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  1. So you like Steel mills.
  2. Well judging by their football team and you were a fan, need to look forward to something, so might as well be halftime.
  3. What? A drought? Or Dickbutt?
  4. Egypt's Foreign Minister just said the PA is the legal authority and were pushed out by violence. Said they would work hand in hand with them. Reconstruction, international support, etc.
  5. Why the hell would he leave? Came in at the right time, system will be built with his strengths in mind, recruits are going to want to play at Texas. And as posted above, few universities have the female talent we do. I would take a Psych class every few years just to look at the Co-Eds. He is upcoming man on campus with a bad ass program. Where would he go? aggy? Now hold on, can we start that rumor?
  6. Calling up the Storm units now. Oh, hey and Partisans, um, can you add this to their food in the chow hall?
  7. We can make fun of it all we want, but ISIS, the Talibs, they fought in sandals. One reason is to blend in when needed. Hard to hide those 511 tac boots. Their specialized teams are very well equipped and love international gear. Ana, curios, source on this? Gaza supposedly has very limited comms again.
  8. I do not doubt it. Israel raids in, grabs whatever young man they can, and go from there.
  9. Fat dude is the supply officer.
  10. Man, as soon as read your post the damn commercial came on.
  11. Interesting. Also Guyana lost one of their Helicopters along the border yesterday. The United States said it will carry out military flights in Guyana on Thursday in a joint operation as the South American country faces soaring tensions with neighboring Venezuela over a contested oil-rich region. "In collaboration with the Guyana Defence Force, the U.S. Southern Command will conduct flight operations within Guyana on December 7," the American embassy in Guyana said in a statement, noting the flights are part of "routine engagement" to enhance a security partnership between the two countries. A border feud has recently spiraled over the oil-rich Essequibo region, controlled by Guyana for more than a century but which Venezuela also claims and has voiced intent to take over. https://www.barrons.com/news/us-announces-military-air-exercises-in-guyana-amid-venezuela-tensions-3bca2752
  12. I am sure you could do it. Would keep you safe down and Rainey street and watch real crime with you.
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