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  1. Or else excessive lubrication.
  2. My kids used to hang out at some of those places, but too New Age for me. Skyline Ballroom and Dessau Dance Hall were the places to cut a rug for me.
  3. Mar was probably in the ICU.
  4. Bullshit, I’m still saving it on my DVR to watch it at an opportune time.
  5. He probably couldn’t find a parking spot anyway.
  6. Maybe Taiwan could borrow a few nukes. That might get someone’s attention.
  7. My DIL was in hospice for less than a week before dying on the morning of her 39th birthday.
  8. Well, it has been a long time since we played aggy, so some fans may need assistance finding Pyle Field.
  9. I knew I had seen that guy somewhere….. /cr
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