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    USMNT 2022

    Why should he ask? They can go through other channels. The Swiss represent us there if I recall. And we always have ships near their cost. The Gulf is not that wide. I am a dumbass.... Was on a call and missed the joke.
  2. I still think a massive training programs to repair them would be a good move. They can repair in country, does not have to be military personnel either. Ukraine has a long history of metal working. Then the US and NATO just needs to support with spares. Would be easier in the long run and keep their logistics free for aid and other items.
  3. InkaUtexas


    or cash. or labor.
  4. Yeah he sucks. I don't root for Baltimore, but will root for him just due to one wonderful game causing years of aggy tears.
  5. Great time to take Siberia. I kid, but I would be nervous if I was Taiwan and India. I think this Peters out with a lot of Chinese being relocated.
  6. That won't do that much. He needs a nationalistic moment. Also, concerning COVID I think it is about control and not spread. They built massive camps and now get to use them whenever they want.
  7. I do not think he falls either. But massive strikes are a concern. A second issue is could he try some external shit to refocus the population?
  8. It is Cleveland. Skunk is probably scared to be sprayed by one of them.
  9. And others noticed. Because the Qatar Football Federation arrested Iranian activists in the World Cup and accepted the mullahs in front of the team, we removed the official website of the Qatar Football Federation.
  10. That would be a lot of fun. But I think Spain holds them at least to a draw.
  11. They should not be allowed to play international games at all until they leave Ukraine. Come on FIFA..... Grow a pair. Oh wait.
  12. Whatever, we drink tea all over South America at that time. Best I ever had was in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Tea and empanadas. Falklands for the win. God made the world. He gave Argentina all the resources. The world complains. Gods says wait, you have not met an Argentine yet.
  13. InkaUtexas

    USMNT 2022

    Was at a local pub. UT fans were in abundance. Then the US fans showed up. Poor lonely brit in the corner. It was fun!
  14. Not going bowling, Jimbo getting paid. Fuck aggy.
  15. Fuck em. Said it before, will say again. Aggys of concacaf. And they are putos
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