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  1. Damn…having to pay 10k to post bond on “suspicion” sucks. Though, I don’t really know much about bonds and arrests without charges. If Charles would have made the call, would she have been arrested on “suspicion”?
  2. Yeah zeke is less than average as a RB
  3. He’s done. I can’t believe he looks good in practice
  4. Morice’s mom is also in his ear. She tweeted about NIL fairness a while ago. It was always bound to get towards jealousy and thinking you deserve something others don’t. They are learning a real world lesson. Put in the work and be better, to the point your services are needed and you’ll see the money.
  5. It’s just a difference in terms of his experience so far. But if it’s just for money and a title I guess that’s good enough. The workload is different tho
  6. Def was. Best offensive response I’ve seen in a long time from Dak
  7. I’d be surprised for a guy like Chris Jackson to move to college. Seems like he has a good thing going in JAX
  8. This dude needs to be kicking into the net non stop... and then kick all of fucking halftime. I mean what the fuck
  9. fuck this dude. Should have already gone for 2. Now that's all you can do the rest of the game. Can't trust this head case
  10. Curtain call at 13:25 in the 4Q is quite the legacy
  11. Yeah I’m tired of the “the game doesn’t matter, only the person does” as if the only way to discuss this is by using the disclaimer. No shit the person matters and we all know that.
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