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  1. This might be my favorite Texas game that I've ever attended. I was with my dad in great seats surrounded by old aggys. Benson went for 283 with 4 TDs. We put the game away in the 3rd quarter and aggy started to empty the stadium. When we walked out after the game it was mostly Texas fans around us and we did Texas Fight the whole way out.
  2. These are the consequences when our state leadership devalues teachers for decades.
  3. All damn game the refs were giving ISU a yard advantage on spots, incredibly blatant. It was also infuriating how the tv crew wouldn’t say anything about the ridiculous officiating last night.
  4. Fuck Iowa State and fuck Matt Campbell’s whiny bitch ass
  5. Pointing out your strange obsession with this garbage human is an observation, not a whine. Maybe you should work on your understanding of words.
  6. How ironic of the biggest drama queen on this website to accuse others of throwing hissy fits
  7. Rent free, love to see it You have a very strange obsession with this garbage human being
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