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  1. Or you could just get the CSR card and not pony up $40 each time.
  2. Most generic Specs didnt have it
  3. Hiwire in Charleston makes a pretty good one. Their bourbons are starting to be distributed so hopefully their Agricole does as well.
  4. Shit Total Wine puts BT in the case whenever it shows up there.
  5. $1.57... doesnt even justify the hassle of mobile deposit
  6. That'd be greatly welcomed. Unfortunately the FB secondary is hitting the stores. Beverage Depot on I-30 and Garland had everything currently being hoarded/flipped at 3x-10x retail... comical.
  7. The Canyon or the Mach Loop (UK) are on the bucket list. Sad to see the news of F/A-18 crash.
  8. Hornsareus

    Dallas | Steak

    Town Hearth hit the spot this week. Good food, good friendly service.
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