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  1. Needs more incense. Hey, I got an idea..... Dear Agency that starts with a C.
  2. Same shirt? Damn what assfuck. Enjoy Siberia bitch.
  3. Fuck this fat fuck. Mr. Miyago would kick his ass.
  4. Fuck it, a win is a win. Now lets fuck up the Yankees.
  5. Can we please use whatever is left in the wreath fund and label a few shells? Putin=Aggy. Love the Surl.
  6. Yep, agree. If anyone on here is working REM and wants to talk East Africa let me know. Will cost ya tree fiddy and a beer.
  7. Hiya. Just want to say Fuck Putin. And concerning the widow above. Would not bang. If I go out I expect the widow to wear something better than that. Now can we get back to talking shit about Russia vs. Chile?
  8. Rare Earth Minerals is something that interests me. Not what to do with them, but where are they and how do we extract. Worked an NSF project and that was the focus. REM in Africa. Man, I think my group figured out some good things. And fortunately the countries we focused on tend to be on our side. We could easily set up a REM project in parts of Africa. Secretary Blinken alluded to this yesterday when he was in the Congo. Interesting times are coming.
  9. Yes and no. We fund most development projects that go through the UN via Direct Action. We don't just hand over cash and say, hey, UN, cut Bolivia a check. One program I do like that is US run and led is the Millennium Challenge. Countries have to meet a threshold. We train locals, provide oversight, and then implement. I won't get into USAID. That would get me into trouble with the big bosses of the Surly. We are seeing more countries turn to the west for long turn development. Mozambique is a good example. Everyone thought China oil was going to take the development fields in the north. Nope, awarded to us and the French. And we in turn built schools and roads under a development package vs. loans. There is hope. Industry and development go hand in hand.
  10. TL:DR.... Russian weapons suck, no one wants to buy them. Reminds me of the first Gulf War. Saddam had all these vehicles. Russian, Brazilian, you name it, Well the A-10 came and said BRRRRRRRRRRPPP. Who would buy their crap other than a place like Mali?
  11. They just want to drop their bombs so they can claim a hit, fly up a valley and brag that night at the O Club. So in Afghanistan I used to carry a UT flag. When we would bunker down we looked like the Talib. I would put that gorgeous flag on the roof of a land cruiser. Logic? Even an aggy will know what that means. It flies proudly in my sons house. Drone pilots fucked up on Mt Dew scared me.
  12. Read some of the accounts from Chechnya. There are reports of just the opposite. Russians hitting Russians. The rebels never had air power, yet Russian troops got bombed. Buddy spent his academic career at Cambridge studying that war. Insightful discussions drinking.
  13. Something to keep an eye on. We have heard before about a false flag to pull in Belarus. Or maybe Ukraine said fuck you.
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