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  1. Maybe that is true, but I thought the Ukrainian/NATO artillery was supposed to be much more accurate than the Rooskies’ older stuff. So shouldn’t that “advantage” be a wash?
  2. Goodgottdam! Fuckingslapfight shit has got to go.
  3. Armybrat

    Getting old sucks

    Is your mom on Medicare?
  4. My 84 year old brother is worth upwards of 8 figures. He has two Mercedes & a Jeep Wrangler in his garage, but his daily driver is a 1997 Saturn sedan. And he wears jorts with his t-shirts in the summer.
  5. So, just the average West Austin lawyer?
  6. But Frame Switch balances them out.
  7. I’m sure many of our congress critters would do the same.
  8. Overnight incident that has Adler’s Austin all over it - Man accosts woman riding scooter at 12:30AM under I-35 bridge, asks for sex, she refuses, he “jaws” her several times (breaking her jaw), rapes her, gets caught near the scene, she IDs him, he admits it all, he describes the crime, bloody evidence found at scene. Media headlines says: “Allegedly”. WTF? There ain’t any “allegedly” about it. edited to add: In an unrelated incident, another fatal shooting took place overnight in Southeast Austin. Murder #21 so far this year? Nothing to see here.
  9. Didn’t tip those waiters enough in Eastern Europe, did you?
  10. Yes indeed, that area of NW Misery is weird. Even makes aggy seem almost civilized. My Grandpa in front of his auto repair garage in Graham about 1950:
  11. Good friend of my grandparents went bird hunting with McElroy a few times, and he occasionally showed up in town to eat at the local cafe. Said friend was a crack shot & decorated WW2 combat veteran, so McElroy wouldn’t mess with him.
  12. Am fixin’ to go to Gust’s for happy hour. Bread with olive oil and a red sangria. Bite me.
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