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  1. No they do not. We found out about the lampassas thing when we were trying to get my newborn the passport before he was 3 months old to go to Mexico
  2. Yeah, but the lines for those are insane and often 3+ hours
  3. oh no, you just have a strong opinion where I have no real opinion and just wish them well. I meant the temperature of your takes quite literally. I don't think they took away from the program or performed in a way that cost the program anything. I don't think they were dead weight or "JAG", but they definitely weren't good enough to have strong contributions here.
  4. Oh I can probably do that with a menu item.
  5. @jimmyjazz https://www.co.lampasas.tx.us/page/lampasas.District.Clerk Go here when they are open, walk in, walk out, eat lunch and drive home.
  6. Yeah it seems like trump and his attorneys misjudged the is pretty hard.
  7. Yeah, bad for Donald trump. It really does seem like they’ve got a case that is so strong they are gonna go in no lube. This isn’t congress so it may be a lot different than what we’ve seen before.
  8. Yes, it’s not bad if you aren’t trying to get there just for kick. Get there as early as you can and experience the tailgating.
  9. What happens if he is actually fucked here? Shit seems to be getting real real fast.
  10. Where are you send me a DM. I’m just returning it if no one wants it would rather it go to someone for such a good deal cuz I think they are just gonna trash it.
  11. I have a 990C for 860 bucks. it’s fucking great
  12. I’m now convinced the strategy was never to get this case to stick, just have enough to get this far and trump intimidate a witness or temper with a witness or something like that and get busted for that rather than this case. Crazy he played right into their trap.
  13. I’m pretty sure he is the only person who didn’t make a catch. There were 24 different people who made a catch.
  14. He’s head coaching. He’s letting milwee do more. I think I like that. Everyone knows how to run his shit, even the new hires. I like what I see.
  15. We have had season tickets for 8 years or more I can’t remember as it’s a shared thing with the in law family. My wife’s mother is from AA and we spend quite a bit of time up there. Been to games at all the time slots and the night game was top 5 college football experiences of all time for me. (Monsoon game vs notre dame at night)
  16. Night after in AA will not be fun win or lose. It’s a big bummer from a fan experience that it’s not a night game because night games at the big house are legendary, but it was always a big noon game and they don’t give a shit about the day of experience for fans. Im cooking some stuff up that should be pretty fun.
  17. immamac


    Bumping because the Ewers thread isn’t the QB talk thread. Arch and Trey both showed some really bright flashes and consistent play in todays spring game.
  18. Cool thing about being this good is that you almost certainly get depth playtime
  19. An early enrollee being this far along at the spring game is wild. Dude must live in the playbook.
  20. He was on the run. 50 yards in the air.
  21. Ruined the stat line with the INT hahahah
  22. I really wanted Juan to have a few catches today.
  23. They should put Quinn in hahahahaha
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