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  1. Such horseshit. i actually think the protestors are dumb self absorbed kids, but you know what? This exactly the time in their life to be dumb self absorbed kids. Let them fucking do it loudly and in the open while being peaceful. Which they were. Calling fucking gestapo thugs to beat them up is the exactly the type of thing I would expect the president of Texas to know NOT TO DO. its fucking lose/lose
  2. Thinking of stopping all donations to UT related things until Hartzell is gone unless he starts making a statement against the fucking pigs asap
  3. So Boeing murdered that guy, right? The guy was on his second day of testimony. Culmination of years work to blow open Boeing’s malfeasance. Then offs himself before the payoff? No way
  4. I need to stop watching UT sports for awhile, they have lost literally basketball and baseball game I have watched this year. last time I watched a UT win a game in any sport was okie state in the big 12 championship.
  5. Happy I chose to do family stuff today what a beating
  6. I get what you are saying, but flooding in southern Cali has happened every 10-25 years historically. Many have created inland seas. Atmospheric rivers are particularly common in El Niño years. Hell, look up the great flood of 1861. We don’t want a repeat of that
  7. Her Twitter was found and it’s insane openly nazi as well as a ye and musk lover how the hell was she allowed to have custody of her kid??
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