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  1. DOS always does dumb shit. Never forget they could not take Vienna. God Bless the Polish Cav. But their settlement in Bihac is a cool place. Go visit!
  2. China's balloon's call sign is Whale Condom.
  3. Sometimes you learn from letting your enemies play. Saw some reports that we saw this coming in from a way out. Check out NORAD's scan zone. We announced it when Jim in Montana looked up called a sheriff who called the USAF and the press. Shit is above you all the time. I think we played this one well. If it was just a weather balloon, well our navy boys got a fun dive exercise, the USAF got to coordinate, and a Pilot can paint a balloon on his F-22. Plus we showed we can hit at that height with accuracy. Just ordered a F-22 model. Will keep it for the next winter shitty storm.
  4. hearing their talk, critical areas will be back on Monday. Then they will know what to do.
  5. Said this on the other thread. Was an aggy with a 30-06 on a flying collie. Patton would want it that way.
  6. To learn we let it fly. To shoot it down was to tell them we can. OR maybe it was not the USAF and an aggy flying on reveille with a 30-06 took it out. Who knows.
  7. Same name, but thought was Turkic. Who the fuck knows. Hell, could be Persian. My point remains. I speak English, we have English spelling for locations. Don't mess with my text messaging.
  8. Watching the City's talk (FUCKING UP MY NHL GAME) and sorry folks, shit borked and going to take a long time to get better. Good news is they are NOW transitioning to transportation recovery ops. Now..... They do have a good sign language dude. No CC though, so if you are in a bar watching a game and this comes up, but not any sound, you better be able to sign if yo want to know when they are going to get your trash, moving to recovery operations. On MONDAY( @Brisketexan) they are going to start sending out teams to ID locations still in trouble. Then they will figure out how to fix it. Traffic. Again, borked. so treat all traffic light areas as a four way stop since they cannot be sure if working. Press- How can you justify raising rates? A- Blame the weather, we showed photos, our system is reliable, unless it gets fucked up. Rates are the same since 2012 (?) but costs have gone up. (?) This include borrowing money and paying back loans. We did a review in 2021 and saw we did not have enough, so we raised rates. (So they did go up). COA wishes they did not have to go up, but the supply chain and inflation. And people need to be paid more. (Can someone do a salary survey from 2020-2022 for a line worker and pay increase.) Quotes KXAN (NOT THE STATE) to say this was the worst ice storm to EVER hit Austin. No equipment failure. All the fault of trees. ( @YGIFS ) Smart Meters---- They did not work, but they were supposed to. They are not your house, they are tied to the grid, so if that fails, the house fails (not that smart). Once we fix the Grid our system says you are good to go. If you are fucked, text em OUT. Working with the vendor ($$$$) to figure out a way to fix this. AE DUDE. Nursery Homes are divided based on three levels. If you are basically level one (here is your pils Ted), stops, PAUSES, about that to give us a lesson about how old he is and could be worse. Talking about how great 2021 was for performance. Talking about his time in Illinois (guess no texans know about transportation) and this is WAY WORSE. LOCAL DISASTER DUDE- More programs will be made available. we just don't know what they are. We understand your frustration, just be strong and pay your taxes. Sorry for the capitols, a bit drunk. Was watching hockey until these asstards cut the game off. TL/DR: This spokeswoman says Um a lot. She is covering asses. A nice bonus coming her way.
  9. Agree about Istanbul, but not Burma. Genocidal regimes don't just to tell us, hey, forget our past, we want to be called this. How do you pronounce Poland? Polska? Are we not going to use native names due to their political terms? Kaboul vs Kabul? As to Turkey. Fuck them for beating up Americans on our soil and now blocking NATO expansion. I call em dickbutts. Back to Ukraine.
  10. A bit different. Constantinople was Byzantine. Istanbul became the name when it was taken by Islamic troops. Plus Istanbul is easier to spell. Do you call it Burma or what the Regime wants it called, Myanmar?
  11. Yeah, was thinking that. There is no explosion. 2.75's without warheads would do the trick. Aim and shoot em.
  12. They fucked and around and found out. They found out the F-22 can engage at that height. And now we recover their tech and see what it really was. Best thing is the World saw us shooting it down live on Twitter. Well those that have it.
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