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  1. 78717…..West side of Round Rock, just a brief shower to drop a trace to wet things down. But the air temps dropped to 71 on my patio.
  2. Quit bragging. Just 3.7” total for the year here.
  3. She dispenses viagra to Surlites?
  4. 2-8 is “ownership”? aggy math on full disply.
  5. True, but they’ll be happy to stick Saban’s through the hole
  6. Yeah, who wears a cock ring all the time anyway?
  7. It’s a Wanger special all right.
  8. 97D56A99-7B3C-4711-BA35-176ACBFC992D.webp
  9. Well, those USS Roberts swabbies certainly were gamblers. Even though they lost almost half their shipmates and their ship, they won the battle which saved a lot of other lives.
  10. Yes we did, and beat their ass.
  11. You guys talking about dungarees?
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