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  1. It seems like something we specifically don't want to be on the podcast. There's a balance between trust and stories these guys tell.
  2. Max Duggan is a Heisman finalist? If that is true no one should even try to win that stupid trophy anymore.
  3. I don't really understand why anyone thinks anything about this tweet. It made me laugh. That's an obvious replica of a gun from team fortress and it doesn't even have a trigger. The caffeine free diet coke (which I drink caffeine free coke zero) is also hilarious.
  4. Is there any news from Colorado or are you fucking idiots just going to keep using this as a 2A/Gun thread?
  5. What the fuck did USC do to any of you? Also wtf did Michigan do?
  6. LSU just lost to aggy dude.
  7. Yeah I think elon broke twitter for tapa - not sure how to help with that have you reached out to tapa directly?
  8. I don’t understand the Caleb Williams and Lincoln Riley hate. They destroyed OUs program and burned it to the ground. They are heroes. Good for them winning a bunch and Caleb being the favorite for heisman. The only thing I hate is that Texas isn’t playing them in the post season.
  9. Man I need to write a remind plugin for the forum software. Lmao.
  10. I’m not in the fuck Xavier worthy camp as far as production I’m in the fuck Xavier worthy for being a dickbag camp
  11. No. Stop blaming fucking Quinn Ewers for sarks losses. They are 100% his.
  12. I think sark pulled his head out of his ass for Baylor after he coached a miserable first half where bijan and Roschon ran the ball 22 times to end the game. It’s all I wanted from him. To not coach the loss and coach the win using the best opportunities on the team.
  13. I have a bar that’ll stay open for you. Just lmk if you need the recommendation. Lol
  14. I love Copenhagen New York. Will you please also come back after the Kansas game to tell us how easy it was to make the CCG.
  15. https://news.adidas.com/football/adidas-reveals-the-first-fifa-world-cup--official-match-ball-featuring-connected-ball-technology/s/cccb7187-a67c-4166-b57d-2b28f1d36fa0
  16. Dont let the truth get in the way of a good story man.
  17. you chip the ball, have timestamp where ball crosses plane - look at that still and see where body parts are. It's easier than you think.
  18. Can’t wait for derka to claim he didn’t hate Quinn and didn’t say he was bad just like he did for Sam. Lmao.
  19. He played against the advice of his medical team for the shoulder injury they didn’t want to get worse early season. He wants to play.
  20. This is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time.
  21. I'm glad Sark pulled his head out of his ass and decided to run 20 straight times to close the game out. He may have actually learned something.
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