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  1. Toby seems excited about something…. Maybe the prospect of a treat…
  2. Yeah, he seems like a vindictive little shit.
  3. Kameron @Kmcenturff2 · 1h Replying to @MichaelWBratton Money will never be an issue here
  4. Armybrat

    Hudson Card

    Worthy could throw it to himself.
  5. Brent Venables and Elton John are eskimo brothers.
  6. I dunno, there is something ominous about the fishnet dress and that fan airing out her ass.
  7. Brent Venables peels his tomatoes.
  8. Next year request hard copy paper printed tickets ($35 extra charge) when you order your season tickets early in the year like us incompetent olds do. Go to the Bellmont ticket office window between 10 & 2 the week before the first game, pay the extra fee, and the young lady prints them all out and you have them in your hands. Had to go last week to have my four OU tickets printed out for $20 more.
  9. From the Hurricane Ian thread….
  10. Hah, never played Butler, but my son did in the mid 1980s. Peter Pan was more my speed.
  11. Yep, SPI. We used to rent at the Sandcastle in Port A, but that only reopened this year.
  12. I should be so lucky…. Or maybe not. Houston couple orders empty military gun crates, but some are full of M-16 rifles. https://www.wkyt.com/2022/09/27/box-m16-weapons-shipped-couples-home/
  13. Saw this posted by Kevin on the Skyscraper forum….
  14. You are correct. Plus a lot of them are scared to drive out of town and after dark because of their own physical limitations.
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