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  1. True, but they’ll be happy to stick Saban’s through the hole
  2. Yeah, who wears a cock ring all the time anyway?
  3. It’s a Wanger special all right.
  4. 97D56A99-7B3C-4711-BA35-176ACBFC992D.webp
  5. Well, those USS Roberts swabbies certainly were gamblers. Even though they lost almost half their shipmates and their ship, they won the battle which saved a lot of other lives.
  6. Yes we did, and beat their ass.
  7. You guys talking about dungarees?
  8. In 1964 Arkansas had a total coed enrollment of 9,712, yet they went undefeated and won the MNC
  9. Yet aggy stockpiled more players than UT prior to scholarship limitations ans before they went Coed.
  10. But life goes on…… as I posted this elsewhere yesterday: Neighbors behind us two doors down must be out of town because there was a really noisy kegger going on after 10:30 to midnight last night. Quite a ruckus when the Wilco sheriff’s deputies raided the place. Kids panicked and scattered like cockroaches, several of them climbing & vaulting over my back wood privacy fence and running through the side yards gates. Next door too.I dunno who called it in, but most of the surrounding houses heard it all, and the deputies Spent at least another hour until 1am looking all over with their flashlights. I went out and showed one of them the broken fence picket where some kid vaulted over, but wasn’t quite as athletic as the others. Texas track Coach Floreal doesn’t need to recruit him. LolThe host must’ve been near the bottom of his class if he didn’t know the proper way to run a kegger without attracting attention to ruin it.we didn’t get back to sleep until after 2am.
  11. This is how I feel posting here…. “It’s a dog eat dog world, and I’m wearing Milkbone underwear”
  12. I’ll have you know my direct paternal & maternal ancestors were Unionists and volunteered for the Union Army. Two served in combat.
  13. You are correct. While the populace gets riled up, we are not seeing the vastly more deadly riots of our historical past. i think the SCOTUS was Constitutionally correct on both rulings. However, I also think the Texas anti-abortion law has way too much of a fascist element to it and is far too restrictive. That opinion is from a “prolifer”. Added note to address the haters: My firearms collection has as much to do with mass murderers as y’all’s BMWs do with the mass murder committed by drunk drivers, or your computers do with government propagandists. That’s all from me, as I very rarely, if ever, even glance at this forum. I only replied here after seeing a notification thingamajig up top..And in deference to the OP. Good day, fellow assholes. OU sucks, and Hook’em…
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