. Additionally it helped keep me from what would have likely been a pill problem that could have taken any number of roads. not to mention I watched my mom go through colon cancer, and saw how impactful marijuana was in her pain mitigation and relief treatment. fuck the GOP and fuck Ronald Reagan (and that stupid cunt Nancy too).
  7. Their negligence and greed has directly led to the deaths of hundreds. They deserve every bit of scrutiny they are getting atm and it should continue until they own up to the bullshit that enabled these “oversights” in the first place. Anything with a Boeing badge that has one switch flipped the wrong way is fair game. Fuck em and their monopoly.
  8. The larger pool right across from DKR next to San Jac dorm has two fucking gigantic snapping turtles in it. I imagine they chow down on some sunfish and occasional baby bass.
  9. R. Kelly: “Damn Diddy, could have at least pissed on her too.”
  10. Why is my wife talking to you about my dick? SUSPICIOUS!!
  11. It’s not more complicated than this right here. What a fat fucking pussy.
  12. That’s when I knew Billy Mayes was on his way off. Then he did that infomercial for Taint Tape and died shortly after. RIP king.
  13. He has a heavy southern accent, so he serves as a novelty when doing sideline reporting for cfb and golf course commentary. Obv he fits right in for NASCAR coverage.
  14. You prefer patent leather or the taste or real cowhide when you lick the boot? FAC
  15. I’m all for this if “GET IN THE HOLE!” Is replaced with “FUCK THA POLICE”
  16. It’s likely they’d get blamed/shitcanned for stepping out of process for dealing with such situations.
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