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  1. Arch was a clue on this afternoon’s Jeopardy TV quiz show…..
  2. Note the snaps for the canvas top along the edge of the roof. Those stretch cars were good for viewing the mountains in the national parks.
  3. Changing ETJs was the right move at the time for us because Austin would’ve annexed Brushy Creek. At least now we have more direct input to controlling our own shitshow.
  4. Here in Brushy Creek (west side of Round Rock - 78717) we voted to de-annex from Austin’s ETJ 20+ years ago and join with Round Rock’s ETJ, not long after the Legislature allowed it. We were fairly new residents then, so I do not recall how the process was started or who initiated it. In retrospect, I am very grateful we voted ourselves out of Austin’s unwanted clutches.
  5. Don’t forget spats for your shoes.
  6. Oh crap! I failed to read to the end of the thread again. Mea culpa.
  7. Mrs. Brat doesn’t care to converse very much. I am truly blessed.
  8. He probably rides his 16” bike with training wheels on the sidewalk.
  9. 10’ outside my bedroom window in Tianmu was a rice paddy farm. Twice a year when the new rice crops were hand planted and fertilized with “honey buckets”, the fragrance that permeated our neighborhood mandated our house to be shut closed like a clean room in a microchip plant.
  10. Lazy ass “reporters”. Kinda like me posting stupid memes in the funny pictures/videos that make you lol thread.
  11. Armybrat

    Getting old sucks

    But hey, at least you got a pair of “free” non-skid socks outta the deal.
  12. Harmon is just trying to mimic Loochie’s bidness model. Too bad his pre-puberty baby face isn’t capable of sprouting chin pubes yet.
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